Stabbing pain below my bellybutton

Out of nowhere…I cudnt more for abt.40minutes. There was stabbing below my belly button ..I was crying so bad…I cudnt even move my legs..I felt like someone was sticking knives trought me ! what is it ??? (((&¬ im not pregnant))) .. !?!?!?

Answer #1

I get these pains I have it right now I wish I could figure out what was causing it. I have blood sugar problems and I cant eat acidic foods. could it be a hernia? A cyst? IC?

Answer #2

I am 34 years old women. I have that pain below the bellybutton. why?

Answer #3

Wow, so I’m NOT insane! Nice to know :). I’ve been having the same sharp abdominal pains ever since I can remember. It feels as though someone is stabbing me in the belly button, sending sharp pains through me all of the way into my pelvic area. There’s a chance I may be pregnant though, and I’ve read a few articles linking pregnancy to these symptoms. I sincerely hope that being a mommy-to-be is the cause!

Answer #4

I have this same thing since I was 15 (about 4 years), at first I couldn’t explain where the pain was coming from to my doctor all I could come up with was a stabbing/ripping pain down the center of my body from below my belly button all the way down. It was crippling. The worst was when it came when I was lying down in bed, making it so I couldn’t get up or move. I had many ultra sounds, discovering ovarian cysts, which turned out to be irrelevant to the pain. I had had kidney problems (mostly because of excessive pill popping/drug use during high school) and bladder issues as well. The pain seems to be totally random, I haven’t been able to correlate it with anything like beginning/ending my period, medications I take or foods I eat, kidney pain, bladder infections or anything like that. one night the pain was particularly intense and I was curled up on my left side in my boyfriends shower, I’m not sure if it was the way I was laying or what but it felt like the pain was coming directly from my urethra which would explain the whole belly button down thing. I didn’t have a bladder infection, discomfort during/after urination, I wasn’t pregnant, and I’ve never had an abortion or carried a child, or had any STD’s. I haven’t been back to my doctor, so I still don’t know what’s up. It could pretty much be anything, and it seems like this is the only thread I could find similar to what I was experiencing. oh yes, and if it was your appendix, which is on the lower right side of your abdomen, you would know, believe me, there is no mistaking that.

I’d say definitely have urinalysis done as soon as possible, an ultrasound would be beneficial if they know where they are looking. if the pain is on either side, it could be an ovarian cyst, which is extremely painful when it bursts, or a number of other things.

Answer #5

Exact same thing happens to me. I have these “attacks” where my bellybutton feels like it is tearing or being stabbed. It happens when I stretch out, or urinating. When I urinate I have to double over, or hold my stomach a certain way to stop it from hurting. I have had this since I was a kid. I am 23 now and still dealing with it. I am currentley seeing a urologist who is treating me for Instertitial Cystitis. I don’t have any ulcers, or common symptoms of IC, but I am being treated for it anyways since it can be such a mysterious disease. So far none of the medications have helped me except for Metformin and birth control. I was put on metformin for ancanthosis nigricans, yet I don’t have diabetes. Metformin is meant to lower blood sugar. Do any of you have this issue with your blood sugar but no diabetes? I also take seasonel birth control because this pain seems to get worse with my periods. Less periods usually meant less pain. I also avoid acidic foods like alcohol and coffee. If any of this sounds similar to someone else let me know! could it be a hernia? A cyst? IC? So confused and doctors are really not that much of a help.

Answer #6

I had day it gas build up LOL I farted or when I burn I feel better LOL

Answer #7

I had that pain in my lower abs below my belly button before. Sometimes when I would stand up I would get that sharp pain and have to curl up for it to go away. I called the hospital and they told me I was probably just consitpated, lol. Thats a symptom of appendicitis I think, so if the pain persists you should contact a doctor asap!!

Answer #8

There are a lot of things below your belly button. You could be digesting something not right or have a kidney problem or like jenonline said appendicitis. It’s a number of things so you just have to look back and see what could have gone wrong.

