What is the stupidest movie you have ever watched?

and what is your favorite movie you have ever watched?

Answer #1

Oh man, well I’m a bit of a movie junkie, so I don’t know what I’d choose as my favorite, but I for one can’t stand the james bond movies, new or old, they all suck to me.

Answer #2

I think one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever watched was (no offense) Watchmen. Favorite movie? Don’t have one persay, although I do have alot that I call classics which could be favorites :)

Answer #3

The stupidest movie I have ever seen is those of Korean. I stopped watching them after 3 or 4 times trial LOL And the favorite movie ever is those of American, if I have to pick one then mmmm…. GOD MUST BE CRAZY!

Answer #4

i know there are alot of bad movies out there one that i didnt like was Vally Girl, Nicholas Cage was in the movie, his eye brows were huge.

Answer #5

SHARKTOPUS! that is by far the stupidest movie I have ever seen. It’s REALLY dumb and cheesy. Like, legit. You should look it up just to laugh at it;) Fave? Ooh that’s hard. Secretariat or Spongebob Squarepants Movie:)

Answer #6

Bill and Ted’s exccelant adventure, STUPID

Answer #7

Aww…lol, I like that movie. Or I did, I haven’t seen it since I was like 10 to be honest.

Answer #8

I think I did like it then but when I got older its like y did I even like that movie

Answer #9

Wait I got a better stupid one, I don’t remember the name but it had Tom Hanks and a basketball, now that was stupid

Answer #10

I watched lesbian vampire killers it was seriously the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life and it was so pointless and I can’t even. But my favourite movie of all time is The House Bunny :D

Answer #11

Stupidest: The Wizard of Oz. Favorite movies: All of the Jackass movies, and Fred the Movie.

Answer #12

Stupidest movie for me has to be Battle Royale 2 my favorite feel good move is Big Daddy.

Answer #13

Okay one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever watched would have to be Zohan, its dum and not funny. One of my favs is Pineapple Express lol

Answer #14

eww I hate James bond movies lol

Answer #15

God must be Crazy is coool as! lol

Answer #16

the number 23 with jim carey was pretty stupid.

Answer #17

stupidest- the losers and the bratz movie. favorite- blades of glory and napoleon dynamite.

Answer #18

The best movie ever LOL….

Answer #19

Worst movie ever? Spaceballs. Best movies? I love the ones were at the end it reveals a lot of information. Maybe Series of Unfortunate Events with Jim Carrey. I love mystery movies and stuff related like that. Another example of movies that reveal the plot would be the Saw movies, they are good but I wouldn’t place them anywhere near my top 30.

Answer #20

do you mean castaway? that movies great >:(

Answer #21

I think that was the name, he called the ball Wilson

Answer #22

The stupidest movie I’ve ever watched is probably ‘Anchorman”. The best? I think it would have to be “Click”. Click just has such a deep meaning behind it. It seriously hit me hard when I watched it.

Answer #23

Chinese movies by far are the stupidest…This one guy (totally able to see its fake) slapped another guy and he started bleeding!!How is that possible? And there is so much drama and girls are always crying. Well I just saw Green Hornet and its my favorite and funniest superhero movie i have ever seen.

Answer #24

The stupidest movie EVER has to be this movie called “Kong-pow”…. I can’t believe I actually watched it all….

Answer #25

Stupidest: The Roomate , which recently came out. Favorite: The Hangover , i could watch it 300 times a day and still laugh

Answer #26

isnt that the asian one with the lady with one boob?

Answer #27


Answer #28

The stupidest one I’ve watched would probably be pervy movies like American Pie. and I like alot of movies but romantic comedies are usually my favorites:)

Answer #29

the stupidest movies of all time are the twilight movies!seriously they are cheap romances just throwing in vampires and werewolves.

Answer #30

Stupidest- inception (i didnt understand it) Favourite- the princess bride (its just hilarious and romantic and action and fairytale all in one) :]

Answer #31

Favorite- Rocky Horror picture show (for mature ppl only!) Stupidest- Hannah Montanan the movie

Answer #32

Haha, I just watched that on tv the other day, it’s stupid as hell, but I like it. I like how it’s something new created from something old, no matter how dumb it is.

Answer #33

Haha, omg, that movie is really bad, but it was funny for being so terrible. I haven’t seen the house bunny though.

Answer #34

Woooo, =D

Answer #35

The stupidest?????Mortal Kombat….lol it looked so cheesy and corny

Answer #36

500 Days of summer..no point to it..but I do absolutely love the music from the movie:D

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