Softball and my daughter

My daughter is going on 11 years old and she plays softball with other girls her age. Her glove I think is small for her? What size glove do I need to buy her and weight? And will I be buyng a glove each year just like her shoes? Thanks

Answer #1

she needs to go with you and try it on and ask other people. and no you shouldnt have to buy a new glove I have had the same one for 5 years

Answer #2

well I’ve been playing softball for about 7 years, and you cant just go and buy a glove. you have to have her be with you because even if shes 11 she might be bigger then most of even smaller then most. so just go and take her to dicks or olympia sports and ask people in there. and no you dont have to buy her a glove each year because I have had mine for at least four years. and if she reallly likes softball as much as me… then she will not want a new glove because you get so attached to it. lol.

well hope I helped… JESSICA!

p.s. and if you ever need any help with softball just ask me.

Answer #3

well I’ve played my whole life no you dont buy one every year and you dont have to buy new cleats every year either depending on the brand but most gloves are adjustable so it dont matter but you do want to try to get a 13 inch glove cause the ball gets bigger next year she plays -lily #11

Answer #4

You need to take her with her. Everyone is different sizes. I’ve been playing for four years, and I’ve had the same glove for four years, so you shouldn’t have to buy a new one. And actually ‘jessica1121’ is right, You won’t want to give it up because you get so attached to it…and once you get the glove, it’s extremely hard to squeeze the ball (from being a catcher and pitcher I know this) with a new glove. I had to sleep with mine under the matress for a week after I got it…it’s really really annoying!

Good luck!

Answer #5

Depends on The size Of the Ball Larger gloves for 12” and smaller 4 11”

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