Stupid girls!!

Ok, this site is really starting to p*ss me off. I just went onto the health section…and its question after question about pregnancy. And 95% of them are under 16 If these girls dont know the risks of having sex and they dont know the symptoms of pregnancy and dont frickin know that if they think they are pregnant they should just take a pregnancy test, why the hell are they having sex!? WHY!?

Im sorry if this person is reading this, but theres one girl on her who is 14 and 8months pregnant and has not told her parents. What are they going to say when a baby pops put of her (well, not literally pop lol) ?

It makes me so angry!

What do you think can or should be done to stop these young girls from having sex when they know nothing about it? Is it their parents fault? Is it the schools fault? Is it their own fault? Who knows?!

Answer #1

finally..someone that agrees with me! it’s completely ridiculous it drives me insane… its common sense..if you dont want to have babies poppong out of you then stop having sex! most girls under 18 arn’t mature enough to have kids..ergh

Answer #2


Are you reading the same website I am? There are a few here who plan(ned) on having a child under the age of 18. While you are quite harsh in your wording I do agree with your basic idea. It’s pretty easy not to have sex.

I know its a bit different for guys, but I did manage to make it to 18 being a virgin. I also believe that age does not make a good parent. Things that usually come with age make a good parent though, things like patience, emotional stamina (children are very draining), emotional control, and usually better jobs. Any teenage mom that is getting her education is having someone else care for her baby at sometime. Lots of times a government program helps them out, that is all great, but it is also a drain on funds that could go elsewhere because two teenagers made a poor choice. Look at statistics for it, teenage mothers earn less than women who waited to have their children. Parents that actually have some money (upper and middle upper class) are less likely to have a teenage daughter get pregnant. These are things that can be shown to be true. While you may have a beautiful baby for your troubles, your earlier decisions may have hamstrung you for the rest of your life and you have, at least temporarily and in most cases, become a drain on society.

Mehkaa, you are not doing teenage mothers a favor posting. Your lack of proper English is appalling. I realize this is the internet and this is a forum, but seriously, it is horrid. If you are not in school get there, if you are already in school find a better one or start paying attention. Srsly.

Answer #3

Lol, Wow you people are really critical. Im 18 in a few days and I am 8 months pregnant today with a beautiful baby girl. First of all, I got pregnant the first time I had sex, JUST BECAUSE GIRLS GET PREGNANT DO NOT MAKE THEM ANY different FROM ANY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS HAD SEX BEFORE! Being pregnant only shows that you had sex. Sometimes Yeah A lil 13 year old girl could be a bit of a sknk and end up getting pregnant… No doubt about that, BUT soo Can 40 Year old crack whres. I know how it is seeing Young people with kids, I know a lot of poeple I know (not My Friends) with babys let them go about all dirty and stuff, while they smoke a joint and get drunk…YES people are out there like that, but I could honestly say Im not a drug user, Im done with everything I have done in my past, And I hate drinking, I am Obsessed with keeping things Clean and tidy and I am READY to have a baby even tho im almost 18. You Cant LABEL EVERYONE PREGNANT TEEN JUST BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SEE!!! Im going to be a good mom, A very good mom and I am going to do everything in my power to keep my baby safe clean happy and healthy. Sooo Dont go saying EVERYONE is like that because its not ture.

Answer #4

it’s not that they’re stupid.. it’s what they have as questions in mind that most parents aren’t open to talk about, teachers who laughs at them and not take them seriously and it makes them unknowledgeable and desperate to know every single detail about it… one of the reasons why they’re all on here is because, they need to outburst what and how they feel, and obviously, they need help… they’re still young and knows a bit with regard to those kinda stuff adults do and used to live with..

this site is created for it’s main objective that the title explains itself.. people oughta have some fun, and it entails the need of knowing what others think about what they find fun and what they find interesting.. I understand how the person feels who asked this, but that’s why we, the more knowledgeable peeps are here.. and that is why there is the box for every opinions and answers.. and the purpose of having friends on here, is for gaining cyber friends to gain support and gain other factual info that may help ‘em kids in a long run…

let’s all be a winner, and not a whiner..



Answer #5

I only judge people who start judging people first I have no respect for people like YOU sooo jugdement get to know people be4 you judge them!!! I done here fightin with you becoz its soo damn stupid. I hope you have a good day or whatever bye (:

Answer #6

It’s their fault. Also in the moment they don’t think, I can relate to that, but I’m no mother and I’m 18. Lie beautifulgirl said, they know they made a mistake. I don’t think they’re stupid…that’s kinda harsh to say, but they don’t think before hand.

Answer #7

‘Tis stupid. I just hate young mothers. They should start thinking about their future and stuff and how they should have children when they’re OVER SIXTEEN instead of getting off with some chav from Essex.

Answer #8

Look okay I dont care what you come from judging people is still not RIGHT all through out this qusetion all I see is you judging people with your judgement azz I hate people like you who think that your just sooo damn pefect

Answer #9

I agree with you because some girls dont think its serious until it really happens and are afraid to tell their parents because they dont no what their parentsare gona do or say so they keep it a secret as long as they can

Answer #10

it is there choice to have one if they want

but I do agree that they should have one when there older … they’re still a child there self

they have there whole life ahead of them to have a child so why have one now … ??


