How can I make myself start going back to school, and keep going to school?

I don’t understand this, but I just can’t go to school and keep going. It’s like I’m addicting to not going if that makes any sense.

I’ll go for a few days or a week, but then…when the weekend comes and I stay home for a couple of days, that following Monday…I don’t go. Then I stay out for a couple of months, until I finally go again…but the same thing happens. I only go a few days at a time!

I don’t know why though! I know I NEED to go, and I actually WANT to go…I like it. Yet, I still don’t go. -_- It’s kind of like smoking. I know I NEED to quit, and I really want to…but I can’t. :/

Does anyone have any advice or anything? I don’t know what to do. I don’t understand why I do this. It’s extremely frustrating.

Answer #1

Maybe you can find a hobby in school that you really like. I know when i was in high school i absolutely hated it, but my friends and clubs helped me stay in school. At the end of the day, school is beneficial for yourself and you need to realize this. Being book smart is just as important as being street smart. If you find yourself to be street mart then great! now you need to work on book smarts.

Answer #2

I know what you mean, I was like that with my undergrad study at university. The only way I could be consistent with going was to reward myself when I did! I had a friend with the same problem, so we would motivate each other. It also helps to have some idea of what you want to get out of it. I did much better in my final year of my bachelors degree, because I knew I had to achieve a certain grade to get accepted into postgraduate study. It helps to keep you focused.

Answer #3

There are no hobbies I can do where I go to school. Its not like normal high school, it’s a GED class. You go 4 hours a day 3-5 days a week…and work out of books. Then, you take some pre-tests. When you pass those, you can take the exam and be finished with that subject. There are only 5 subjects…and if I would go everyday, then it would only take me about 4 months to graduate! Like I said, I WANT to go, and I know I NEED to go…but for some odd reason I don’t go. It’s so frustrating because I know I am not doing myself any good. :/

Answer #4

Me and my boyfriend go together, so we motivate each other…it just doesn’t work. :/ I know what I want out of it. I want to get it done and over with (which only takes 4 months) so I can start college…or at least get a job. I want to go, and I know I need to go…but for some reason I just don’t. :/

Answer #5

Well at least you are able to recognize that you are not doing yourself any good, it honestly is a good sign. Why don’t you set yourself a goal, a realistic one.. Perhaps to go once a week. Many people find goals to be quite helpful in breaking bad habits when it is a logical and realistic goal. Again, you have to find something that works for you.

Answer #6

U have to want to do it, make a commitment to urself that u will go everyday and just get it done, think about the possitive things that will come of it, and it will help u grow, then when u finish school reward urself for doin such a good job and sticking with the commitment u made

Answer #7

want something in life and have a reason to want it, my son was mine…have a good motivation and never forget why your doing it.

Answer #8

You can have someone to get you to go, to motivate you, to remind you how important it is and the good it can do to you along the way. Meaby set up a plan or contract with your school councelor so she/he keeps you on track and stuff. Get a friends to pick you up, and to call you about am hour early so you have time to get ready. You just like to stay home instead to go to a place where people judge you, don’t accept who you are and are full of drama, but once you get used to it, it becomes like a part of life.

Answer #9

[1] Don’t have friends. [2] Don’t have a school counselor. I don’t want to stay home actually, it gets boring. I want to go to school. I like it, and nobody judges me there. It’s basically just me and my boyfriend there.

Answer #10

I was not talking about you in particular, just the ussual school inviorment you know? Anyway, how about having your boyfriend be the one who pushes you, and that works with you until you get used to the whole routine?

Answer #11

Get a calendar. Start marking the days off.It may help see an end in site. Sometimes when there is a light at the end of the tunnel it helpsn Big plus and kudos to you and your bf for finishing an education plan. My sister did the GED thing and like you was not motivated at all. She finally just forced it. Your mind is there. Just know it goes fast! There is an end in site. good luck to you as well. You need that constant motivation. Especially when it’s up to you to get your education done.

Answer #12

Well, he’s just like me. Having the same problem.

Answer #13

I work with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS for short), a non-profit with more than 300 member schools in both North America and abroad. I read your question about going back to school and sticking with it and thought you might be interested in checking out TABS at [link removed]. Boarding school provides a structured environment that surrounds you with supportive teachers and other students encouraging you to succeed. One of the best ways to check out different boarding schools is to use TABS School Browser. You can enter the school name if you have a particular school in mind, or search by zip code, and even view an A-Z listing of nearly 300 member schools. Each school has its own page and profile with lots of key information, and you can request info from multiple schools at once. It’s quite the time-saver!

Answer #14

No thanks. I don’t want to go to a boarding school. I like the school I go to.

Answer #15

You might want to start by asking yourself a few questions. The first one being, “is there something of importance that’s keeping me home all day?” I noticed that you said staying at home bored you a bit so I’m amusing there isn’t. I don’t want to sound too harsh or anything but I honestly think you really are just being lazy and procrastinating about it. There really isn’t a “some reason” here; laziness isn’t a reason that you should be jeopardizing your own future.

I admire the fact that you’re trying to get this done but you’re aiming a little too high start with. The first thing that you need to focus on is actually vaporizing your bad habits. Procrastination, in my perspective, is caused solely boredom. Boredom, contrary to my own previous beliefs, is actually caused by distractions. I don’t want to get into technical details about it but generally, your mind works in 3 stages for concentration. Your blood rushes to your prefrontal cortex which is also where a neurological switchboard sits; the blood rushing to this part alerts the system that your brain is going to switch concentration. The blood rushing to your prefrontal cortex carries an electrical charge that’s composed of two parts: a search query and a command to find the right neuron and to get that neuron to execute the appropriate action. Usually, right around this part is where we get disengaged and the process starts all over again. What causes this disengagement? Distractions that induce dopamine such as listening to music, going on face book etc. Courtesy of:

The one thing that you need to know is that cramming your to-do list with redundant tasks isn’t going to help you. As the saying goes, “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” – John Wooden. What you really need to do is find that one important task that does need attending to and do it; the other tasks don’t need focusing on. From there, you can escalate into bigger things – slowly and at your pace. Once you have mustered concentrating, congratulations, you just broke down the wall that really separates the smart people from the not-so-smart people.

Answer #16

Lol, that makes sense. I really am lazy, even though I don’t want to be. :/ There is so much I feel like I need to do right now, and it’s a bit overwhelming. I think focusing on ONE important thing at a time would make it a lot easier. Thanks.

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