Which "superhero" is more pathetic - Batman or Iron Man?

I love Batman, but he’s just a rich kid that has awesome little gadgets that do his attacking for him. Without his money and gadgets, he would basically be worthless. I hate Iron Man, because the “super” behind Iron Man is only a metal suit. Also, what makes a superhero super? Is it powers or actions? My mother, brother and I had this debate earlier.

Answer #1

iron man is gay

Answer #2


Answer #3

BAHA! Dont know what you are all talkin about, iron man is badass, batman is some wierdo in tights.

Iron man kicks ass. SO, ahem, id have to say batman. Although he is better than some other superheroes, i think iron man is better…

Answer #4

Batman trained with ninjas so I wouldn’t call him completely useless, plus I’m pretty sure he’s also a genius. The fact that he uses intellect and have no super powers, and yet he is one of the most formidable superheroes make him that much cooler. But I’m not overglorifying him. Im no batman fan at all, just saying..

Answer #5

:O I expected better from you, Kianna…

Answer #6

Honestly for me, when the stacks are against a hero, it just make them that much more interesting. When you get someone like superman who is damn near invincible (granted there is that kryptonite thing) it’s like kinda boring. I want someone who uses dimmest rather than brute strength. Not that I dislike superman, he’s one of my favorite superheroes. If I had to pick a pathetic superhero I’d go with aquaman dudes a digin mermaid lol. Although I wouldn’t mind having his powers either. I love the ocean!

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Answer #8

;) Im also that loser who likes hulk.

Answer #9

He’s cool, but he has no “real” enemy except for himself, and the battle between him and his self control, (or lack thereof), gets a bit old after a while…

Answer #10

The ocean absolutely terrifies me…

Answer #11

BATMAN. Can not handle crimes unless it happens at night lol

Answer #12

Who do you think is the most pathetic superhero of all time?

Answer #13

Hmmm… Probably Mr. Fantastic. All he can do is stretch… I hardly see how that is effective against fighting crime…

Answer #14

Lmao kort, I doubt the ladies think he’s pathetic at all

Answer #15


Answer #16

I have to say that super hero usually implies superpowers, which neither have, some instead look at what they did with their mediocrity, and granted unparralled prowess. But, I’ll have to say Batman, jeans can’t turn his head without his entire upperbody following. :D

Answer #17

*He can’t turn his head……

Answer #18

Batman. He is a man with too much money who dresses up as a bat. A bat? Seriously? Why would someone randomly decide to dress up as a bat? Also, I am so glad you ask this, no one else seems to agree with me about this subject!

Answer #19

Jarod it seems you don’t know batman outside the movies

Answer #20

Iron Man is probably the lamest, let’s see, he uses a suit to combat crime (batman uses fists more than anything), he does it for the glory and everyone knows who he is, batman does it for justice sake and doesn’t ask for glory, he actually develops most of the criminal’s weapon arsenal, IronMan’s combat ability outside his suit is poor, batman is the damn suit (see arkham city intro gameplay).

if you think about it though both are very similar in a lot of points….

Answer #21

Iron man = weapon dev, could be interpreted wrong, dont want no sh*tstorm :P

Answer #22

Iron man . He makes no sense .

Answer #23

Personally I like both of them :P. But Batman is probably my favorite Super Hero. Mostly because he doesn’t have a super power. He makes up for the lack of anything abnormal with lots of training and gadgets, although the lots of money certainly helps :P. (That may be both of Batman & Iron Man’s super power - lots of money). He is a smart guy that comes up with a lot of the stuff he uses. And he is paranoid. He carried kryptonite with him because he didn’t trust Super Man. The whole overly good guy, invincible Super Man never really appealed to me. Batman has more of a darker and disturbed past and life that I like.

Answer #24

I like the way you think, sir.

Answer #25

thanks :D

Answer #26

batman is pretty pathetic, but ironman on my list is not a superhero hes just a badass with a metal suit of armor, much like masterchief from halo hes no superhero but he is a hero XD same with batman

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