How can I start wearing bright colored clothes if I only wear dark colors?

I have this proble.. I dont know why i only wear brown, black, or sometimes white colored shirts.. I think its because i’m brown skinned and i think colored clothes doesn’t match me, but i want to start wearing colored clothes… only problem is that i dont know what colors match with what.. i’m not rich so i only have a small variety of shoes (which most are black or white) .. what color of shirt matches with what color of shoes?? does it always have to be the same color matching??

Answer #1

If you have black or white shoes, you can wear what ever color shirt cause those colors go with everything.

Answer #2

Im like that too. I only prefer to wear black and white mainly and grey. Its the coloursI feel comfortable in. I recently started experimenting with my clothes and coming up with ways to brighten up my outfits with different colors. I’m not rich myself so when I go shopping I choose very selectively. I’d recommend you first start off with basic colours such as blues, red, green, etc. When you have a set of basic colours, go for tones. Like for blue, dark blue, babyblue, light blue, sky blue, retro blue, etc. There are so many tones. You can find the ones that suit you right. I found it hard to jump from my dark tones to light tones. So I started going a shade lighter with my clothes. Say your wearing a black jacket, instead of wearing a red t shirt, wear a peach, then when your comfortable with that colour, go down a shade lighter (pink). You really just have to experiment. Search up outfits or go window shopping. Look at the colour codes and the way colours blend in with each other. Soon you’ll know how to match bright colours. Black and white shoes match with almost anything so it’s good you have a variety of those. Next time you go shopping, consider purchasing shoes the same colour as some of the clothes you have besides black and white. Outfits don’t always have to be colour coded. You can kick it with whatever makes you comfortable. Really you just need to learn what colours blend in well with each other. Like navy blue blends in very well with red. Mix and match your clothes constantly and you’ll come up with different ways yourself to suit what you like. If it helps, you can look up colourful outfits and you’ll find many ideas. I recommend you take a look at this website. It thoroughly explains what colours blend and what don’t. Just a tip, shop when there are sales. You save much more money and its a great way to start your colourful colection. Hope this helped :)

Answer #3

Why don’t you make habit wearing bright color cloth while you are at home.

Answer #4

Start with single, bright one-colored items in otherwise dark outfit. That looks cool usually.

If you have umbra brown pants and a matching brown jacket, wear a bright turquoise shirt with them. Or if you have a completely black outfit, combine a bright orange shawl and hat to it. Or get a dark gray outfit and buy a grass-green handbag and matching green shoes.

That way, you don’t have to buy many bright, colored clothes/items at once and you can get used to wearing color. (Just take care when washing these items. If you put them in the same machine with all dark stuff, they will be less bright soon.) And then slowly increase the amount of colorful things that you buy…

You’ll have to develop a feeling about what color goes with what other colors. Or else you will feel uncomfortable. You can’t mismatch any color with gray or black. That’s completely safe and will always make you look good. Brown also goes fine with many colors. Be more careful with it, though. Depending on the shade of brown, some colors will look weird with it.

Depending on your taste, I’d also get a handful of eye-catching things in metal or in bright colors like necklaces, belts with large buckles, bracelets made of stones or wooden/plastic pearls.

When you are more confident, you can start buying things with designs. :-) Hope I helped.

Answer #5

Those colour shoes will go with anything so don’t worry. If you wanted to make sure your outfit went together well though, then get some coloured laces in the colours you would like to wear, and put these in your shoes the day you want to try out that colour.

Personally, I would just go into a shop with a friend and a camera and try on every colour you can find. Take a picture of you and just have a good look at yourself, and see whether you think each colour suits you or not. Chances are a couple (for me it is blue and red) will really suit you and you will love the way they look against your skin. Then you can buy things in this colour palette. It may be you don’t know what looks best on you, but just work out what doesn’t (green makes me look washed out and sickly for example) and just go from there.

If you want to ease the transition to colour more slowly then why not get coloured accessories, like necklaces, scarves and belts and incorporate them into your dark outfits. If you get compliments when trying on colour, go for a tee in that shade.

Just get some basic t shirts for now and mix them in with normal jeans or trousers and your shoes, then you can gradually experiment more once you feel comfortable with colour. Do take someone shopping with you if you can though (someone you know is honest) and listen to them if they think something does not look the best against your skin.

Answer #6

Thanks this did help. I normally always have bright eye colors and normally i always wear jeans.. the only thing is what do you recommend me to wear during summer. because where i live its always around 100 degrees outside.. i have many colored clothing, but i just dont really wear it much :(

Answer #7

Thanks.. I love what you wrote about the necklaces, scarves, and belts.. I think i will try that more because normally i just wear my silver earings and my necklace, but they are plain.. maybe colored jewelry will help me feel more confident

Answer #8

Thanks cookielove.. do you think the way i make my hair has an effect on my outfits??

Answer #9

In summertime you can also do the trick, just with another basic color. For example you wear a completely white outfit and one single bright colored item. Like a white, thin fabric pants or skirt, white shoes, a white hat (maybe even shades with a white frame) and a bright colored shirt. Other pale colors, beige, light brown also work as a base.

Answer #10

It is a really easy way to incorporate a bit of colour without having to spend much so do give it a try. You could even buy some coloured beads and things yourself and thread them together to make your own necklaces/ bracelets that are unique to you :)

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