Can I still be goth with blonde hair?

Well I’m a 13 year girl and I’m thinking about becoming gothic but I have Blonde hair and my mom will not let me dye it black so I wanted to know if there can be a Blonde headed goth?

Answer #1

YES goth is an idea not a look

Answer #2

yah, I think gothic people with blonde hair are really pretty, because it’s stunning when it’s with all of the black =) (and it kind of reminds me of avril lavinge) =]

Answer #3

yes you can be a goth with blond hair im goth and have blond hair it relly dosent matter as long as your depressed, and are full of hate.

Answer #4

only a blonde would ask that question

Answer #5

Of course you can :)

Answer #6

Being blonde and goth is cute on a girl! ain’t lez but its cute!!! and only if its short because if it ain’t you will look retarded trust me!

Answer #7

Hair does not matter when it coems to cliques. And pay close attention to what tizubythefizo said. Cliques are nothing. In your future they will be nothing. And there is not point. How bout trying to be a average human being before getting involved with these pointless clique ideals?

Answer #8

yeahh you can have blonde hair and be goth… and and and and you can get awesome highlites to go wiht it BLACK highlights!!! yayaya

Answer #9

Yeah sure, Goth is a music style not a color. Of course the true goth has black hair, its a good way to show people where you belong. Black hair is best to black clothings. You can be a blond goth but every one may not think you as one.

Gustaf , 15, Sweden

Answer #10

goth is not all about hair color. its attitude,clothing,feelingsand much more I suggest start with the clothing and go from there eventually moms will cave to the hair it just takes waiting her out thats how it was for me G-luck

Answer #11

Honey, if you want to be gothic, first understand what it is.

Answer #12

Yes you could be goth and have blonde hair why not?

just always feel/look depressed and dress in dark clothing and since your a girl wear dark thick (not slutty thick) eye liner kinda glob it on under your eyes and try to not use words such as “Like” or cute giggle

Answer #13

totally I love the gothic hait styles but I have blonde hair!!! im still going to do it though. you just gotta find one that looks good on ya!

Answer #14

yes it does not matter what colour hair you got.

Answer #15

LMFAO… Im sorry.. but that is just a really stupid question..

Blonde BIMBO!

Answer #16

blondeheadedgoth, sure, if you dye your blond hair black. I thought that was a funny question. I like you.


Answer #17

Goth’s can have any colored hair. It will just make you unique.

Answer #18

Well I am a goth and I have blond hair know one really cares apart from my friends they are EMO’s Lol

Answer #19

of course,even pink hair with attitude is ok

Answer #20

Yes it will make you more unique. Which is what you want anyway, yes?

Answer #21

i no sum goth ppl who r blonde so ya, iz ok 2 be a blonde goth.

Answer #22

yes there can be blonde goths you should wear black eyeliner and dark makeup that brings out your features wear black gray and dark red clothes or stuff from hot topic people love that kind of stuff. besides I dyed my hair black and BIG mistake I have highlights now but EWW! lol im a not gothic I have my own label but I tried out gothic its great! make sure to wear vintage clothes and listen to rock and METAL!!! (singed) the misfit…

Answer #23

im not goth but its ok if you have blonde hair what I would do is die it anyways but I like my color

Answer #24

yes you can. i know a couple of girls in my school who dress gothic but have blonde hair.

Answer #25

yes you can!!!

Answer #26

yes. it wear lots of black makeup. it will give you a rocker look!

Answer #27

yea you can.

Answer #28

yes because I know I am

Answer #29

do you people have any idea how dumb you all sound? depressed and full of hate? good luck with that one, don’t kids like you end up with your wrists slit in public bathrooms just because you think your problems are so much bigger than everyone elses?? You want advice girl, don’t fit in, don’t be an abercrombie kid, don’t be a goth kid, there are all groups that make you dress or think a certain way in an effort to “belong” or fit in as they call it. You can listen to any type of music you want, and be whoever you want to be without worrying about being part of a stereotype, I have some really good metal listening best friends, and if you crossed them in the street you would NEVER imagine they play death metal in their cars. Because they are real individuals, they don’t care about looking like what they listen too, or being all emo, and depressed all the time. real depression is a disease caused by a chemical imbalance, and trust me people with real depression issues, would love not to be ill and to enjoy life to the fullest. So if you want to run around with the thick eyeliner “The world Hates me” type crowd go ahead, but all your doing is setting yourself up for is playing with nightmare before xmas dolls and talking about how your life is so dreadful all day. But if on the other hand you just like the style and want to make it your own, you wouldnt even ask a question like that. If you want goth with blonde hair to look good you MAKE it look good! and stop asking yourself what everyone else thinks about it.

