How to relax and enjoy high school?

I am 15 and have plenty of friends but just not enjoying school it seems like im piled on with tons of homework every night and then on top of it my dad already pressuring me to get a scholarship for soccer reminder im a freshmen in high school. and making me not enjoy my favorite sportanymore also on top of all that me and my boyfriend are having troubles! how can I relax and enjoy my high school life and not feel soo stressed all the time?

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Find a place to get away from it all for a short time, regroup, and consider what your priorities should be - 'quiet time' for you - I wish you every success/happiness in life !!

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try to think about what you will remember in ten years. that is what is important. be respectful to your parents, but sit down with both of them (so dad doesnt feel attacked) and explain how you feel about all the pressure. they just want what is best for you (most likely). the best way to solve most problems is to be honest and open and kind. have compassion and always try to view the other party's perspective.

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