What can I do during the summer to occupy my mind?

If I don’t occupy my mind, I have a bad summer. And I don’t mean exercise because that’s not fun for me :P

Answer #1

Hang out with your friends, go to the beach?

Answer #2

I personally spend a ton of time reading and going to the pool during the summer. Do you like reading? I’ll also tan and listen to my iPod in my backyard for hours if I have nothing else to do, which I think is fun. Do you live near a beach? You can rent movies, redecorate your room, go on bike rides, spend time with your friends and family, have sleepovers, camp out in a tent one night, write, draw, make a scrapbook, etc. Are you allowed to join any summer camps? I go to sleep-away soccer camp every summer for a week, and I also go on a mission trip for another week with my church. I always end up meeting a ton of people, and having a lot of fun. It’s a great way to meet new people. How about getting a summer job?

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Answer #4

Well, I might be the only one who does this, but since I’m still in school, during the summer I always think of like what new thing I’m doing for the next school year. Like a haircut, a tan, new style, new haircolor, etc. (: And… I really like talking about that stuff so if you like that, I’ll help you out!! (: I also catch up on all the things I wanted to do during the school year but didn’t have time like read certain books, watch certain tv shows or diy projects for my bedroom. I think diy projects are the most fun. They take time and you have a finished product you can use or sell. (: Just a few ideas. (: OH! Why not just make a summer bucket list first? Things you would like to accomplish, then work your way towards them!

Answer #5

Perhaps, hang out at a beach or walk on the boards, go on a boat if your not afraid to fall off the edge x) If you like reading, then find an interesting book that comes to your senses and read. Reading is good for your mind and helps you generalize and prepare for anything really ;P Since you seem young still, find a job or volunteer close to your friends or get a job with friends and see if you can have fun then together^^ If you have a creative thumb, find something catchy and create something out of nowhere or get a kit and make many other things out of that kit.

Answer #6

This might aound childish, but use your imagination! I had the greatest childhood and amazing summers. But i would reccomend hanging out with friends, have bonfires, sleepovers, swimming, reading, tanning, sports if you enjoy that, reading, get a part time job, go to parties, doing some of your hobbies, go to camp, road trips, go for bike rides, or walks, etc.

Answer #7

work? learn an instrument?

Answer #8

I don’t like to read books but I am reading now a really good book. I don’t live near a beach but I am going to england and france over the summer so maybe they have a beach. I’m not really into summer camps. I am only 15 and will turn 16 in August so I can get a job then but I don’t know what I’m going to do. Great Ideas though! Thanks!

Answer #9

I am going to start volunteering a PAWS which is an animal shelter if you didn’t know that.

Answer #10

I’m going to make a bucket list! That would be very fun! What is a diy if you don’t mind me asking. What you do about school is really cool and a good way to start thinking about the next school year. I’m still in school so I could do that.

Answer #11

I’m going to start piano again. I did that before but then I quit but I’m going to start it up again.

Answer #12

Read…a great book I’d recommend is ‘To Heaven and back’ by Mary Neal, M.D. !

Answer #13

Buld a dollhouse. Its a long project and it looks so cute! the miniature furniture and stuff is ever cuter!

Answer #14

Probably the best suggestion I can give you is to get a job!! Great experience, it could lead to your career, you get money, you’ll be occupied, make new friends…

Answer #15

Write stories, poems and/or songs. Paint pictures. Draw people, Or draw things. Craft something. Learn to sew and make your own fashion. Make a movie with your mobile phone cam. Learn to edit movies on a computer. Or try art photography.

Answer #16

Cool, no I didn’t. Sounds fun! {:^) Are you still looking for more to do? Try devoting some structured time to learning something you’ve been interested in for awhile but haven’t had the chance - like maybe a musical instrument, or throwing pottery, or a martial art, or a language, or how to cook your favorite kind of food… Or organize your friends to do some kind of group project - produce a play, build a robot, form a team…

Answer #17

Same problem here. Try something new! Catching up on sleep helps too.

Answer #18

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