How do i get her to stop?

One of my best friends copies pretty much everything i do. It’s almost like she wants to be just like me, but why ? She’s more popular than i am at school, & if she continues wif this & when school starts people are going to think i’m copying her & then ther gonna get mad at me. I tease my hair, she kept bugging me to teach her how & now she does hers the same way as mine. I dyed my hair purple & black. She dyed hers black & she wants to use my purple hair dye now. SHe complains about how her parents don’t have any money & that she’s “so poor”, (she’s not, her parents have lots of money & shes spoiled), when my family actually doesn’t have money. Within the next 4 months or something i’m gonna get angel bites, (2 studs on yer top lip fer the people that don’t know (x )& ever since i even mentioned it she wants a monroe (again, just one stud on yer top lip). I don’t think she will get it, i’m sure she’ll chicken out but still it bugs me. She types like i do. She steals things off my myspace profile & uses it on hers. She decorated hers like mine. She takes pictures like mine. She edits them like mine. She bought blue contacts & now wears them, i have blue eyes. She’s growing out her hair, my hair is long. I wear V-necks, she’s buying v-necks. I wear a necklace wif a crown on it, she goes out & buys one & now wears it whenever i wear mine. She buys the same mascara as me & does her makeup exactly the same. thers more but i don’t feel like typing anymore xDD But it bugs me, i’ve already been asked “Oh why do you look like ‘so & so’ so much ?” “Are you trying to look like ‘so & so’ ?” It’s annoying. I can’t just go up & tell her about it cuz she’s way over dramatic & will make a huge scene & will make up rumours. I can’t just stop being friends wif her either cuz like i said, she’ll start rumours. What do i do ?

Answer #1

confront her

Answer #2

If your only reason for staying friends with someone who you obviously dont like an are annooyed by its time to grow a backbone and just be honest with her about how you feel, if she wont stop then stop being friends with her.

Answer #3

She’d blackmail you, to make you be her friend? What kind of “friend” is that…I kinda felt sorry for her, thinking that she’s insecure, and that maybe you can help her find her own style. But now….well, I don’t get why you’d even refer to her as “friend”…I think I’d seek out a new person to call “friend”.

Answer #4

you really need to confront her about it. i had a friend just like that and what i did was i invited her over to my house and told her a story of basically what she was doing to me but i used different people, then after i asked her if that story reminded her of anything and she finally said she was jealous of me so i helped her out and it hasnt backfired on me yet, so maybe try that idk, but good luck!!

Answer #5

No, she’s actually very confident & thinks she’s beautiful, she is, & i happy fer her fer that reason but she’s very fake. She’s a good friend if you putaside the copying, lying, & pms’y ness.

Answer #6

I don’t have the confidence to confront her, she got mad at me cuz went ‘ -.- ‘ in a text message when she said she’s getting a monroe. I can’t tell her anything cuz she can get aggressive, or so she says, & i’m not like that, i won’t fight, but i’m almost sure she will, she doesn’t take talks very well cuz she will take it a different way & she’ll turn it around saying i’m copying her & all this, it’s hard to explain but i get where yer coming from.

Answer #7

well in that case i would just slowly distance yourself from her, and dont tell her about anything your doing or getting…

Answer #8

.< I say tell that tramp off and just forget what she thinks or whatevery one else and find someone else to hang out with……she’ll get the picture soon or later. And tell your mom and dad so they won’t let her in your house if she trys to comes to your house.Don’t call her and don’t talk to her.You don’t need those kind of people in your life,and they not wroth the hasle.Treat her like air,shes not even there!

Answer #9

That’s what i do. She talks to me first, not the other way around. But she finds things out from my mom.

Answer #10

I’ve told her things before & she thought nuffin of it until later. She’s like, impossible & i hate it. I tell my mom all the time but she doesn’t really care, she thinks it’s a fase & it won’t affect me. My dad was never any kind of support so let’s butt him out lmao. I always make up excuses so she can’t come over or that i can’t go to her house. Cuz of her i’ve lost atleast 3 really good friends, & they were good influences too… If i ignore her she’s gonna make a scene, like i said, & she’ll go around telling people ima b!tch & i told her to f*ck off & all of that, which never happened, she’s just…Ugh…& the saying, thats cute, makes alotta since thanks(x

Answer #11


Answer #12

have you told your mom about this problem?

Answer #13

O.o Well then………that sucks. Well I guess your gonna just avoid her or something. Who knows. ?? -Fake it till ya make it- -- thats what my daddy tells me

Answer #14

Plenty of times. I complain about how she copies me & bugs me & lies. She says to either get over it or ignore it. Neither of my parents are much support fer these kind of things lmao. Only thing my dad ever says about anything is “It’s just girls ther playing mind games wif you.”

Answer #15

I ignore it most of the time, it just bugs me for some reason… :| I dunno she just bugs me herself. :| My dad always says “Ther just playing mind games.” xDDD

Answer #16

i would say to try and show her a style or something that will take her interest more then what u do, but do it kinda secretly like if she stays at ur house or something show her different things to do that u dont do, and see if she picks up on those..cause she obviously cares about what you think, so if you tell her that it is cool, then maybe she will start it… good luck, hoope this helped..

Answer #17

Well i dont know much more to say besides good luck, and i stongly believe in karma so i would sit back and not really talk to her, let her do whatever the hell she wants, just remember, karma is a b!tch!! hehehe

Answer #18

Thanks. Oh yes… I know.. It is isn’t it.. D:

Answer #19

you dont have to “confront” her just talk to her. Your in hs, be nice and just talk about it. She may just want to be like you and thinks your cool? you never know until you try talking

Answer #20
  1. Change your style dramatically—-wait, wait, don’t shoot this idea down yet—for a day or two. Tell her all about your new fashion and if she is really such a copy-cat, she’ll pick up on it. Switch back to normal in a few days and give her many compliments about the way she looks in the different look.
  2. Insinuate what she is up to. “Don’t I have that same shirt?” “I wore my hair like that yesterday.” “Did you get that necklace at Hot Topic like me?”
  3. Confront her. Tell her what she is doing. If she’s anything like my ex-friend. she’ll blame you and claim she had all those ideas first. But hey, it’s the most direct and assertive answer I have for you.

Hope that helped :D

Answer #21

haa i like this idea!:D

Answer #22

my friend does the exact same thing, i talked to her about it, and she said she would stop.. which she did, a little. and she improves in being herself the more i see her, your friend just doesn’t know how to be herself, alot of people are like that. just talk to her about it, and if that doesn’t work, talk again, but be more firm about it. if she gets mad, it’s because she’s afraid to be herself. don’t worry about it, she’ll figure herself out soon.(:

Answer #23

She is herself. She’s the fighter, i’m the lover. She has her own personality. She just doesn’t have her own look/style. But thanks..(:

Answer #24

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe she really admires your style. Now don’t get be wrong being your twin is kind of weird but maybe talk to her about creating her own version of your style.

Answer #25

You can do a few things. To see how far she is willing to go with this, change your style for a few days that she would probably never be. Another way is to ask her why she’s doing it. It’s nice to have things in common, but this is too much. She may just want to be like you because she respects you. Sometimes money and popularity may not be all that great. She could respect stuff you have like a good family, a cool style, or loyal friends, but i don’t know your backrounds well enough so it could be something like my examples. Confronting her is the best way, though. Good luck! : D

Answer #26

I don’t have that much of a good family. Or that much of good friends. I lost my loyal friends cuz of her. But thanks.

Answer #27

jealousy i have the same problem only the person wants to be close and almost be you so bad they want to try to be better than u at everything

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