Why is it that this specific day - 420 - is the day everybody does weed?

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Do they do weed on this day? I don't know of a single person doing weed.

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All I no is that it has something to do w/ bob marley. I don't remember da rest

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It's a bob marley thing, like singit4daworld said. But they do a lot of dr*gs on that day... I find it strange but owell :P

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i believe it is national weed day or something like that. so it is a big deal for those that do do weed and such. :0 i could be wrong.

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I've always wondered that, too. I heard that there were 420 chemicals in pot, but apparently that's not true. According to articles I read, a bunch of kids in California in the 70's coined the term when they decided to go find some unattended marijuana plants right after practice. Guess what time that was? 4:20. From then on it become the codeword for smoking.
Here's the article I found this from:

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Annie is right! Happy 4.20 everyone!

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It originally referred to the time of day, and not the date. It was supposedly the time of day that responsible smokers would wait till before smoking.

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it started in Cali some high schoolers would say 4:20 meaning they would meet at the school and smoke. its dumb really.

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I seriously doubt that. You just don't know they do it.

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I seriously doubt that. You just don't know they do it.

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I never even heard of 420 until decades after I last smoked. For us the biggest day of the year to partake was thanksgiving. Oh man, a whole table full of delicious food and the munchies. Those were the days.

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I don't think that the traditions in my culture is the same as American culture.

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It isn't tradition, it is just reality. I just looked it up, The US is 11th and and South Africa is 21st in marijuana use. Even higher than Netherlands where it is legal. So I still think you probably do know people who smoke it, but you just don't know they do. And please, I mean no disrespect. I am merely trying to make the point that marijuana is extremely common in many countries, even where it is illegal, like the US and South Africa.

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Who ever thought of this idea should be recognize as a historical figure.....lol

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