After shaving your pubic hair, what if there is stubble?

After shaving your pubic hair, what if its stubbly!!! I just want it to be smooth :(

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u mean like it feels like or there is lil spikey hairs straight out of your skin?? maybe your razor is 2 dull. I always trim mine with scissers then shave it all off it works easier that way.

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After you're done shaving it should be smooth...but it isn't going to stay that way - you'll have stubble by the next day.

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If it is stubbly,then you haven't shaved it properly. Use conditioner instead of soap or shaving foam. Conditioner makes your legs or whatever you're shaving smoother and lasts longer. Always remember to shave downwards and take your time with shaving down there. It might hurt and you might cut yourself if you hurry yourself and tighten your skin with your free hand as it lessens the chance of bleeding from cuts from the razor. You'll feel stubbly the next again day so don't expect the smoothness to last.

I hope I helped.


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maybe wax. or theres those wipe off thingy like a lotion that just wipes the hair right out im not sure of the name.

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No but, its stubbly now, what do I do right now? lol

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