Answer #30

Well, this is hilarious.

Bunch of crap from both camps.

You’re not going to become a goth by dressing a certain way, but you can certainly dress in goth style. The only thing that would really make you goth, since it’s all really about the music, is liking and having a passion for deathrock, darkwave, dark cabaret, gothabilly, or gothic rock (wikipedia these), which pretty much do not exist at Hot Topic. Loving metal music makes you a metal-head. People will say Goths slit their wrists and are suicidal, which is a bunch of complete crap, and has nothing to do with being gothic, so don’t fall into that, ok? That’s called Emo. Emos are something looked down upon by basically everyone - even goths.

Modern Emos, Goths, Punks, and Metal Heads all kind of share similarities in clothing and style, so you should find which music style suits you and say you’re that! Saying you’re goth without really listening to gothic music will make you a poser. Posers are something more looked down upon by basically everyone - even Emos. Impress your friends with this knowledge and pass it on.

As for the hair, yeah, there are tons of people who dress goth with blonde hair and pull it off well! I’d suggest going to and typing in blonde goth to find pictures of a style that may suit you!

Answer #31

You can definitely be goth and blonde. Blonde is like black in some ways - both are striking because they at the extremes of the hair color spectrum. And hair color doesn’t define “goth-ness.” I agree with the other posters, though, that you can’t just decide to be “goth” by dressing a certain way. But at 13 I also understand that you’re probably trying to find who you are. If goth is appealing to you for some reason look around on the internet at some goth sites ( is a good starting place). And remember, goth isn’t necessarily about being dark and depressed. It’s about being a free-thinker, an individual, and challenging the status quo - seeing light in darkness, or beauty where some might not think to look for beauty. And remember, no group name or label will ever truly and completely define who you are.

Answer #32

Why don’t you just mix Courtney Loves or Kat from Babes in Toylands old style white blonde messy hair & do your make-up like Brody Dalles from the Distillers, as she once died her hair a funky blonde colour - but was more a darker punky look than the kinderhore/broken baby-doll look like Kat & Courtney?? By the way, no one can criticise anyone 4 trying to find an image that they like - “non-conforming” goths, are probably the most identifiable group you see as they look so similar to each other - more so than people into mainstream music, that’s ironic if they claim to be against conformism? It’s fine to conform or to really not conform & be totally unique altogether…either way though - don’t be a hypocrite?

Answer #33

ok im gettin kinda mad cuz first of all PEOPLE GOTH IS A RELIGION NOT A STYLE!! but yes you can be blonde and be goth most my friends dyed their hair blonde cause it looks better with all the darkness inside so it really looks good i think,not all goths are depressed and full of hate im sorry but if some of these people r true goths then they would know that!Goth is whats on the inside but some goths dress goth.. like me ..if ur gonna dress goth then u gotta have clothes from hot go on their website and search up Tripp pants and combat boots and chokers and spiked bands and black lipstick and colored mascara and eye liner but to top it off you need fingerless gloves with chains and white face powder and a facial peircing or a couple ear peircings it would really look great!!

Answer #34

Why don’t you just mix Courtney Loves or Kat from Babes in Toylands old style white blonde messy hair & do your make-up like Brody Dalles from the Distillers, as she once died her hair a funky blonde colour - but was more a darker punky look than the kinder-hore/broken baby-doll look like Kat & Courtney?? By the way, no one can criticise anyone 4 trying to find an image that they like - “non-conforming” goths, are probably the most identifiable group you see as they look so similar to each other - more so than people into mainstream music, that’s ironic if they claim to be against conformism? It’s fine to conform or to really not conform & be totally unique altogether…either way though - don’t be a hypocrite?

