Why am I all of a sudden into older guys?

I’m 20 years old, my last boyfriend was 24. He was the oldest guy I have been with… But now, I’ve been into … older guys.. I’m talking 25-30 years old.. Why am I like this now? And is it bad?

Answer #1

There’s nothing wrong with that, if you were talking 40-50 then i’d be like, woah, but maybe you just see them as having more life expirence and their maturity is attractive, not to say that all of them are mature because, believe it or not, 30 is still pretty young, some of them are still childish. :)

Answer #2

Older guys tend to be more mature and resposible. That can be very attractive, especially if you are looking for a fella to settle down with.

Answer #3

25 or even 28 ain’t too bad I dnt think…my bf is 6 yrs older than me 4 gods sake hahaha it’s rly not tht bad…just try to limit urself a little bit but u kno, watever happens happens so I think it’s all good…

Answer #4

Probably because they’re more mature than guys your age. I’ve always liked older guys (in their 20’s). I see nothing wrong with it though. Age is just a number(; Unless the guy is like 50, then it would be gross lol.

Answer #5

no its not bad, and its okay for your age actually. older guys tend to be more mature then guys your age, most guys your age are still living with there parents and don’t have jobs and cant support you to well if you guys were in a long term relationship, unlike like guys your age older guys can, and maybe that’s a turn off for you

Answer #6

It’s just my 24 year old ex was still stuck in party mode… it got old for me.. now I’ve been talking to a 31 year old.. and it’s creeping me out lol

Answer #7

It’s not bad but it’s common. Usually, girls aim for older guys admiring their maturity, patience, wisdom etc…

At the same time however, you have a lot more to relate with on a guy that’s about your age. While a guy that is older might be a little bit more difficult to relate to. These are things to keep in mind.

Also, what are the real reasons you happen to like a certain guy. Is it just because he’s mature, handsome, responsible, etc… Or is it something more subliminal. That’s also something else to keep in mind.

There are a lot more factors in play here when it comes to looking for a guy to date around your age and a little higher so make sure you keep those in mind as well. Another thing, don’t limit yourself to a certain age group but make sure to set up some boundaries for yourself!

Answer #8

You’re creeping yourself out? That’s no good. Haha, well, you guys were together for a while, werent you? Mayeb it just feels weird not being with someone after so long, maybe you just miss the feeling and now youre subconsciously going for the 31 year old because he’s gunning for you. =P

Answer #9

im the same way! i just like how older guys bodies look more mature than the guys my age(more attractive). im tryn to figure out if being inlove with brad pitt is not good considerin his age but ya i usually check out the older guys at my scool and around ;)

Answer #10

I hope its not bad, my boyfriend is seven years older than I am, and he isnt the oldest man I have been in a relationship with (the oldest was 35 when I was 19). I dont think its bad at all. You are old enough to make your own decisions about what kind of man is best suited to you. I personally always liked older guys for their maturity and stability.

Answer #11

You are very right related issues, I have nieces that are about 10 years younger than me and while some of there stories might be very interesting to them. I find myself very uninterested, forcing myself to listen not to appear rude. They are great girls and seem to have a good head on there shoulders, I believe your interest may vary greatly as the age gap widens.

Answer #12

Thank you for the nice words :) I can’t agree on a personal matter but I do like your insight.

Answer #13

It’s their maturity level. i go for the older ones too because for one, their more mature, and some of them actually know how to treat a girl right. I’m only 15, and most guys at my age or 14 are all players and don’t know how to treat girls, they just make their way around them all, and play around, like jerks. Most older guys are smarter then that, like they actually want a long lasting realtionship, and they will take care of you and defend you, sometimes even younger guys your age or around there are scared, its awesome, you feel safe around him then ;) but make sure if you go for an older guy, you quiz him, just ask him whatever you wanna know, make sure its not sex he wants you for, cause some try doing that too, just take advantage of you, but if you don’t think that hes that kind of guy, go for the older ones and see how things go.

Answer #14

Mig, you are the most intelligent 15 year old I have ever known.

Answer #15

Yeah, because I’ve always gone for guys my age.. and this guy is 31 with 3 kids.. :O :O :O Only one lives with him, but still. We’ve been friends for a long time, and since I’ve been single, it’s been getting better with me and him. That’s what I was thinking, too.. So I’ve been trying to keep my distance until I know for sure if it’s what I want, and not just something to keep my mind off my Ex.. :)

Answer #16

I don’t care how old Gerard Butler is… he’s hot

Answer #17

Well I guess there proves a point young guys can be mature and intelligent to.

Answer #18

Sweet deal. :D

Answer #19

Mig’s not from ‘’around here’’ though ;) lol

Answer #20

Probably because younger guys seem to be immature , but older guys know what they want and they are more serious with themselves & can do more for you than a younger guy can. I`ve always liked older guys because they have more respect for me and can pull off good conversations.

Answer #21

Probably because younger guys seem to be immature , but older guys know what they want and they are more serious with themselves & can do more for you than a younger guy can. I`ve always liked older guys because they have more respect for me and can pull off good conversations.

Answer #22

Well that is two bad, I know what you all are talking about, my wife said before me she always dated older men. I am younger than her and she married me. She thought I was older than her when we first meet, but she says I am regressing with age. We have been married over 14 years now, so I think you have to find the right guy in your age group. Another thing you need to look at is that women usually live longer than men.

Answer #23

well older guys are more mature and stuff, guys mature later than girls. Plus older dudes are cuter ;) lol

Answer #24

Age has no barriers. When two people connect there seems to not be an age difference. It’s like being RIGHT! Would one rather be in a relationship of close age and fight or a wide age difference where there is happiness and togetherness.

Answer #25

Why the self imposed parameters? As a guy who has crossed the 30 year rubicon… I don’t feel so enfeebled. I may have lost a step or two on my best 40 yard dash from when I was 18… but that difference is negligible. I have definitely gained some wisdom from the knocks that a lot of 20 year olds have yet to fathom.

On the other hand I am not at the point a lot of guys my age are concerning family… kids… pet cockatoo… etc. I wasn’t aware that life followed such a stringent set of guidelines. It doesn’t actually. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

Life is always in flux… you must relinquish the notion that you are in control… and learn to roll with the punches. You may not be in the driver’s seat… but you can still enjoy the trip… if you refrain from adding to the limitations yourself.

There is a reason that you are attracted to this man. There are reasons behind the trepidation. In the end you will find the niche that suits you best. Leave the suppositions in the wayside. Life is too short for those hang-ups.

Answer #26

Its a normal thing. As girls we mature faster than guys. So we tend to be attracted to older guys because their mind set and whole mentality is at the same level as our minds.

Answer #27

I have always been atracted to guys like 2-3 years older and I am because they seem on the same maturity level as me, since guys mature slower that puts them at my level. I am 14 and my boyfriend is 17.

Answer #28

maybe because you’ve matured recently..and so you find that older guys relate to you more. girls are more likely to go for an older guy anyway because we naturally mature faster than guys. i’m not MUCH younger than my guy but being that he’s four years my senior he’s definitely complimentary to my mental..my life..and everything else :). it’s nothing wrong w/ like older guys..it juss means ur not childish.. :)

Answer #29

there’s something really polished and mature about older men

Answer #30

probably because you want somebody who’s mature, on your level :)

Answer #31

Daddy’s home.

Answer #32

Because women mature quicker than men, most girls find guys their own age imature. They also find that older men meet their psyche - they understand emotion better, and know how to make you happy, because they’ve had experience.

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