Should I continue working after I have the baby or go back to school to become an RN?

Should i stay at my job makin this 11$ an hour or after i have the baby go to school for my RN degree? It will only take two years and Cory(fiance) said he can take care of things untill then. I need advice. please and thank you

Answer #1

Can you do both? Go to work and school part-time and take care of the baby too?

Answer #2

Oh no way. i work 8-5 mon-fri. I would have to have a babysitter all day long. Cory works nights. It would be to much

Answer #3

That’s a tough call for ya I know, but an RN is a very secure and well paying gig. Rewarding too especially for someone with a kind heart such as yourself. You are still young, I say go for it now. It’s a great field, more and more men are even becoming RN’s nowadays.

Answer #4

thats what im thinkin. I just dont wanna make a mistake. I know i will be great at this jon. Just wish i had my dad to ask for advice still. The only person who was smart and i felt comfortable with givin me the right advice. He was a great man and only knew the best for me. i feel lost know lol. But i know he will show me the way somehow. It will only be two years. worse comes to worse i will have to find a bartending job for that two years. but i think with financial aid and school loans i shoudl be able to do it. I just dont wanna have to work and go to school too cuz it wil distract me. i cant fail. If i do this i have to get er done right

Answer #5

job i meant

Answer #6

Well there are online degrees that can be taken while you tend to the ankle biter; however, if you’re not happy with your current position, then you have to move on. Just remember, its not always greener on the otherside. A if you’re attempting to be an RN you will have very little time to take care of your ankle biter. Having a child is a 24/7 responsibility and thinking what is best for your future or current position is the best way to look before you leap - write a list (pros & cons) Im sure you’ll see your answer - best of luck in all you choose

Answer #7

I think you should continue to work for your degree and drop the job. It will allllll be worth it in the end.

Answer #8

thanks :D thats what im thinkin. I have good baby sitters that will watch for free

Answer #9

Look at it this way, 11 $ an hour jobs are easy to find. You’re 25. Two years will go quick. If you want to do this, in your 20’s is the best time because your chances of getting hired are so much better. 30’s arent bad either, but once you hit 40, people start not wanting to invest as much in you for some reason. If you get this degree under your belt, you can always work an 11 $ job til you find a nursing job.

Answer #10

your absolutley right. Thanks man :D i think i have made up my mind. You have no idea how much this has helped. thanks so much

Answer #11

Dang! Then I think you should definitely continue with school.

Answer #12

Well you are quite welcome anytime. You know, fear has kept alot of people from doing something they want including myself a time or two. If I could be 25 again, i’d take the bull by the horns. Things have worked out good for me now, but could have alot sooner if I’d been using my head when I was your age. i’ve always worked, but never got myself a “plan” til I was about 35 and really had to bust ass to make it happen.

Answer #13

yea i am trying to get it all now. tired of livin pay check to pay check at this crap job. its ok but not rewarding. i wanna do something good with my life

Answer #14

yup grandma loves her babies ;D lol

Answer #15

You’re on the right track with your thinking. Don’t be afraid, just be smart and have faith. I know you will pray about it, and I’ll pray for ya too. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Answer #16

:) thank you. I needed that

Answer #17

I think you should become an RN. Think of it this way. If something happens to Cory than you would need a way to support yourself and possibly a family. My wife is an RN and she works a shift or two a week just to keep her license and skills up. If I become disabled, unemployed for too long, or die my wife would need to have something to fall back on. Some of the best advice I know is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Answer #18

I plan on workin my whole life. But yea i need a stable career choice to maintain in case i have to become the supporter. Thanks :)

Answer #19

Taking classes vs working your job will allow you more home time with your baby, as well as build a stronger financial future, as kids get more expensive the older they get. And as Filletospam posted, you never know what the future will bring. The more self sufficient you are the better it stands to be. I’d go for it.

Answer #20

good thanks

Answer #21


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