Stomach pains after we have sex

After my girfriend and I have sex, she complains about stomach pains. Can you tell me why?

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its because she worked out her abs having sex... its fairly common when your new at it.

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maybe you are just to big for her or maybe she has something wrong inside if it it only happened since she has been with you then I think it's the first thing I said if it has hurt her before you with other partners then maybe she has an internal problem

What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
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it does not mean she is pregnant, dont believe that bull. I know someone who has had the same problem... just like the above advice.. its like a workout for her cervics as well as her stomach.. so it can tend to hurt... untill those muscles have tightened. Just like if she was working out in a gym she would hurt if the exercises arnt regular.

Stomach pain during sex

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