Why does the sound not play when i watch a video from the net.on my comp.?

Other wise i can play music or run a DVD< then there is no problem with the sound.

Answer #1

could be the format of the video…you might need to download VLC player

Answer #2

ok try this

Copy this text into notepad (starting with Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00, ending with “aux3”=”wdmaud.drv”) and save it to your desktop using the name “missing.reg”:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32] “midimapper”=”midimap.dll” “msacm.imaadpcm”=”imaadp32.acm” “msacm.msadpcm”=”msadp32.acm” “msacm.msg711”=”msg711.acm” “msacm.msgsm610”=”msgsm32.acm” “msacm.trspch”=”tssoft32.acm” “vidc.cvid”=”iccvid.dll” “VIDC.I420”=”i420vfw.dll” “vidc.iv31”=”ir32_32.dll” “vidc.iv32”=”ir32_32.dll” “vidc.iv41”=”ir41_32.ax” “VIDC.IYUV”=”iyuv_32.dll” “vidc.mrle”=”msrle32.dll” “vidc.msvc”=”msvidc32.dll” “VIDC.YVYU”=”msyuv.dll” “wavemapper”=”msacm32.drv” “msacm.msg723”=”msg723.acm” “vidc.M263”=”msh263.drv” “vidc.M261”=”msh261.drv” “msacm.msaudio1”=”msaud32.acm” “msacm.sl_anet”=”sl_anet.acm” “msacm.iac2”=”C:\WINDOWS\system32\iac25_32.ax” “vidc.iv50”=”ir50_32.dll” “wave”=”wdmaud.drv” “midi”=”wdmaud.drv” “mixer”=”wdmaud.drv” “VIDC.WMV3”=”wmv9vcm.dll” “VIDC.VP40”=”vp4vfw.dll” “msacm.voxacm160”=”vct3216.acm” “MSVideo”=”vfwwdm32.dll” “MSVideo8”=”VfWWDM32.dll” “wave1”=”wdmaud.drv” “midi1”=”wdmaud.drv” “mixer1”=”wdmaud.drv” “aux”=”wdmaud.drv” “vidc.VP70”=”vp7vfw.dll” “vidc.X264”=”x264vfw.dll” “VIDC.FPS1”=”frapsvid.dll” “vidc.VP60”=”vp6vfw.dll” “vidc.VP61”=”vp6vfw.dll” “vidc.VP62”=”vp6vfw.dll” “vidc.DIVX”=”DivX.dll” “VIDC.UYVY”=”msyuv.dll” “VIDC.YUY2”=”msyuv.dll” “VIDC.YVU9”=”tsbyuv.dll” “VIDC.DRAW”=”DVIDEO.DLL” “VIDC.YV12”=”yv12vfw.dll” “wave2”=”wdmaud.drv” “midi2”=”wdmaud.drv” “mixer2”=”wdmaud.drv” “aux1”=”wdmaud.drv” “wave3”=”wdmaud.drv” “midi3”=”wdmaud.drv” “mixer3”=”wdmaud.drv” “aux2”=”wdmaud.drv” “VIDC.MSUD”=”msulvc05.dll” “wave4”=”wdmaud.drv” “midi4”=”wdmaud.drv” “mixer4”=”wdmaud.drv” “aux3”=”wdmaud.drv”

After saving the file, go to START > RUN > and type ‘regedit’ and then click OK In the registry, select FILE > IMPORT and select the “missing.reg” file from your desktop You should get a confirmation that it was imported successfully.

This is an instant fix … your speakers should now work for web sounds, no reboot required.

Answer #3

if this does not work

if you are watching a video that is on the internet i.e. a video on YouTube.com then vlc player will do nothing, if you have recently installed QuickTime which comes with iTunes:follow these steps if not skip these 4 steps1: Un-install QuickTime to remove QuickTime and its plugins.2: Test and verify that your browsers can play back sound like they did before you had installed QuickTime.If sound playback was not restored properly, re-install the appropriate plugin for sound control for the browsers.3: Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers on the PC use the Window’s system settings for the playback of sound. Refer to Microsoft Window’s documentation for further assistance on how resolve this issue.4: Re-install QuickTime, but this time don’t install the plugins for your browser during the QuickTime installation process.THIS IS IF YOU SOUND IS STILL NOT WORKING AFTER THE ABOVE STEPS OR IF YOU SKIPPED THOSE STEPStry installing the newest version of adobe flash player,

Answer #4

Thanks a ton .Will try it out

Answer #5

Thanks a lot . Will try .

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