Stinky dog!

I have a cocker spaniel puppy that smells even after I wash him. What can I give him or do to him to help?please help me!!

Answer #1

Ditto to Magic…if the puppy simply “smells bad” at every angle, it’s time for a better diet. You can also try adding “fish oil” tabs to his food…you can get them at Walmart, in the “supplement section”… they are very inexpensive…1 a day…they are high in the Omega’s and make for healthy skin, and lovely coats…they also help with shedding.

When you go to buy food…look at the first two ingredients…they should BOTH be a meat product…Science Diet is absolutely STUFFED with corn…and is the last food I’d feed…I’d steer clear of Iam’s, also…One of the best, less expensive foods, that works for lots of dogs, is Nutro Natural Choice…I’ve ran the gammet of dog foods, from extremely expensive (EVO, and Nature’s Variety)…to inexpensive, yet highly rated Kirland’s Lamb and Rice…Nutro is right in the middle…

If he’s got an excessive “doggie” smell, it could be his anal glands…some dogs are just more inclined to smell “doggie”…diet may also lessen this, but if it’s REALLY bad, the glands can be removed.

One of my “rule of thumb” on things that don’t make sense to me…be it an odd smell, uncharactoristic bad behavior, being suddenly afraid where they weren’t before…the list could go on and on…I take them to the vet, and eliminate physical possibilities…


Answer #2

If it is not the ears it is the food.

I had a friend that had a Shar pai (sp) that smelled awful. He also rubbed on the furniture so I realize he had a rash.

My friend used an expensive dog food Science Diet. I remembered something I had learned about food. I changed that dog to another dog food and within a week that dog stopped smelling and scratching.

I forgot to say my friend had left his dog with me while he went on vacation, His dog was rubbing on my furniture.

Anyway my friend was like I can’t believe you changed his food, my vet sells that to me. Well my friend did notice his dog did not stink anymore and actually played with his dog for the first time in God knows how long. My friend admitted he couldn’t stand his dogs smell either and left the dog out because of the smell and the dog would stink up his house.

Try changing the food.

An ear will also cause your dog to stink if it is a bad infection. You will not realize it is an ear unless you left it’s ear flaps and smell. I have seen an ear infection so bad in a dog once that is was all the way down the side of the head and it did stink.

Answer #3

try “nova pearls” it a brand of dog skin and coat conditioner that is also a deodorant, it smells like baby powder and it’s available at pets mart, it may be a little pricey but it last FOREVER. it is perfect for that out of the tub wet dog smell.

Answer #4

I would check the Ears, (Ear wax) Mouth, (Smelly Breath) Private Areas, and Rectum. If you gave him a bath those are the only reasons why he may smell.

Answer #5

That is a good point phrannie has. Does you dog scoot on the carpet? This is not being gross are anything but if your dog does scoot on the carpet it is the glands on each side of your dogs anis.

Put some gloves on and take your two thumbs, just like squeezing a pimple and press on each side of your dogs bottom if a dark oily liquid comes from your dogs bottom it is the glands and they were not draining as they should when your dog potties.

If you are not comfortable with this do take your dog to a Vet and get this checked out.

Answer #6

That is weird, can you locate the source of the smell? could be his mouth? also this is a stretch and you’d have probably noticed but does he have any wounds (could be an infection…) uhm also maybe he has gas?

Im sorry, I cant think of anything else, maybe someone else has dealt with this…

Answer #7

There are so many reasons as listed above that cause a smell in a dog. None of my 8 Cockers has a smell but I sure have seen my share of smelly ones!! To be more helpful, I could use more info on the “smell” Musty is almost always ears. The ears could look ok on the surface but if you gently use cottan and wipe in the canal you may find the source. Yeast and bacteria are the 2 types of ear infection that plague the Cocker and the yeast is especially rancid. Another good inexpensive food brand is Canidae. I use it for my dogs and a 20 lb bag is $17.99. Good ingredients, good quality and good results in my dogs. Good Luck

Answer #8

u can try to find where the smell is coming from and then go to the vets to get something that will help.:)

Answer #9

I have a stinky cocker too. We think she was meant to be a skunk. She has been to the vet countless times for it. She does have almost constant ear infections (yeast) but I treat her daily..and still I have to bathe her at least 2x a week. Well, we just changed from Natural Recipe (very expensive) to Blue (even more expensive) and things seem to be changing with her. She has been a neurotic paw licker since she was a puppy, but it is not her feet that smell.. it is her whole body. I feel so bad for her. I miss having a lab that I had to bathe 3 times a year…

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