Answer #35

yeh sure u can.. if you wanna look goth, i take it you wanna be goth, and if you wanna be goth you gotta have the right attitude for it. just coz your mam sez you cant dye your hair doesnt mean she has the last word. rebel. thats what i did when i wanted to get my bellybutton peirced. my dad said no but i did anyway. im not goth, but i thought it was a good point to make lol. anyway, if it still bothers you to dye your hair without permission.. get black clip-in extensions or something. that way you can put them in and out of your hair whenever you feel like it. x

Answer #36

You are THINKING about becoming gothic? You cannot just BECOME gothic when you feel like it! You can’t just cross over like that! From mainstream to goth. You either are gothic or you aren’t. I think you are a silly little girl and you should research more about the real gothic culture before you start walking round wearing black and calling yourself gothic! HOWEVER..If you are going to start dressing gothic - Yes, you can still have blonde hair, being gothic is alot more than what your hair looks like. Oh and pleease don’t wear black lipstick. That is SO fake.

Answer #37

If u want u can dye it lighter like platnum thats what i do. im a bit goth myself and for a while i wanted to die my hair black ,but i realized it probobly wouldnt suit me im very fair skined not pail, but very fair so i might not be able to pull it off. Alot of blonds cant. If i were u id stick with blonde. It goes well with the black. and plus it will make u stand out more. U wont look like everyone else which is the main gole of goth. Oh and dont go around calling urself goth it will make you seem like a poser. Hope this helps.

Answer #38

aranaea, I wasn’t referring to the majority of the posts as you pointed out, just those who decided to label goth as a clothing style or a mentality rather than what it really is, usually a love for a certain era or “free-thinkers” that all though, through experience I have met both. those who accept others and those who do not. Although I was never a goth, or any other group cliche I suppose you could call it, I was merely trying to point out the fact that she doesn’t need to seek approval from anyone to dress or be the person she wants to be. If she wants to be a 300 pound cheerleader, there is nothing wrong with that. And if she is so open minded and accepting, and in tune with people in the goth social circle, then she probably “gravitated” towards them for being the same way, and shouldn’t worry about wether or not her blonde hair would fit the “standard”. my post was in no way hateful, and the parts you are reffering to were the ones I believed to be ignorant and mentioned how goths had to be depressed, which I find completely ridiculous, to say the least.Most of my closest friends were once goth, and my ex boyfriend. I really do understand that they dont sit around all day cutting themselves, and thats why I think that those who posted that were giving her some sketchy advice, if those were whom I was referring to, Maybe I should have cleared that up in the beginning but I’m sure that those who don’t stereotype themselves, and didn’t feel at all concerned were not in the least offended, as I would have not been. well my final point, because I never come back to threads, I had just left my comp on all day,is that instead of some of you all giving her advice on how to be, prove to her that the mentality you portray in being open-minded and confortable with yourself s way more important than dying your hair a specific color. Plus I had a blonde friend who dyed her hair black to be goth, and she totally regretted it later, because her blond roots were noticable so often. Hope it helped you, bye!

Answer #39

Although, I am not gothic or emo or any stero-type fr that I fact I find your question very amusing. its funny how you would care so much about you being blonde and wanting to be gothic that you would post this question on the internet for people to tell you what is okay and not okay. be yourself not what everyone else wants you to be. be UNIQUE. that is the beauty of life, that people can dress however they want and not have to worry about what other people think. if toue mother doesnt approve of you dying your hair black there is a reason. her reason must be: she wants you to be yourself and not to copy the ‘stero-type’ that people follow. I know some people that are gothic and dont have black hair, they dont wear black everday, in fact they sometimes where more color then I do. I think that what you are trying to do is a little poser-ish. all of the sudden be gothic. why? do you even know what gothic means? what is goth? there really is no true definition and if you want to be ‘goth’ you can and should be able to define it yourself. I understand that you are 13 and are just trying to find yourself. here is a tipp: wear what you want, listen to what you want, do what you want and dont listen to what others have to say. Just think about it, do you think Avril Lavigne woke up one day and said “I want to be Punk Rocker”?

and goth is not something you be come in a couple of months, its not about being depressed and alone and cutting yourself its about BEING YOURSELF. and you dont need to pick and stero-type to be youself.

