Which store do you go to for food shopping and why?

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sams club and walmart mostly.Thats where my dad wants to go lol

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Kroger, cause they have a health section

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Coles because most things we buy are slightly cheaper there than from other stores, also their meat is better.

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i'm from the UK so Asda :) it's very much like walmart

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Walmart, Sam's club & foor 4 less.

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I live in India and there are many restaurants but i like Indiana it is a best in Jaipur.

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Wal-Mart or Food Lion. They are only like 7 miles from my house. :D

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Heinen's for fruits and veggies because they are very fresh there. I got a slaughter house for meats because of freshness. Can food and such I get anywhere

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Kroger mostly, sometimes Wal-Mart (prices/familiarity with item locations)....

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Asda, because it's only like five minutes away from my house.

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My meat and produce I buy mostly from Garden Fresh or Lewis Produce Dollar stores for some cleaning and hygiene supplies. Everything else Walmart because I can price match many sale prices from other stores.

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Giant (in Pennsylvania) because they have the best fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat.
Farmers' markets are even better, but,
If you have a bit more money Wegman's is the absolute top.

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When we store for food shopping to market because we can buy a fresh food .

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