Why do i get a stomach ache when i eat?

And if I havent ate for 4 hours I get a stomachache. Why is this?

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that usually happens when you havent eaten in a few hours, your stomach will react to the food with discomfort.?

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Yu go 4 hours without eatting? How?

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I dont know I just keep myself busy

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Wow that's a long time, I would think yr stomach would be happy yr finally putting some food in it lol So like during the 4 hours it dosent hurt? wow, So when yu start eattin it hurts thats weird lol

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you must eat every now and then or your stomach will hate u

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you probably have ulcers O_O
Ulcers occur when the stomach lining is slowly eating away at the stomach.
if you over eat, you get stomach ache, if you dont eat ull get stomach ache
you need to go to the doctors as soon as possible before something worse happens... like that time my fathers ulcer ripped..... trust me you dont want to know what happens O_o

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i didnt mean to click like on the best answer i just ment to suggest that that person is right and i cant unlike, that i know of

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