Spur of the Moment Drug test

What is a quick and free way to detox thc for a spur of the moment drug test. could be at anytime, Is there a daily regiment that works with out quitting.

Answer #1

Gelatin remains in it’s liquid form due to the heat of the body. That means, it doesn’t get the chance to thicken…which means it’s just passed through the system, and does not ‘line the bladder’.

This method is a myth.

Answer #2

Nope…you’d need a minimum of 3 days on a high-quality detox system, without doing any more.

If passing this test is important, then maybe it’s time you just quit doing your drugs.

Answer #3

No need to lose hope. Ever hear do Knox Jello? Its at most food stores, all you have to do is mix a pack with a tall glass of cold water and drink it, it doesnt taste the best, but it works by lining your bladder which prevents THC from getting in your urine. you also might want to drink a cup of water after that and something to put color back into your urnie (foods that are high in fat like cheeseburgers) so it wont be clear you did a detox. make sure you do this proir to the test, because the Knox doesnt stay in you bladder for a long time. I suggest you also google this aince I dont know ALL the facts but I really do hope this helps you out.

Answer #4

if its a pee drug test. just mix water with the pee. haa

Answer #5


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