Answer #11

It reflects the values/morals or lack thereof they have been taught…very sad indeed…they don’t realize it is Life-altering.

Answer #12

wow you shouldnt judge people even if they do have a baby it was a mistake they made you cant keep sayin oh that wrong you had sex wtf every I know I a lot of teen mothers I dont judge them

Answer #13

I see what you mean but at the end of the day its their choice and if they want to do that its fine by me not really my problem or business lol

Answer #15

ya its their faults because they put it on there slefs. I think someone shud sit down wit dem and give dem and a talk

Answer #16

Ok… So having sex without protection is wrong. But, seriously, we dont mean to get pregnant. I say we because im 14 and about to pop with my first pregnancy. It wasnt on purpose, and I knew what could happen, I used protection, but guess what,,, im still having a baby. Its not like all teenage moms are bad parents. If they even had the balls to go through with their pregnancy and not end an innocent life, im for them .Just cut them some slack, cause odds are, they already know they made a mistake. Theres only one way to ensure no pregnancy, and thats not coming in contact with semen. Not just abstinence. DOnt call us stupid, cause we already know we screwed up.

Answer #17

Personally I think that most of this comes from a lack of adequate sex ed in schools. It would help a lot. I remember having a life skills class as a freshman, they probably should have covered the cost of a child in that class, esp having a child young.

I would like to know how a girl made it to 8 months of pregnancy without her parents noticing… Seriously how the hell does that happen? Is she just that big? Maybe her parents should talk to her about that as well. Also angelcake the world is full of stupid people, at some point we are all in that group for one reason or another. I don’t know how to fix that.

Answer #18

Gurls are thick… they have no will power.

Answer #19

OKay right I know that I don’t know you and don’t what to know you but if you siting up here judging people, people like me are going to judge you right back. you dont know me, and right now your judging me. Baby you started the judging you know non of these people but you still judge, yet you dont what me judgin you wtf?! hate yourself if your going to hate on others. Im not hating on ANYBODY you better check yourself little girl : /

Answer #20

I’m 15 and have 2 babies. I dint know anything about pregnancy.every single one of my lifeskills lessons were about pregnancy/sex. but I was too busy talking to mi mates and chatting back to the teacher so I was sent out of lifeskills lessons. when I thought I was pregnant I never asked on here do you think I am pregnant?? what are the symptoms?? I just put them questions into google and bought a test. I think it is all my fault because I shud have listened and being careful but sometimes it isn’t just the girl. it does take two people to make ababy so the boy has just as much responsibility to be careful as the girl!!

Answer #21

its the schools fault and there own fault schools teach basically f*ck all sex education girls in christian schaool or who use church to educate them are even worse off because all they say is “dont do it” also a lot kids and dont realsie there are any consequences they just think theyll be fine after it before they go off having sex or getting sexually active they need to LEARN about sex before you go off having it learn about as well as a male and female reproductive system birth control, contraception, pregnancy and stis and don’t have sex until they know the consequences involved with it because the main reason why kids and teens and sometimes even adaults get pregnant and get stis is because of a lack of sex education

Answer #22

gah yesh :P

I hate yong mums…like under 18 or maybe 20!

I think girls need to think a lot before actually doing anything silly :L

Answer #23

I can’t really answer the last questions you have but as far as the mass of 16 year old that are on this site, it’s actually common, I see it on every answers site, for example there are 14 and 15 year olds giving medical advice on yahoo’s question and answer site, they really don’t know what they’re talking about but that’s what’s going on sadly

Answer #24

theres nothing worong with having sex. just unprotected sex.

Answer #25

Same its not hard to go to the chemists with some friends and buy one!

Answer #26

Well sometimes girls dont want to be pregnant at young ages but SHET HAPPENS YOU know!

Answer #27

yeah its pretty crazy

and it makes the teen prego ratio look like way bigger xD

Answer #28

chrissykelly is sooo right

Answer #29

I have asked the same question before on here.. but I put it more lightly.. didnt want to offend anyone,, now im not! … thank you very much.. all of these stupid 13 year olds first of all having sex and second of all UNPROTECTED sex… ARE YOU STUPID!!! there are so many STD’s going around you can die from you idiots, are you willing to sacrifice your life for a moment of pleasure… why are you so reckless how are you going to start having sex when you dont even know the basics, at 13 I was outside playing with my friends and living a young adult life not having to worry about sex..t hats the point of being young dont worry keep on having sex and you will probably get an STD and die or even worse HIV or AIDS good luck enjoy sex you dumb a**es

lol sorry but I have no other way of putting it to get it into these girls minds.. all guys want from you at that age is a cum dumpster they dont care about you or your feeling they just wanna hump everything… and you happen to have a hole in where it easy to do so and by giving it up that makes you a slut.. yep if your having sex at 13 you are a SLUT!

hahaha sorry no offense to anyone… : )

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