How much does an average stripper get paid a night

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@ tiffany 0706 ;which club did you work @? WAS IT UPSCALE?

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im a x stripper and I made about 2 g's a wk and I worked 3 nights a wk,I stay in dallas tx it depends on were you stay but yes really think about this career b/c its something you can get addicted to pretty quick bcus its so much money...all I can say go in there with a goal and know when its time to quit

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striping would be a great profeshen for a young woomen past 18

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there is no average, it depends on what the customers ask for and how many customers they take on that day/week
and you are too young to be a stripper anyway
untill your 18 no place is going to hire a kid to take there clothes off
unless its a digusting illegal place that will most likley use and abuse you
also stripping isnt the best way to make money
unless its something you love to do
there are plenty of other jobs that pay well that dont require you to take your clothes off
because in most cases the girls who work there just want the money, and feel degraded afterwards and find it difficult to be in a relationship because they dont see men the same way anymore
if your interested in getting into it when you turn 18
you need to research it a lot and have a good hard LONG think about it first

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Why exactly do you want that information?

And jaz is depends on where you work and the type of customers you get...but there are a lot more appealing career opportunities out there then stripping...

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