Why does everyone want to start dating at 11, 12, 13 these days?

o-o When I was 12 I was obsessed with puppies and lizards not boys. If you’re such a mature 13 year old you would know better then to try and jump into a bunch of relationships, wouldn’t you? o-o

Answer #1

The new trend I guess I kinda just go with but Ill only go so far lol but on the other hand I’m still a immature 13 year how doesn’t care about anything expect having fun xD

Answer #2

because they know exactley what love is unlike you love hahahha lol.

Answer #3

because they know exactley what love is unlike you love hahahha lol.

Answer #4

I know Lily, I think it’s silly the way they are all aching faster than they should! When you turn into a teenager you’re meant to be all immature and silly and have as much fun as possible not be getting laid ever week!

Answer #5

this boy i baby sat who was only like five or six at the time when he first asked me out. his father said that he was watching nickelodeon and said he needed a girl friend. other kids are dating because the parents see it as a joke and do not understand how serious it is to talk to there kids on what a relationship really is

Answer #6

I believe it depends on how the parents raise the child. I never was inerested in boys when I was little especially in middle school. After high school, still no boy around since I’m not looking, but girls I suspect feel like it cause they’re alone? or their parents don’t treat them the way they should, or perhaps they find common things with someone else and try to bag em before another girl/boy does. I know for sure I ‘ve seen plenty of kids in middle school that they considering they’re in a ‘comitted relationship’. I pretty much spoken with them and they gave me a hard time :l oh well.

Answer #7

Kids do it to feel older. All these tv shows they’re watching have their role models dating other characters. The same way that little girls play dress up in their mothers highheels and lipstick.

Answer #8

you are not imiture and yes lol if you are trying to find a job then good luck the best thing to do is wait good luck

Answer #9

It’s more like a trend, I think anyways. All the cool kids are getting boyfriends and girlfriends. And then they see older kids having girlfriends and boyfriends. Kids want to grow up way too fast. Quite frankly kids those ages are not ready at all for relationships. Most definitely not mature enough nor mentally ready.

Answer #10

becaue they are very very s-tupid and this is why unwanted pregnacies accure

Answer #11

Maybe media pressure or just a desire to feel grown-up. I remember wanting a boyfriend at that age because my older siblings had all dated at that point, and I guess I wanted to know what it was like. So in a way, it was just curiosity. That, and the fact that everyone else my age seemed to be doing it. Also, some parents might think dating at a young age is cute and innocent, and they might even encourage their kids to date. That’s just speculation, though, I’m not really sure. It upsets me that some kids are in such a rush to grow up. They really should just enjoy the last years of their childhood before bringing boyfriend and girlfriends into the picture.

Answer #12

i don’t think it really matters. to be honest they don’t mean anything. id say just let them date

Answer #13

I have no clue, but I find it quite stupid. They are way too young! When they are in a “relationship” at that age.. It truly means nothing. I mean they might go hangout at the mall but that is usually about as far as things go. My mom & dad told me that I can’t date till I am sixteen, which is totally fine by me.

Answer #14

Kids are trying to grow up to fast

Answer #15

Kids are having sex at 13. lol I would hardly call that nothing. Girls are getting pregnant at 14, 15, 16.

Answer #16

well since there almost teens and thts when they get miserable and constant bored and hiding in theire rooms its so they will always hve some 1 to keep them occupied , so although it sounds pathetic to wanna date at tht age ….. let them it will help them in there future relationships and it gives them a sens of freedom xx :)

Answer #17

Not if they get pregnant.

Answer #18

and just think a couple 100 years ago the was normal.. and just because there dateing doenst mean there gonna have s’ex.

Answer #19

These days, dating can lead to sex. It’s best to just wait a while to start dating.

I agree with Lily on this one, teen pregnancy is not something small, it’s a problem nowadays.

Answer #20

It’s just the generations. All come out different. This new generation is obsessed with relationships probably because of the media, television, our celebrity role models such as Justin Beiber (unfortunately) Somehow tweens are fed this idea that you need a boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Answer #21

and its always been a problem.. it wont ever go away?? so your gonna punish every teenage girl and guy for a few stupid kids who deiced to have unprotected sex? jsut let them date

Answer #22

No I am not punishing them I am just saying that I wish they had a good thinking mind and had interests in other things rather than sex, when I was 12 I thought like this, how come so many kids don’t. The days have changed we can’t all get married and start having families at 14 anymore.

Answer #23

agreed. but not everyone of them will have sex. so i say if an adult can trust there kid(which they should) they should just allow them to date

Answer #24

cuz thts when they realize ppl r more cuter than they thought when they were 10!

Answer #25

I agree with Lily. I turned 14 recently. As much as I think it would be cool to be in a relationship currently.. It would be. VERY awquard

Cause Im seein 13 year olds in my school dating eachother kissing etc. and grinding at proms/dances

Its kinda wierd.

Answer #26

kids want to start dating at a younger age to feel older, more mature and less bored. I’m 14, single. Yes, I do have really good guy friends but nothing serios. But my cousin is 12 and has had a few ex bfs and is currently dating a boy. i try to tell her to at least wait a few years before she has another.She thinks she is all better since she has at least had a boyfriend. But i find life single fine. So in my opinon, wait until your about idk 16+ to have a boyfriend? And try not to have sex until you are ready to go thru the pain of having a baby!

Answer #27

I’m 13. And I have your perfect answer. Everyone wants to have there first kiss early. Everyone wants to feel pretty, and so called “loved”. To me it’s a bunch of crap because most of the relationships last about 1 day to 2 months. And everyone dates everyones ex’s. It’s very annoying.

Answer #28

1-Media, they see happy couples suffering and then living happily after that, as humans, even children want happiness, therefore, they’ll get whatever physical form there might be, be it phsycadelic mushrooms, boyfriends or video games. 2- peer pressure. Everyone’s doing it. The first people to do it, did it because older people were doing it, and then others did it and it became a trend, not much real love in this answer. 3- they actually love each other…kind of. It’s a bit like arranged marriage, where the couple Marrys before they actually fall in love. In ye olden days, boys and girls would just hang out until their parents thought they should marry, but modern times don’t allow that, so couples just waited till ye olden days marryin’ age and start dating, but now, as soon as the kids start kind of liking each other, they go for it all. That’s why sometimes the kids will cry for a week while others’ll shrug it off. 4-curiosity. What’s it like to have a girlfriend? Pick whichever you like best. I believe them all.

Answer #29

i started at 12 :/ i guess kids wanna have fun !

Answer #30

it has been proven the body is producing hormone sooner in life than before

Answer #31

hehehe…..that is so hilarious

Answer #32

hehehe…..that is so hilarious

Answer #33

Because they have this urge to grow up and/or act older.

Answer #34

Foreign feelings–aka when you feel attracted to someone–are exciting and new to “us” (?). It’s like the latest Ipad/Iphone: You have to get it because it’s new and interesting!! That’s what i think.

Answer #35

i started dating this girl when i was 12 i thought she was cute and she made me laugh. I just had my 3 year anniversary august 3rd. she is great i can defiantly see myself with her forever. Dating isnt all bad or pointless at that young of an age.

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