How can you stop the peeling of sunburned skin?

How can you get your skin to stop peeling or slow down the process or not make it so noticeable to everyone?

Answer #1

Just keep it really well mosturize and make sure that you don’t burn anymore that you allready have. something with aloe vera in is very good for your skin when sunburned. Hopefully you won’t burn then..and ya I don’t believe the aspirin thing. plus what happens if you can’t drink aspirin like me.

Answer #2

Buy vitamin E oil its like 5-7 bucks and rub it on it should work and you can keep it to make your skin soft works good on your face too.

Answer #3

A Soon as you get a sunburn you should find an olivera (savila)…And cut it in half and rub the gel on your sunburn and that should heal it..It always works on me..good luck!

Answer #4

I am suffering from a 2nd degree burn from a vacation in mexico. After applying the aloe vera after-sun gel (alcohol free) it helped to get me back home. After getting home was when the sting & severe ITCH began (day two). I tried apple cider vinegar bath and more aloe gel and got very little relief. The itching became unbearable! Finally my mom and I remembered Solarcaine!! It’s been around for years and after taking another quik shower to rinse off remaining products we srayed the Solarcaine and finally…Instant Relief of the itching and stinging!!! As far as peeling goes…well I don’t know yet but they say vinegar or apple cider vinegar will help with the peeling…I will try that again this evening…we will see.

Answer #5

There’s really no way to prevent it from peeling; your body does that to get rid of the dead skin. So it’s actually good that it peels so you sont keep that nasty skin on you. The best thing you can do to soothe the heat is go to the pharmacy and get some aloe vera gel, stick it in the fridge fora few hours and rub it on while it’s nice and cold. It feels reallyyy nicee!

Answer #6

I used vinigar like plain vinigar, I had blisters all over my 4head and my cheeks and nose and on my shoulders and back, and my neck. It didnt start hurting untill the next day, I used plain vinigar: I soaked papertowels and laid them on my back and put a towel over them , it took the redness out and most of the burn, then I put TRIPPLE ALOE ON IT, and that helped with the rest of the burning and pain and also took advil, I am peeling now and itching, but I am still using aloe and drinking plenty of liquids and also a little of aloe from a plant like home grown aloe helps a whole lot better than most of the other stuff. I think nomatter what you do there will always b peeling lolz 8D

Answer #7

Just make sure you use aftersun and should stay of the sun, please take my advice… I’m a Ginger. My overall advice to any Gingers is to just stay out of the sun at all times. Thanks Andy

Answer #8

If you get a sunburn take Aspirin ASAP. Within a couple of hours your sunburn will turn into a beautiful tan. Sounds crazy but it really works! Be sure to use a good moisturizer after you shower and avoid your loofah!!! Stick with a soft washcloth until your skin is no longer “crinkly.” Not a very scientific term, I admit, but if you’ve ever had peeling skin you know what I mean. DO NOT SCRUB OR OVER-AGITATE YOUR SKIN! It is vvveeerrryyy DELICATE!!!

If your skin is peeling opt for a sugar/salt scrub (you can pick one up in the cosmetics department of any drugstore). The scrub will make the peeling worse at first but after a couple of scrubs your skin will be baby smooth. And stay hydrated! and keep out of the sun/tanning beds for a little while. Gatorade, water, juice; NO ALCOHOL!!!

Answer #9

I’ve tried pretty much anything for peeling skin.I’ve looked on the internet and asked people, but nothing has worked yet.I’ve had peeling skin for five days.I’ve even taken vitamin E.I don’t know what else to do?

Answer #10

I have a sun burn. & I have no clue wt 2 do!!! I have only peeled a tiny bit!! I don’t want 2 peel @ all. I have been using alo vera 4 3 days. and I took a shower and I put loshion on, & I only peeled a lil as I aplied the loshion. I am super duper ichy!!! but imma try the asprin.

Answer #11

I have a sunburn and had it a week now. the first day I took asprin, cut my own aloe vera, put it on, and kept taking vitamins and drinking water. along with soaking in apple cider vineger every day. today I started peeling and itching like crazy. so all that hard work to stop peeling for nothing! I give up! you can stop the redness and burn, but can never stop the peeling. mine was only 1st degree.

Answer #12

Whether you peel or not will vary from person to person. Some do and some don’t.

Also, the older you get, the drier your skin is, and the more likely you will peel.

Best way to avoid peeling is to stay out of the sun, but if you absolutely have to do it, tan very slowly.

If you are very fair, start out with 15 minutes on each side.

This will reduce your chances of peeling.

Once you have the burn, not much will stop it from peeling. (Or itching, for that matter… That’s what skin does when it peels.)

Answer #13

I got a really bad burn 4 weeks ago, I’m guessing it was a 2nd degree burn because I blistered EVERYWHERE and my skin turned crispy. I applied aloe and an anti itch cream meant for sunburns and I am still peeling..4 weeks later. The blisters even still appear sometimes. My arms are even peeling and I don’t even think I burned there. I’m not sure what I should do. The burn is long gone, why am I still peeling?

Answer #14

Okay well. Honestlie is right. The skin is DEAD. It’s like if you were a snaked, shedding. And the only thing you can really do is Take a warm damp cloth or towel or paper towel and place them where you are peeling, this will loosen up the skin and Make it peel faster.

Answer #15

hatta…a first degree sun burn is NOT bad. a first degree sun burn is when you turn red for a few days. No blistering, no extensive involvement. Rarely will a first degree sunburn peel, because there is nothing to peel off. The reason you were told to avoid a heavy moisturizer is because the oils in the moisturizer can keep the heat in the skin, and actually worsen the damage. If you get burnt, apply cool compresses, especially with milk (lactic acid) or vinegar & H2O (acetic acid). This will pull the heat out, and keep the burn from worsening. If you haven’t begun to peel within 5-10 days, you will not peel.

Answer #16

You should take Asprin. Also, rub Aloe on you. Drink lots of fluid. And it should clear up in no time

Answer #17

Schwarzkopf hair repair leave in conditioner.. sounds crazy but always works almost immediately.

Answer #18

I had a really bad (1st degree) sun burn over the face. On the first day I put a nightly moisturizing cream (which, I was told, was not a good idea). For the subsequent three days I kept my skin moist with very thin slices of fresh potatoes (you can get these with a potato peeler - these slices felt really refreshing and soothing), stayed indoors (in particular, I stayed away from the sun) and drank lots of liquids. Its four weeks since I got sunburnt and my skin hasn’t started peeling (yet)? I almost worry - shouldn’t it have peeled, even a little? But maybe the potatoes did the trick?

Answer #19

Honestly, a burn means that that skin is now dead, you can moisturize however long you want with any of the suggested moisturizers but the dead skin has gotta come off sometime, somehow: peeling. Moisturizing will hold off the peeling. When it stops hurting, you can also exfoliate with any exfoliating product(gets rid of dead skin).

Answer #20

Use alo vera!!! It works so GOOD!!! I had a really bad sunburn ever were and I bearly peeled at all!!! All it is is a green gel and you rub it on were your burn is and you do that at least 2 times a day for a few day and it goes away! Its a life saver expecaly for your face!

Answer #21

ive checked all over the internet because i too have a really bad sunburn and i dont want it to peel but the MD websites say that there is very little you can do to stop the peeling or to even lessen the peeling..

  1. drink lots of fluids I mean LOTS (particularly water)
  2. eat vitamin E and C
  3. lots of lotion and aloe vera but get the ones that are 100% unfragranced because that makes your sunburn worse and also stings!

hope that helps!


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