Spring break how much money to travel to florida?

This is for anyone who has vacationed in florida. im going to florida for spring break but I don’t know how much money to bring to spend. help me

Answer #1

It’s almost impossible to say how much money you should take w/o having a little more information.There are a lot of things to consider.

Where are you coming from? How long are you staying? You’d have to find out how much lodging would be. Are you driving there or flying? If flying, you’d probably want to rent a car. Then you’d have to figure in gas. Are you going to want to go shopping? You have to decide if you’re going to eat out at every meal or are you going to be at a place where you can cook part of the time. Are you going with a friend or friends? You could share expenses.

Just figure how much it would cost for gas, food, lodging, entertainment, shopping and the most important thing is money in case of an emergency. Do you have a bank account? If so, you can just use your account and your ATM or debut card. If you don’t have an account, you’d need to get one.

If you’re going with your parents, then you just need to figure how much you need for entertainment. Figure out what kind of things you will be doing and how much they will cost.

That’s all I can think of. Maybe others will have more ideas.

Have a great time.

Answer #2

I agree wit phantom…im a resident of florida as well…and im actually the one that plans all the trips from my family and friends…I found a website that can help you look for a cheap hotel, http://travel.nextag.com this site I would be using on my trip to orlando for the weekend next month…I think orlando would be a great spot for you to hit…but like phantom said about 500 would be good alil bit more dependin on your length of stay

Answer #3

it depends on what you want to do… I am a FL resident… disney is always fun. you can get a basic ticket for about $80 and add parks to it. and the cheapest hotels are around $80 also and they are actually REALLY nice for the price. ( I would recomend Pop Century) On a cheaper scale, you could go to busch gardens for $60… or you could just travel to all the historic places.. most are usually under $30 or free. I would bring about $500 dollars, depending on which part of FL you plan to stay in… if its upscale, $500 and anything lower… $300

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