Where to stay in California with friends over summer vacation?

Well me and maybe four to eight might go on a road trip after high school and stay in cali for a while (maybe a few weeks or so before college). We were thinking of renting a beach house but they’d be too expensive and thered be few a to room or just each getting rooms at a motel (it has to be near the beach but still close to LA so maybe around venice) or staying at an inn or even a hotel…which would be the cheapest and best option?

Answer #1

When I went to Cali for a few weeks we stayed at this cheap little motel that’s like right on the beach, right on the outskirts of San Diego. Sea sprite motel it was called, on hermosa beach. It’s a little beac town with a bunch of shops/resturaunts in walking distance.

Answer #2

I’m a little uncertain from your question about whether or not you’re committed to staying by the beach. If not, you might consider the Joshua Tree Inn, near the Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs. The Inn used to be a getaway place for lots of famous musicians, actors, and artists, including Keith Richards, Robert Plant, the Byrds, the Eagles, Donovan, Emmy Lou Harris, John Wayne, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, John Barrymore, and many others. I don’t think the stars go there anymore, but I hear that lots of younger rock’n’rollers do still stay there for the historic associations, almost like a pilgrimage site. Don’t go there if you want a wild party scene with lots of teeming nightlife. Do go if you want a quiet, peaceful, desert retreat near a beautiful national park. It’s about a 2-hour drive to the coast and beaches, anywhere from Long Beach to Oceanside. Rooms start at $90. I’d want the Donovan room, if it was me. {:^) http://funadvice.com/r/16c7dlq8ism

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