What is a super healthy diet plan?

What are some very very very healthy and little calorie (with lots of benefits) meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was thinking spinach salads for lunch. with cranberries, sesame seeds, and chickpeas? Easy to make things please?

Answer #1

Fruit and veggies all day everyday. And juice fasting.

Answer #2

the paleo diet.

Answer #3

No ‘diets’ are healthy, because a diet refers to an eating plan within a set amount of time which is not good for your body in the long run. If you stick to a healthy ‘diet’ for, say, 8 weeks and lose, say, 8 kilos, then good for you… BUT as soon as the diet stops and you phase back into your normal eating habit you will put back all of that weight on and more as your body gets so excited about it’s favorite foods and it goes into a kind of hibernation mode.. storing all the fat it can because it’s worried you’ll starve it again.

What you need to do to be healthy, is just cut down on fast-food, sugary foods, and high carb foods (like white bread, pasta, chips etc) and any junk foods and opt for things like salad wraps, vege stir fry, smoothies (with low fat milk and no yoghurt or cream). Try and eat fruit and veges as naturally as possible- anything from a can has no nutrients and fruit-wise is soaked in sugars and syrups. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I can’t stress that enough! Water cleanses your system and there is nothing better for you on this planet than water. This is a lifestyle change… not a diet. You can have a slice of cake at a friends birthday party, and you can have an ice cream with your mates at the beach.. but don’t sit in front of the TV with a bag of chips every night, and don’t drink coke at every meal! It’s that simple. Also exercise will help you feel healthier- not to mention burn off any extra carbs and calories. Healthy eating is happy eating!

Answer #4

I’m actually on a healthy diet plan myself. What I do is the following: -I avoid all kinds of canned foods, sodas, white bread, pasta and sugary foods. -Drink TONS of water!! Like loads!! It is a great cleanser for your body (as mentioned above) Don’t underestimate it. Stick to warm water rather than cold, warm water is gentle on your system and helps digest faster. -Drink water before and after eating

  • Breakfast: eggs, brown bread, fresh juice along with any fruit or veg you like. Low-fat cheese, oats with some berries. etc -Lunch: Chicken breast, brown rice and of course, with some veggies on the side. Asparagus soup is good as well -Dinner: Have anything light and low in carbs. Fruits and veggies are perfect for eating then going to bed.

Remember, try to drink your tea with no or very little sugar. Avoid sodas Work out at least 3 times a week Get tons of sleep :D

Answer #5

I got china herbal slimming tea. Do you think it will help me to loose weight guys?

Answer #6

have you tried every diet out there? or are you just saying that based on a few?

Answer #7

It doesn’t matter what diet you’re on, if you suddenly shock your body into healthy eating you’ll lose weight, feel healthier and look healthier… but as soon as you think ‘cool I’m at my goal weight, I can go back to living how I was! No more counting calories!’ Your body will hold onto every little bit of sugar and fat you give it and store every calorie which will cause rapid weight gain and may even cause you to gain more weight than you were to start with. This isn’t just my opinion or my experiences, this is fact, it’s proven and it’s how our bodies work. There is no trick to losing weight or getting fitter or getting healthier. The only way to do it is healthy eating, not over-eating, exercise and drinking lots of water.

Answer #8

No..and calorie counting doesnt really work aha.

Answer #9

I get wher your coming from though.

Answer #10

Uh I don’t want to start anything here but I am right with what I’m saying. I’m not saying diets don’t work- because yes they do work. If you stick to a diet you will lose weight, feel healthier, and look healthier. But that’s all it is, a diet. A quick fix to lose 3 pounds in under a month. And yes, you’ll lose the weight but as soon as you revert back to your normal eating habits you’ll put it back on again! That’s not my opinion, it’s fact, proven, and pretty obvious. I’m just explaining to this girl that is she wants to lose weight or get healthy, a diet won’t work in the long run. She needs an overall healthy lifestyle- one she maintains. It doesn’t have to be super-strict, but it has to be reasonable. Easy. What’s your opinion though, on what I’m saying and what would your answer to her question be? I’m just interested in where you’re coming from.

Answer #11

I can’t say much about that specific tea as I don’t know anything about it, but I do know that teas are good as they fill you up and cleanse your system. To lose weight, all you need to do is eat less, eat healthy foods (lots of fruit and veges), less carbohydrates (they turn into glucose/sugar in your body) and exercise. It’s pretty simple but these days most people are lazy and all they want is some special secret method of losing weight. Those methods don’t exist. Just stay healthy, drink plenty of water, and exercise and you WILL lose weight :)

Answer #12

Most people eat too much fried foods, meat, dairy and simple carbohydrates. Most people don’t eat enough whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Basically cut back on the first category and eat more of the second.

Answer #13

I dont wanna start anything either aha. Its called the ‘Paleo Diet’, but really it is a lifestyle change. Gluten-free also works. There is a book on it that explains everything and isnt boring at all, its called the paleo solution by robb wolf. I dont want to go into full detail cause itd be like a billion pages long aha. Ive been gluten free for almost a year. Im gonna say it simply aha. Our bodies are not meant to have gluten. You know when you get full and it feels like there is a rock in your stomach? thats gluten. Before i went gluten free, i ate it like everyone else and was perfectly happy. I didnt go on it cause i needed to loose weigth or anything, i just found out it might help me feel better. Then my mom went on it and kind of made me do it too so i would feel better. Now most of my family is on it. So I did, and after 1 month of eating NO gluten at all (if you do it it has to be 1 month at the very least with not a hint of gluten), i cheated and decided to have some. My stomach went crazy. It was like having the runs and cramps and gas with a flu or food poisoning or period cramps, it was awful. The reason is, because I went off of it my body eventually cleaned it all out of my system, and then i had it again, and well, it knew it wasnt good. Gluten free is actually getting really big aha. All i can say right now is if you wanna know more, read the book. I know what your saying though, i dont dissagree with it. Im just saying that this diet/lifestyle change or whatever you wanna call it, does work.

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