Answer #40

Mayday, I don’t know if you’ll come back and read this. But for you, and anyone that that post might have offended - very few of the responses in this thread sounded “depressed and full of hate.” The poster didn’t even express that viewpoint. She’s 13 years old, probably still trying to figure out who she is. Most of the people in this thread pointed out that Goth isn’t something you can just decide to be by wearing certain clothes and listening to certain music. Certain people think a certain way, and they’re naturally going to gravitate towards others who think like them. Oftentimes a particular mindset comes with a style of dress one is comfortable in, or a sort of music one enjoys. I don’t know about other subcultures or groups, but goths don’t force anyone to dress a certain way to ‘belong.’ They’re, for the most part, open minded free-thinking people who like a good conversation and appreciate anyone with a good head on their shoulders who can think for themselves. (Contrary to one or two posters here, goth is not about buying clothes from Hot Topic - in fact, a lot of goths hate Hot Topic). Goths don’t sit around depressed all day, cutting themselves - by and large they are intelligent, driven people who make decent lives for themselves. The people in this thread do not sound dumb - they sound like people giving some advice to a young girl. Your post on the other hand, does sound angry and hateful.

Answer #41

I have white blonde hair and I am “gothic”. Do not get into the habit of labeling yourself anything but yourself. “Gothic” culture is all about enbracing the things you like that may be weird, dark, scary or just plain eccentric.

My best advice for you is.. Your really young to be getting into a bold style like this. It may cause you a lot of negitive attention.

If you do choose to go for it, awesome. Incorperate things you like, if you are into scary movies, put that into your style..bands you like? Mabye your really happy, thats cool too gothic people arent mean a lot of them are very sweet. Gothic loita is very sweet its doll like with cute bears, bunnies and fairy tale like concepts its alice in wonderland meets goth streets. You could consider somthing a bit more your style? No need to go edger allen poe raven if that isint you. The whole point of not being a poser is makeing somthing your own and love it.

Goth is a ever changing style that incorperates all sorts of colors, time periods, themes, influcences, arts, theatrical makeup, pop culture, movies. The gothic community is a set of very creative people who find ways to shock and awe people with their fantastic style by yes, even breaking their own rules.

-madame scribble

Have fun with it!

Answer #42

True goth is a lifestyle. Not clothes, not hair.

Answer #43

go 4 it wot the harm

Answer #44

why not

Answer #45

yeah well do you think you come out of your mothers womb born goth? no one does. everyone is born without a sense of style. we are born without any makeup or piercings or tattoos. oh and these subcultures only form when children are in adolescence! I went through a bit of an emo/punk phase last year. im more alternative now but its just something that starts when youre a teenager and goes when youre 20 years old (maybe never for some people). oh and where in the definition of goth does it say goths are depressed? it only says its a subculture that have white painted faces and dark clothing. and anyway arent we forgetting about the cyber-goths in japan that dress futuristic with all their fluro? yes I think you should keep your blonde hair-it will make you look more unique! maybe if you got thise washable hair colours you can buy from stores that specialise in hair. red, purple and/or blue colours would look magnificent in your see, in australia, where I live, we have a place called newtown. its like a gothtown. every second person you see is a goth or a lolita. there are many goth hairdressers there. they colour and style your hair specifically in the goth way. oh and not to mension the shops where you can hire corsets and buy cute little chucky dolls!

Answer #46

well goth or any “style” isnt over night if that makes any sense…. its not just cloths or hair its personality and who u think u are. if u just want to be goth because u think its cool or something dont become goth because then thats sorta just wannabeish

Answer #47

Well… that’s stupid to assume that goths are emo Mayday. There are definitely many goths out there that don’t do things like cut themselves… yes they may like darker things in life but not necessarily self-mutilation. And in regards to your question Blondie, you can definitely be gothic and have blonde hair. If you look at most goths.. the point of their look is to be striking and stand out the contrast between pale skin and dark hair is very strong but the striking look of pale skin blonde hair and dark clothing can be just as striking. So… no worries. Plus anyway it’s more about the attitude and less about what your hair looks like, if someone tells you otherwise they’re obviously misinformed, it’s really not all about the way you look.

Answer #48

hell yeah girl. I am a redheaded goth. but it is strawberry blonde. goth is about dark beauty so please dont follow the stereotypes and paint designs on your face and things like that. mold your own style into the goth style and come up with something all your own.

Answer #49

of course you can, becoming goth doesnt meen you have you have to have black hair, black clothes, black dont have to even call yourself a goth. people shouldnt label themselves. just be yourself and people should accept you for that! good luck!

Answer #50

Look however you want to look! There are many different gothic looks. We don’t all have black hair and wear all black although that is the popular color! How would mom feel about platinum blonde? It’s smooth and striking but also alittle more main stream. It could be a good compromise and it looks great against darker clothing! Do a image search for goths and gothic and just see what strikes you as beautiful and just be true to yourself. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and it’s NOT about evil and depression. We like to laugh and have fun just like everyone else!

