How can I start my own motorcycle club?

How can I start my own motorcycle club?

Answer #1

You might make up some flyers and post them at or near motorcycles sales/repair shops and advertise in local free publications - maybe meet every Sat or Sun at 2pm (after church) - try ot for a month and see if interest grows…Good luck !!

Answer #2

OK. Enough already with what the local 1% clubs will and will NOT allow. Stop trying to speak for them. Some of this is negative fear hype BS and 1% clubs are tired of this crap. If they have a problem with you. They will FIND YOU and most likely give you a chance to fix it unless you play tough guy. If you are starting a club unless it is a 1% club they really could care less “UNLESS” your club colors/insignia looks like theirs. If you try and make it look like theirs and mix a few letters around and have almost the same name as their club…THEN YOU ARE AN IDIOT! You will definitely have a problem. No 1% diamonds or anything else and you will most likely be all set unless your a jerk. Other than that they really could care less about your little club. So stop making them out to be something to be afraid of or nut jobs only looking for excuses to attack you. That is NOT true. They are working people like the rest of us and do not go out of their way to cause problems. Contrary to popular belief. Take a look around. There are thousands and thousands of riding clubs and full MC clubs. These clubs have members from all walks of life. Some even have police and government officials like judges as members. Do you think for one minute a 1% club or anyone else for that matter is going to take a chance on attacking some member of some club? I am not saying they won’t without provocation because at that point they really don’t give a rats behind. I am simply saying they don’t go out of their way to do it. They try and avoid all confrontation because they know this. There are VERY FEW 1% clubs. How many times have you heard of 1% clubs attacking riding clubs? NEVER! How about attacking MC clubs that are NOT 1% clubs. NEVER! They could care less about your “wild hogs” clubs. They do NOT want negative drama media hype. It is bad for all bikers. The reason they care if you are a 1% club is there are so few and if your 1% club has an insignia that looks anything like theirs. Their club could be mistaken for your club. Now we have a problem. So use common sense. If you want to start a riding club. Make sure you let the world know it is a riding club. If you want to start an MC then make dang sure you let the world know that it is NOT a 1% club and never have the patch look anything like another clubs patch. If you have some real serious deal going on and you want to become a 1% club. Then you had better ok it with the big dawgs. Other than that your all set. -peace

Answer #3

Do you want a “club” or do you want to meet a good group of people to ride with? If you are new to riding you may be better off befriending some of the older guy’s they have a lot of knoledge and you can learn a lot.

Answer #4

You can start with a group of friends who like to ride…but do not use the words Motorcycle Club or M.C. without clearing it with the clubs in your area…there is a matter of getting permission, from whatever M.C. is the Big Dawg in your area.. could be the Hells Angels Chapter, , etc. I would call (they are in the phone book) and ask before doing it…some clubbers are very particular about who uses what name, colours, etc.

Answer #5

Its really not that hard.I am telling you the simplest way.Just collect your good friends who are having a bike.Then think for a good design for your gangs shirt and tailor will then made your shirts.Then think of a good name for your gang like ROAD RIFLES and thenyour own gang is created

                                                  -MANAS PANDEY[MATHURA,INDIA]
Answer #6

ridgerunner is right if you want to start a club you need a name and a charter, then you need to find out whole your local 1%er club is and get a meeting with them, they will tell you if you name and colors are acceptable and what type of patch you can wear. Just remember be respectful and you will have no problems.

Answer #7

So really why is there so much bs in starting a motorcycle club? You dont see mcdonalds and burger king throwing moltov coctails at eachother or setting up car bombs and stuff. This is america. Land of the free. We live in a free market system which allows competition. Ive looked at other M/C clubs and I would rather start up my own club with my friends which surrounds our interests and leave the bs out.

Answer #8

ok 1st off the big bad biker is just tv and movies the clubs are not like that . yes you need to talk to the main club in your area to make sure …

  1. there fine with your resons for the club
  2. your not going stand on anyones toes
  3. your club name is not the same as any other club your not part of (for new clubs only)
  4. your club logo is not the same as other clubs
  5. they may give you a mentour to get you going and show you the ropes

its not a world of fear in the mc world A MC IS A CLUB NOT A GANG a club will help a club in any way they can as long as you dont go behind there backs

i know im a charter prez

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