How long will a car run if sugar or sand is in the gas tank?

How long will a car run if someone put sugar, sand or anything like that in a gas tank?

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It will damage the car but I don’t know how long it will take.

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how much sugar? or sand? a teaspoonful? tablespoonful? quarter cup? cup? half pound? pound? just how small of an amount can screw it up? I would imagine a larger amount would screw it up faster. but would a small enough amount not screw it up at all?
also wouldn't putting a gas aditive (like 104+) do that same thing if you put too much?

Can pouring sugar in your gas tank ruin it?

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It is going to destroy the engine. Depends how much sugar and how low the tank gets.

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it will damage the car a lot if you can try 2 get it out


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ya it depends, it might still run for a little while, but it wont be running that good anyway

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why would some1 do that? and it will only run 4 less than an hour.

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It will clog up the filter but it won't be fatal.

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