Answer #51

I had the same problem when I started becoming goth about a year and a half ago. I have naturally light blonde hair and my parents wouldn’t allow me 2 dye it either, but being gothic isnt just about hair color. you can be very unique with being blonde instead of the usual black or brown haired goths. do what you want 2. but be uniue you can be anything that you want 2 be, even a blonde goth like me!

Answer #52

Sure you can! I’ve been into gothic fashion and the goth look for about five years (I’m twenty years old). I really like the colour of my blonde hair so I never dyed it. I don’t think it looks out of place with even my most gothic outfits. When I fancy a bit of colour int here I use clip or tie in fake dreads in a range of colours including black (my real hair isn’t in dreadlocks). Remember that goth is fundamentally about feeling comfortable with yourself. You can have whatever hair colour you want.

Answer #53

It’s better if it’s black but there are some really pretty blond goth girls so you can and to be honest I think it looks better blond.

Answer #54

Some of the people have a point…If you want to dress dark and in a gothic fashion, but don’t live their lifestyle or follow their beliefs then you’d just be dressing in a gothic fashion, but wouldn’t actually be goth. If you’re just going for the look, that’s fine, but if you don’t truly believe in what they do, or naturally act the way they act, but you try to immitate their lifestyle for whatever reason, you would be a “poser” and that’s not cool hun. If that’s not who you are on the inside, don’t “fake it”. You can dress how they do, that’s fine, you like the style of clothes and the general look, and you have every right to dress as such. However a lot of people will take offense if you try to fake the attitude. You need to just act like yourself, otherwise no one will take you seriously, and ithey probably won’t like or accept you,which will lead to severe self esteem issues and will make your teenage years miserable. It happened to a girl I knew when I was younger. She used to act like herself,before she turned 13, then for some reason at 13 she started faking like she was goth. Everyone knew that wasn’t who she really was, and no one accepted her, most made fun of her. I tried to tell her to just be herself, but she wouldn’t listen, she didn’t think people would accept her as herself, which, she didn’t realize, they had accepted her and liked her when she acted like herself. In an attempt to fit in and be accepted by someone(anyone, she didn’t care anymore) she started having sex, and had her first child at 14. She put him up for adoption. (Not to mention she wasn’t ready for sex at all, but teenage boys WILL take advantage of low self esteem, like a wolf preying on the weak gazelle, and will trick a girl into giving it up with false promises of love and acceptance. As soon as she was pregnant, the guy wanted NOTHING to do with her, at all, and started calling her a slt,whre, all sorts of names, and ruined her even more than she had done to herself by fakin it. She put the baby up for adoption, and continued on fakin’ it. She had her second child at 15 and 1/2, but kept this one. The father, of course, bailed on her(different guy) and doesn’t support the child at all. The sad part is he was 19 at the time. She dropped out of school to take care of the child, and basically gave up her teen years, no fun, nothing, because her grandmother(whom she lived with) would not let her dump the baby off so she could go have fun. Her grandmother made her take responsibility. It’s been a few years since I talked to her last, she was I think just turning 18, and had no income or way to take care of the baby on her own. She had to settle for some abusive A-hole who beat her and didn’t actually care about the child(as far as I know at that point he wasn’t beating the child, but I wouldn’t put it past him. He made her drop the few friends she had(me included) which is why I haven’t had contact with her.

The point of the story is, that if you’re going to dress “goth” but remain yourself in attitude and lifestyle, that’s completely fine, in fact that’s how you can remain original and well liked.(Even if it seems no one accepts you for who you are now, they will mature within a few years and I promise you that you’ll be treated better than if you try to fake who you are). Just find out who you truly are, and stay with it. In the end you’ll have a much better teen life, with higher self esteem and more respect for yourself. If you fake it, you’ll eventually forget who you really are, and then when you get a little bit older, will have all sorts of identity issues, you won’t even know who you are.

I hope this story helps you make an informed decision that will affect the outcome of your life.

Answer #55

Sure, you can be a blonde goth. Goth is a music style not a color. But black looks best to the black clothings and the make up :)

Gustaf, 15, sweden

Answer #56

the word goth means to express individualitiy so if all goths dyed there hair black they would not be individual they would all be the same. So by keeping your hair its natural colour you would be more gothic than dying it black.

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