Answer #9

I am cracking up laughing right now at gimme_mo as you can not spell either. Laughing is spelled with a g at the end. LMAO

Answer #10

I have also had this pain for many years (Since I was about 14 or 15). It’ll come and go from time to time, usually a few months apart. I had it last night and this morning. Then I had to cut a lock here at work and it got so bad I had to sit down for a couple of hours. Drinking water does seem to help sometimes, but I cant seem to figure out what it is. I have had doctors check it out but of course as soon as I get there the pain is gone and the say its probably nothing. When I urinate I have to bend over extremely, to the point where I feel Im pulling a Marilyn Manson on myself, and I cant even stand straight afterwards. Atleast Im not the only one experiencing this. I just wish a doctor would come on here and explain something.

Answer #11

Your appendix it could very well be your appendix, your appendix like to play tricks on you if its not the same side as it is on it could still be your appendix you see you appendix try to act like something else so the pain will be in a different area in the stomach, If I was you I would get into the doctor as soon as you can because if it is you appendix then they could burst causeing a infection in you body that can potentally kill you so go see you family doctor or seek medical attention as soon as you can. (If you dont have insurence I recomend going to providence hospital they cant turn you away and they will eaither find away for you to pay for the prosedure in stolments that work for you or they might even just not have you do anything at all it happen to me when I was a little girl I have to get my toung sewed back on )

Answer #12

Hello Everyone,

          I have been having this pain for a little while now but cant seem to find out what it is I was in so much pain this morning I couldnt  move or stop crying I am going to make an appointment with my GP in the new year to find out what is going on!!
Answer #13

I don’t have any answers as I have never been to docs about it although have thought many time about it. I have had these pains since I was a little girl ie/ 5 or 6 so it cant be anything life threatening as im 41 in a few weeks. I too bend forward when im peeing to make the pain go away … would be gratefull if anyone does have any answers.

Answer #14

Glad to know I’m not crazy. It hurts. Every Time I have to do something that requires strength, it hurts. When I go pee, I also have to bend and stop occasionally. I had a really good laugh when I was reading all these posts and it seems to have gone away.. I think it hurts because I work myself too hard. I dunno.

Answer #15

My Unlce just got diagnosed with bladder cancer. says I hurts when he moves too much and has a stabbing pain under his belly button area. could it be that you have this too? I suggest you go to the doctor or check a website to see if the symptoms for bladder cancer match up with what you are feeling.

Answer #16

The same thing happened to me this morning right below the belly button, just like you, and it continued to be sore to the touch after a few hours (still is), so I went to the doctor over it. She did a urinalysis and told me I had bacteria in my urine. She diagnosed me with a class 3 bladder infection. It concerned me a little that she did not even feel around the area that had been hurting so badly, but I realize she’d definately heard these symptoms before, because the first place she actually pressed almost jerked me off the table with pain. She prescribed Ceflexin antibiotics. You should probably have it checked out. I was reading more about it online and other things cause the same symptoms, like hernias, appendicitis, and kidney infections.

Answer #17

intestinal blockage or gallstones. Appendicitis if on the lower right near hip. See doctor

Answer #18

no one mentioned hernia –umbilical hernia for example, may not show up for years beyond the womb. im not a doc but I think I probably have one. its an excuse to not do abdominal workouts, but a good one. it has locked me in the most uncomfortable conditions I can explain, unable to move. I wont buy into all of these other theories, not least because I cannot afford to. Hernia is distinct possibility.

Answer #19

You might also check to see if you have a urachal cyst or another abnormality of the urachus, which is the remnant of what was once the bladder-to-belly-button catheter of an infant in the womb.

Answer #20

Ihave the exact same problem I’m cryibng right now as I type this I’m in pain can you please tell me what this is I’m thinking bout going to hospital

Answer #21

A stabbing pain near your belly button could be a number of things. If it continues or gets worse, you should head to your doctor or emergency room right away.

Here are a few things that it could be:

  • appendicitis
  • urinary tract infection
  • bladder infection
  • gas
  • cramps from your period
  • constipation
  • muscle injury
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