How can you help someone stop being addicted to their phone?

I have a friend that uses over 5000 minutes a month, and over 6000 texts, I told them they need to PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!!

Answer #1

Now that’s my problem too, I have this baby sitter who can never get separated from her cell phone… sms, calling, sms calling… seems like 24/7. So oneday I said, “Ok I give one whole hour to be on your phone, finish whatever your business is, but after that I do not want to see you holding my baby in your right hand and having that cellphone on your left hand.” It worked…

Answer #2

Talk them into changing their phone plan. Have limitations on calls and texts. You can also start by asking her to put her phone away when she’s with you and it could become a habit for her. You can talk her into it by telling her to look at the poor people who can’t even afford phones yet alone any technology, I find it helps when comfared to someone less fortunate. She obviously needs a phone for a few reasons but talk her into doing things physically rather than via mobile. Like if she wants to contact a old friend, how about drive up to their place. Its also good to get her out of the house and keep her busy. It would be good for the both of you if you went places and got her mind off her phone. You benefit from the fresh air and her from limiting her phone usage. :-)

Answer #3

If someone wants to use their phone for 3 hours a day, that is their business and not yours (to tell them that they are “addicted” to it).

Same goes for someone who might want to spend 3 hours a day listening to the radio, or watching television, …..

….. or reading and answering questions on FunAdvice - like many here obviously do.

Of course, if they have actually asked you to help them to cut back on their phone usage, that is a different matter.

Answer #4

well if they have a busy scuedual, they will be too busy to be texting. You cu=ould also change their plan

Answer #5

They did actully ask for help b cuz they said thr addicted and they think the phone is consumeing thr life, so I told them I wud c wat I cud come up with, sorry if I came off the wrong way

Answer #6

No need to apologize. I would have preferred that you had made it clear that they sought your help in the first place. Too many people in this life want to control others by telling them that they are doing too much of this, and too little of that.

At times it makes my blood boil.

The average person knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it (usually because they actually WANT to), and classifying something as an addiction is not necessarily an accurate diagnosis.

Answer #7

I am actually gettin help with bn more descriptive, I have been told to many times I’m to vague, so I’m workin on bn more discriptive and detailed, this site is actually helping with that

Answer #8

Lock him in a shed with nothing to eat but raw onions for three days. That is how my friend Dave’s brothers got him to stop using hero!ne!

Answer #9

You can’t really do nothing, it’s their choice to do such thing. If they want to use the phone for everything then let them be. Have you tought that meaby this is because it has to do with their buisness, or that they have to stay conected with some people or such? You can let them know that meaby it’s time to put the phone down, suggest it, if she/he wont do it, then it’s up to them not you.

Answer #10

But they asked me for help amd I’m not sure how to help them

Answer #11

They will have to do the work, leave the thing at home, limit them selves to only talking so long on each call, not use it now. Other addics use it and I have used it when I was bothered with thoughts of self descrection. It works like this, when I got the thought I would just put it off untill later. I wont do it now and when the problem came up I would not do it then eather.

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