Can hamsters be suicidal?

Do hamsters commit suicide? I put my hamster in a 2 story doll house that was on a table I was just playing with him and then he jumped out the window. He died from old age... I think but can there be a suicidal hamster?

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I'm not sure, from my limited experience with hamsters, I think they are accident prone, thus seeming suicidal. My niece had several and I know one of them jumped off from the highest point in the cage and snapped its neck. So... I don't really know what to tell you!

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well i think that he was suicidle because he thought u were to weird to live with any more and that you liked queso so much and tried to feed it to him and he does not like queso so maby u should slow down o n the queso and he thought you smelt bad lol jk

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hahahahaha. well, my hampster died a while ago too. his name was cheeto and he ate rat poison in my basement when he escaped one time. but SO I HEAR, you can tell if you're animal is depressed when it starts to grow white-ish gray hair. might be a rumor though, who knows these days. but anyway, anything is possible.

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Hi asianchick104,

No, hamsters can't be suicidal. I've had one for about two years and I can tell you that they have very bad eyesight that gets worse with age. Is it possible that your hamster didn't see that he would fall when he stepped off the window? Most likely. I would just try to be more careful with your next pet!

Here's a picture of my old man, Zippy!

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i think they can be lmao cause yea i had one when i was in the 6th grade n that was over 4 yrs ago but he killed himself he went n his house and kept stuffing his bedding n with him and then couldnt get out n yea well i just thought he was sleeping r something n didnt check on him my mistake weeks later he started to smell........n my mom sat the wholle cage outside not even giving him a proper barriel r how ever u spell it n i cryed for months lol

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i think there could be lol!

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what is queso?

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they are mine is

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queso = spanish word for cheese.

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I'm hoping not, but it could be possible

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