What's the most fun thing you've done at 13?

Okay, I’m REALLY bored. people, tell me about the FUNNEST time you’ve had when you were thirteen. im mostly aiming for stuff you did illegal at thirteen or younger. have you seen the movie “thirteen” ? have you ever had times like that ? please tell meh. but I really dont care what it is that you tell me. PLEASSE TELL ME< !!

Answer #1

the best fun I had at 13 was making it to 14!

Answer #2

At the age of 9 I killed in man, just to know what it felt like.

Answer #3

I LOVE that MOVI333!!!

Answer #4

I am thirteen right now!!

-I used to invite my 2 best friends to my house to spend the night, and when my parents sleep we go sleep in the backyard (where it’s freezing) but it’s fun, it’s like camping!! -once there was like a kind of chairs that is like… umm… it has a circle in the middle of it, and this circle like it’s a bit like down, so when you sit on it, you feel like you’re b*tt is a bit lower than your legs!! so onece I took the chair and I started hitting it from the other side with my leg so it became like a hill! and when the teacher sat on it, it sounded like she’s doin’ a bad habit!! (the thing that people usually do in the bathroom) I’m too shy to say it!! and I apolagized and stuff like that!! -once, my cousin was spending the night, at my house, so at night before we sleep, my dad came to chek if we’re asleep or not yet, and when he came to chek we threw ourslelfs on our beds and act as if we’re sleeping, and when he goes my cousin sees him if he’s gone or not, so when he goes my cousin throws a pillow at my face!! and I throw it back at his face!! we have so much fun at night!! we sneak into the kitchen to take my sister’s junkfood!! and we do some other stuff!! but I think the funnest times are when I spend time with my cousins!!!

Answer #5

You really want to know? I kidnapped somebody and locked them in a trunk… :D I had an accomplice though. And the person was older then me, and it was really just a joke, but I am sure it was still illegal. Fun times… Oh, and we stole a matress and slid down the stairs in a holiday inn on it. :D We returned it and didn;’t get caught… I have a video of it somewhere.

Answer #6

Ohhh lawd have mercy!!!The things I did at 13 xD…Actually, it’s weird because I friend of mine & I were talking about some of our junior high memories just this morning. Here are a few:

  • We used to jump in sewers & filthy duck ponds just for a thrill. I remember one time we were at the little pond by the CREMATORIUM, & we both fell in up to our necks…Later we found out that that was the very pond they DUMPED THE ASHES OF DEAD BODIES IN:S
  • We saw this group of older guys smoking weed behind a building, so, of course we had to yell profanities at them(YA BUCK TOOTHED ASHTRAYS xD). Then, they pulled out a gun & chased us all the way down this hugw hill, yelling that if we stopped, they’d shoot. It seems funny now, but at the time, we were scared shitless! -We stole a blanket from the Salvation Army Donation box(for shame I know) & paraded down a busy highway with it over our heads, screaming at the top of our lungs.
  • We used to go into the grocery store & fill up huge bags with bulk candy, then go into the washroom, shove it into our bags, then walk right out the front door LOL. -We slept in the graveyard with a oui ji board & a camera with a white noise settings. -We snuck into the XXX store & took pics next to dildos & porn vids LOL, I’m smiling just thinking about all that xD…And that barely puts a dent in it! But I’ll stop here, I’m getting tired of typing!
Answer #7

when I was thirteen, I use to carry a pair of pliers in my purse. my friends and I use to venture about our local towns and collect stolen signs.

but aside from that, uh…

also when I was thirteen, I had a little party at my house. there were four of us. it was me, my best friend, and my ‘almost boyfriend’ and this annoying girl that my best friend was kind of friends with. so, we were drinking a little bit, and this annoying girl that was there decided to make a pig out of herself and get shitfaced drunk. I mean, she could barley walk, and decided she needed to puke. so since she took it upon herself to drink nearly all of the sips of liquor we had, I had her go outside, without shoes on in the middle of the winter to puke. and after she puked in the snow, I made her cover it. ha, I was such a bltch, but it was so funny! she didn’t have to drink all of our random, bottom cover bottles of liquor.

oh yeah, on that same night, I used that boy’s bike, which had no brakes, and rode it down my ice covered driveway and fell on my as5, it was awesome..

oh oh, and I also drew a giant zebra, the zebra from the fruit stripes gum, on my street right infront of my house. HA! it was there for a while too..

oh! and I cannot forget, down by the river, thats a few blocks by my house, my bestfriend and I use to float barbies in bottles down the rivers, and make movies of it. and we also made a giant concrete manhole cover thingy into a giant birthday cake, spray painted it white, with blue and pink and green edges and happy birthday written on top. it was sad when the river eventually flodded and washed away the majority of the paint.

oh thirteen was a good year!

Answer #8

holllyyy sh*t I love that movie! I lived on it! yeahh that sums up my life at thirteen though, I went from innocent to full on badass, and got in trouble… thats one of my favorite movies though, I didn’t know a lot of people knew about it

Answer #9

Me and my best friend went to the dollar store and bought a whole bunch of plastic forks. then in the middle of the night we snuck out and stuck the forks in random peoples lawns! and theres a playground near her house where we put a bunch of her older sisters lacy thongs. that was so hilarious :)

Answer #10

Lol :) When I Was 13 I Snuck Out And Met Up With A Bunch Of Friends And We Sat Around At The School Playground And Drank Coolers :)

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