If you grew up in the seventies did you get spanked or not?

Is there anyone out there who grew up in the seventies that didn't get spanked?

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My mom was born in '70, and oh yeah, she was beat. If her, my Uncle, or Aunt, did anything wrong they got the belt. Or the old 'take a branch off the tree and bring it to mommy and daddy so they can whack you with it.'

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I grew up in the 60's and 70's o the best of my knowledge my parents never spanked me.

I was spanked at school. I noticed that only the poor teachers spanked kids though. The good teachers had other ways to maintain order than threatening and hurting kids.

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Thanks for the answers. I always felt different because I wasn't spanked. I've never met anyone else my age who wasn't. My four kids have never been spanked either. They are great kids!

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Dear matchbox20,
I grew up in the 60s and 70s and no, I was never spanked. My son who was born in the late 70s was never spanked either. We have a misconception that all families spank and this is not true. Spanking is done primarily out of frustration and the lack of coping skills. Thank goodness in some places it's illegal.
Sue...good luck

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I didnt but I think my parents did and my dad got hit all the time and my moms parents were never home

Actually they did researched and showed allot of people in either the government or like local government people have all bin spanked

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um ya I was when I was a kid but my sister was the most my mom and dad would take a belt out if she like took something out of the fridge she wasnt supost to. But me and my brother we just got a regler swat on the but but we got bare but a lot!

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no I was never spanked growing up I had the best parents and family anyone could wish for

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Yeah sure, I was born in 72 in the north of England and when I was cheeky or unruly or fighting with my brother my mum would send me (or him) up to our room with the instruction to "pull your pants down!". And there we would have to wait bare bottomed, which was by far the worst part, while she went to her room and fetched my dad's heavy leather belt. I remember her sentencing me to 10 strokes as I kept mucking around when shopping when I was about 7. I remeber pleading, which I think was part of the reason the sentence went up! She would also threaten to pull our pants down when we were out in public, a threat she carried out only once after swimming, and I was smacked on my bare bum in front of all our nextdoor neighbours,(3 families) who were all social workers! Just shows how things have changed!
On balance, as I now have a kid and at times it may be tempting for disciplinary reasons, I think it is probably not as useful as people like to think in the long term (short term fear and silence you may get) kids tend to be somewhat similar to their parents, whether spanked opr not. I don't hold it against my mum, and in fact when young, bizarre as it seems but I've heard it before, we felt 'secure and loved', and I was overall very happy as I am now.

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I was a young teen in 1970 and I had been spanked only rarely up until then. I told my mom to "go dry up" one day. She spanked my bare bottom for that and it was the beginning of spanking me when I showed disrespect or attitude.

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Yes I also grew up in the North of England in the 70s and I was frequently spanked with either a hairbrush or carpet slipper on my bare bottom for the same reasons as the last poster.Also I can relate to the account of being threatened to have my pants pulled down in public(it was not unusual )although it never happened, until I got home.But in the context of the times it was a common occurance and accepted.Often I would call round to a friends after school to play only to find him in bed after a spanking or en route.The reverse was also true when friends visited me.

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I grew up in the sixties and seventies, and never EVER got spanked. I think my mother slapped my arm once. It was more annoying than anything else.

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I grew up in the 70's and early 80's and yes I was spanked a few times by my mother.

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Not in the 70's in the 80's, my (adopted) Dad spanked me (ALWAYS done "bare bottom") and he also had another way that didn't need spanking-but guaranteed an extremely sore bottom!. Like someone else said he would tell me to go up to my bedroom and lay on my tummy baring my bottom!, I did but was always crying knowing what was coming up!, only when he first adopted me I knew nothing of discipline and just did it wondering-I soon found out Dad was punishing me. But he would take a small piece of sandpaper and rub my bottom, hard, for about 30 seconds, it didn't hurt much as he was doing it but by the time he had finished my poor bottom was red raw and burning!!. Then I stood in a corner hands on my head-bottom on fire!!. After half an hour Dad offered cream (which was SO SO embarrassing-my Dad giving my bare bottom a good old rub with cream)!!! but I NEVER said no-ANYTHING to ease the stinging!, infact I often said "Dad please give it a REALLY good rub an extra rub it's soo sore"!!-you can bet my face was as red as my bottom!!. Although my bum was sore for a week afterwards.Once we were staying in his boat and some kids saw him rubbing my bottom with the cream!!, they laughed and said "her Dad rubs her naked bum"!! but I stayed still and was good while he did it (didn't want to go out though)!. Then a cuddle (I loved him)..followed him everywhere!, I obeyed him and it worked a treat.

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I grew up in the seventies & used to get a hand spanking on my bare bottom from my mum when I was naughty , when I was very naughty I used to get the slipper or hairbrush over my trousers, I also got the slipper at school but was never caned. if my friends called for me after I had just been given a spanking, my mum used to send them away saying that I couldn't come out because I was "in disgrace".

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I grew up in the 70s and got the wooden spoon applied to my bare bottom a few times. I still say standing in the corner with a bright red bottom on display was worse than the spanking

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