How can i stop being such a freak about grades?

I am always worried about my grade. Since i am in high school now, and i know that i have to get as much credits as possible, and i grew up being tought that education is the most important think, i am so freaked out about it. It’s kinda like ocd. I have to be cheking my grades with my teachers, they even sometimes say no to me because i ask so much. I get so nourvous when a test is being passed back because im scared to see my score. And when i am taking a test im thinking about what grade i am going to get. At the momment i have a’s and b’s and i am somehow not happy i want all a’a and i push my self so hard and it’s frustruating me! Any advice?

Answer #1

you cant. but thats a good thing. while you are at the top of your class those who dont care wont be going anywhere in life. :P

Answer #2

Try and relax yourself. Say to yourself “even if I fail this test, I will pass. The teachers will understand” And They probably will understand. If you are an a/mostly a student. Give yourself a break once in a while. Never think it is a bad thing! It very good that you care about your grade! When A teacher is passing out a test, just say to yourself that I CAN do it, I WILL pass. Be possitive, and dont strain yourself. Maybe a half and our, fifteen minutes studying. If you are having a bad day, tell your teachers. They might give you a bit of slack. Chill and enjoy life :) good luck!

Answer #3

I’m the same way but i’m in college, there really isn’t much you can do to calm down about them. It’s better that you care then not caring i’ll say that much.

Answer #4

eh, its alright to be a good grade freak. i am never worried, and i am a C maybe B- kid. so yeah, its not that i don’t care, but i don’t really think its worth going all out on it.

Answer #5

ok I use to freak out about my grades and I still kinda do, and I get all mad and upset if I get any question wrong. So things that kept me calm if I ever got any questions wrong are. say to myself it isn’t the end of the world and this is just a piece of paper. I’ve done the best I did, and no one is perfect. look over the question and see what I got wrong.>>>>and think about how obvious it was, that it was my mistake

it’s good to care about your grades but caring to much about your grades will leave you in a stressful life which is bad.

If your worried about a test talk to your teacher and go over a quick review to re-insure yourself.

Answer #6

The only way to stop the obsessive thoughts is by stopping the behaviors. Stop asking your teachers for your grades every week. Stop checking your grades every week. Start realizing that once you’ve handed in an assignment or a test, there’s not much you can do about it. You cant change your grade after the fact. You know how you said it is like OCD, well it is. Every time you check your grade or ask your teacher, you are reinforcing the beliefs you hold, and making your problem worse. Just like in OCD the only way to treat it is by stopping the behaviors, in this case you are going to have to stop the behaviors (yes it will be horrible at first, but it will get better). As for the straight As, while it is good to have goals, realize that you are never going to be perfect. Accept it. Getting a B is not going to ruin your future. Oh and I am a perfectionist too. It’s not ok. There’s a difference between having high expectations and being perfectionistic. If you expect perfect, you’re never going to be happy. Believe me, even when you get it, it always feels like you could have done better. That’s not ok. Learn to enjoy your accomplishments.

Answer #7

Well, i used to be like you. Grades were the most important thing in my life. I used to be top scholar in high school. I dont have real friends. People come near me because they want to get “ benefits “ from me. They are so fake. I was lonely in school.

I broke down often because i was scared that people will win me. I told myself that i must be the top. I got all the As. But again, im not happy. So i told myself that, after my high school, i just want to try my study hard. If i fail, i have no regret. I’ll just do my best.

True enough, studies are important. Then what about your own happiness ? Trust me, just do your very best and dont care about the grades. Your smart. You can do it. (:

Answer #8

be like me

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