Suddenly sick after eating crawfish,what could it be.

I ate out at a chinese restraunt and after I came home I started having flu-like symptoms.,diarrhea,body aches,headaches and throwing up..what could it be?

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soundz like food poisoning to me...I had gotn it some years ago after eating mexican food at a friends house that had stuff in it that I was used to and had never eatn..go to the doctor..goodluck

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It sounds like food poisoning.

Although you can recover from it sufficiently on your own if you're healthy, you should still go to the hospital so a report can be made and an inspection done on the restaurant before someone else gets sick or dies.

There is also the possibility that you are allergic to the crawfish and this is how your body is reacting to it.

Either way, you should go to the doctor so that you can be treated as soon as possible.

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yeah you probably have food poisoning... think about it...

at chinese bufets... all that food just sits out under the heat lamps until it is close to gone before someone puts new food out... everyone at the restaurant probably touched it, or sneezed on it...

I get sick every time I go to one.. you would think I would have learned not to go by now.

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Defeniatly sounds like food poisoning. Go see a doctor, even if it's not food poisoning.

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It sounds like it's food poisoning. Go to a doctor ASAP so you can get it taken care of.

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could be food poisining. I would go to the doctors

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