why they dont stop to make cigarretes?

if ismoking is bad to people and raise taxes to the cigarretes to make them more expensive, why they dont just stop to make cigarretes and then nobody has to smoke anymore.

Answer #1

I hope they NEVER stop making cigarettes. If they do my mother will probably mur.der someone when she starts to withdrawal. :O

Answer #2

It’s simple. The Government makes mass money off of cigarettes. Anything that makes the government alot of money they won’t make illegal.

Answer #3

Uhm right. This was the logic with alcohol. You need to study a little bit of history. Prohibition didnt work, it only created the mob and a lot of bootlegging and smuggling. If people want to kill themselves, that’s their problem. Why should you stop them from doing so? As long as it doesnt hurt anyone else, I see no reason to stop people from destroying their bodies.

Answer #4

As messed up as this sounds, I agree lol…

Answer #5
  1. they make money, the government cares about money, it needs money, they wont stop making something it if it makes them a lot of money
  2. people who are addcted to cigarrettes could end up killing/hurting others. both from trying to get. people who cant get access to cigarrettes will become very angry and aggitated moreand from beng angry that they stopped making them
  3. smuggling and illegal cigarrettes would obviously be made to keep up with demand for them
  4. they cant just stop making soemthing that millons of people use, despite how dangerouse it is and how many crap things they do to try to prevent people dying from them
Answer #6

because it sells. same thing with dr*gs and alcohol. and other ‘destructive’ things.

Answer #7

I dont really agree. It does hurt people. Second hand smoke kills and I dont really appreciate having to pay taxes on my almost non-existant income to pay for smokers hospital fees.

Answer #8

money. If tobacco products were not available for sale, people would just grow it themselves (which they do anyway). The difference is, you cant tax tobacco when it is supplied that way. This means a lot of other people are making money but the government doesnt get any of it. There is also less incentive for people to quit since, without this tax, the prices goes down considerably.

Answer #9

Food for thought, thanks Danielle. It’s agreeable to some extent I suppose.

Answer #10

You’d rather pay millions of dollars to put people in jail for smoking not to mention those who smuggle it? It didnt work for alcohol, it’s not working for weed, and it wouldnt work for cigarettes. It’s not cost effective. And stay away from places where people smoke. The government has regulated it to death anyways, I am asthmatic so I cannot stand smoke and I very rarely have an issue with smokers.

Answer #11

I do agree that it wouldnt work though!

Answer #12

haha i think we posted at pretty much the same time. To answer your question, no, I dont think you can solve the problem by making tobacco illegal. I just dont agree that it doesnt harm non-smokers

Answer #13

I think it hurts people who have to live with it. Like kids whose parents smoke around them. But I think that’s just bad parenting and not smokers in general. I have friends who smoke, but they dont do it around me. I guess I didnt consider people who have no choice to be around it.

Answer #14

It’s because our constitution is a fruad and the big money powered corporations really do run our country. Think about it it’s what like $6 a pack at least a pack a week multiplied by 4 wks to get a month multiplied by 12 months to get a year and then multiplied by the amount of smokers in the world. By the way I don’t smoke but I strongly suggest you buy stocks in the ciggarett company so you too “Can make a KILLING” moo wah hah hah hah ha

Answer #15


So what if they cost a lot….about 80% goes to government (state and fed)….

it’s not the governments business to dictate morality.

There’s a lot of votes coming from the south, where they grow tobacco.

Answer #16

Smokers die faster, didn’t ya know?

PS…I smoked for over 40 years, yet….I haven’t taken a sick day since Nov 1987….no colds, no flu….no nothing. I surely can’t be the only one.

Answer #17

Your mother, and whole lot of other people, too.

Answer #18

Oh I know. My uncle was a drinker and a smoker. Died in his late 70s. But we all know that smoking does a lot of damage to a lot of people. Oh, and I wasnt being derisive. I’ve done a lot more damage to my body. But I believe people have a right to do what they will to their bodies.

Answer #19

Hmm i hope it doesnt become extinct haha. ‘cus i still have cravings from cigs and occacionally want some. However, i see where your getting at. With smoking, the smoker does know it harms your body and if your with other people it can harm them. Its all on the smoker’s responsibilities, they know what there getting from it.

Answer #20

Well here - (Ontario Canada) They have raised the price for a carton of cigarettes to eighty plus a carton.. There is a new tax coming into effect the end of the month that will add another eight bucks onto that. What people have been doing is buying them direct from the native territories here. They sell for 25 bucks a carton. So the illegal cigarette trade already exists. non natives are prohibited from purchasing them but we do anyways.. but yes, it has to do with money and taxes, it is regulated by the government if they pay close to the same amount 25 bucks a carton and sell them for 90 that is pure tax that the government gets to keep based on peoples addiction to nicotine.. They will never stop selling booze and smokes because of this. I am worried that if they do legalize marijuana that they will do the same…

Answer #21

Well there is money, which is self explanatory. Also if they stopped making them, people would start secret projects, making them illegally and selling them for $100s of dollars. Also people would go on a mad brawl and go crazy >.<

Answer #22

good point, it does generate revenue for the medical community through research and testing, equipment etc.. craptonnes

Answer #23

money talks $$$

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