What could these strange dreams mean?

My dream I had was the MOST vivid dream I have ever had out of my 17 years of life. So I will tell you the parts that I remember in the order of which they came from.

1 - My girfriend (This isn’t my girlfriend in real life, I do not know this girl) and I (I was very different, it wasn’t my body, but it was me in mind, and I wore black and red ornate armour.) were at a clothing store, looking like it was near a beach resort. We were laughing and stuff, having fun.

2 - The dream went to another scene were I was in a sewer with my armour on, and 1 part was in cartoon form. Another man came to in in amour and asked me some directions, I pointed over with my thumb. And some grime or a dead rat splashed against my helmet. (Note: The time period is 2006, why am I wearing armour?)

3 - I was walking around in school, strangly I was in my own body! Like a smaller version of me, and I was in the esaphagus, and a black lady with her black husband said “More black people should be in the olympics.” and I said, “Amen.” I walked down my troat and saw the back of my teeth, then my body vomited me out, and I guess I dissappeared because it didn’t show what happened to me after all of that. I started walking again in the school hall, students didn’t care (now I am in goth style clothes with some long torn dark cape) and I was looking evility at a teacher who was freakin out big time the teacher ran into the bathroom, and I went to class, the teacher tried to convice people that I was possessed. So, I was sitting in class, I did a little bit of work, then the dream switched over to another scene.

4 - I was on a fieldtrip, or, something, I am not sure, but a few parents were there and a lot of kids. There was a room with a HUGE frozen slide, the room like like walking into another arctic world, snow, and etc. and now I looked about the same as I did in the class room. 2 animals were eating something, I picked them up and slid them down and the children loved it, because the animals were like ah I don’t care but they didn’t talk, they to me, were just stupid. Then one animal, a bear a HUGE white bear, I picked up, and it was eating a giant piece of metal and it was very mad, and the children were scared, and I was like “Got cha! Hahahahaha!” and I put the bear down, and the bear just sat there. I walked along the slide and looked under where a room was, I found my girlfriend with another guy who I knew in real life. (This guy is a complete asshole to myreal life girlfriend, and he’s my real life girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.) So my dream girlfriend was like “I don’t care yeah I am cheating on you.” I went crazy. everyone but 3 strong men left, and my dream girlfriend was never to be found, so I was back in my armour and we went in the tunnles that were connected in a few different ways. (Note: The tunnles, and everything in the room were frozen, or made from ice.) 1 man went each way through the tunnel. I was back in my armour thing, and I killed 1 by 1 until the guy I knew in Real Life (RL) saw me from the back and started freaking out when he saw his friend died by a chain saw I had, then I sliced that guy in half.

5 - I went to the store and saw my Dream girlfriend and I was like what the hell? and she’s like “Whatever.” So I guess my DREAM girlfriend was a whore because she wore a see through top erotic dress that stopped at her waist and panties everywhere she went, weird… So I was like ok fuck you bye.

6 - Later that night I went in the store again, I saw the store keeper, an old nice guy, and someone I knew in RL who was my friend. I gazed at the moon wondering “Why?” and then I entertained myself throwing a toy ball on a string into the air, and threw it at my friend’s head for fun, it was soft and squishy so it was ok. He was like “Hey Robert! (That’s my real name) and I was like hey buddy! (His name is Michael, and the guy who I killed that I knew in RL’s name was Michael, but 2 different people.) We talked, he gave his best wishes, and I left the store. I looked at the moon and that was it.


Answer #1

Wow this is a wild dream and very entertaining!Why don’t you try out a dream website or something?!?!That might work ..some people on here might know too…but as for me I believe every dream has meaning !So I wish you the best of luck finding out!

Answer #2

google “dream dictionary” and there will be the meanings of your dreams

Answer #3

dreammoods.com is helpful

Answer #4

Since the Dream girlfriend was cheating on you and you were wearing armor, are you secretly afraid that your Real Life girlfriend would cheat on you? The armor might represent you blocking your real feelings and not letting her in just in case she might hurt you?

Also, do you play video games? Some of these scenes sound like some of the scenes from Bioshock, Fallout 3, or Gears of War. Were you playing any of these games right before you went to bed?

Answer #5

Wow, dreams are full of symbols! I am not sure if you’ve figured your dream out or not by now, but I was looking up #1 and #2 for you.


Out of body seems to indicate something you are thinking of doing but haven’t actually done.

Black signifies isolation and transition period. It shows up conflicts and friction with relations and friends.

Red is an indication of great passion and sensitivity in your emotional relationships.

You are in armor (army) = War within the family.

Store = Abundance. Options. Variety. Seeking for new choices.

Beach = Where conscious and unconscious meet.

laughing = Relaxation. Volatility. Need for spontaneity.

— So you are thinking of a hot date with someone your family would not approve of.


You are in armor - Armor (army) which means: War within the family.

You are in the sewer this means: underground - secrets - negativity

Man in armor means: War within his family.

Asks you for directions and you pointed over with your thumb (finger) which means: Sensitivity and awareness. It denotes great spiritual research and restless efforts to reach the pinnacle of your ambitions.

grime (dirt) means: Discovery of lost valuables

or dead (death) = End of a cycle. Something is finally over -

rat = Street smarts. Sneaky and untrustworthy. They foretell serious trouble to come but unfinished business will be successful.

helmet (head) = your Intellect. Understanding. It denotes threatened misery and loss that will be avoided by wise action.

— Sounds like parts #1 and #2 you are dealing with issues around being faithful to your real GF. In your dream You wisely come to the conclusion that being loyal is the best overall choice.

Well, if you check each major item out you can look all this up along with the rest of your dreams on this site: http://www.petrix.com/dreams/

Hopes this helps :)

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