Std in mouth sores

about a week ago I gave this guy oral sex...he wasn't wearing a condom. I guess from covering my teeth with my lips so I wouldn't bite him on accident, I got a cut on my upper lip on the hurt for a few days then it turned into what looks like a canker sore. my throat was also a little sore cause he shoved his penis in all the way. so my throat is still sore..and when I look closely, I can see what looks like white spots or something on it..does this sound like an STD to you? I'm so scared...are there cures for it??? please answer

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It sounds like an infection if there is white then there is mostly puss under it might not be a std though...i would go and see a DR... just in case I thinki t is just a infection try taking alive and using a oral antibiotic.

Or take a picture and e-mail it to me I cold ma be better help you if I new what it looked like.

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You should go see a doctor or talk to a pharmists at a walgreens. If theres an over the counter drug for it they will let you know. Or if theres a free clinic in your area go to that.

When I woke up with a sore throat afta sex is that a std?
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Dear retronesss,
Go see your doctor ASAP. This is why you should never engage in any sexual activity without using a condom and birth control.
Sue...good luck

Sore throat after oral
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hunny you need to go see a doctor RIGHT AWAY and find out FOR SURE i hope everything is okay

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