How is sophomore year in high school?

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I didn't havea sophmore year. but im guessing that it was like everyother highschool year.

most sophmores dont have their licenses, a job (which leaves you with no money) and you still have to go to school full time.

the only good thing about sophmore year is that your not a freshman. haa.
have fun with that.

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mine was really hard because I took way too many ap/advanced classes. so don't stress yourself out too much.
its nice cause you aren't a freshman but it sucks because you're still an underclassmen.
I don't know, its hard to explain it...

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my sophomore year was a lot better than my freshman year. Focus on school and your grades a lot. This is the time to start thinking about colleges or what you are going to do after high school. Maybe do some volunteer work and participate in activities. they will look really good for college. Enjoy yourself but work hard.

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not much different than freshman year

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Sophmore year is better than freshman year, but if you go to an all girl's school like me , its still hell! lol Its knida funny tho because everyone gets inttoo a fght with one another every day, and everyone talks about one another and one day two girls are best friends and the next day one of the girls who are best friens befriends the girll that her and her exbestfriend hated and always talked about! I just sit in the sidelines and laugh! I dont get into drama. These girls are so PETTY its unbelievable!

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Going into your sophomore year in High school doesn't seem so bad.
I can remember when I was in High School, I had my moments where I didn't want to go on into my sophmore year. I made it though. Once you get into your sophomore year, things should be a bit more easier it all depends.
Don't worry, if you do all your homework, and keep on top of things, I think you'll do good. You'll pass too.

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Well I think it depends on how you take it. Mine was GREAT! But this is also the year you want to start doing more activities and making sure grades are UP high... usually colleges and universities look back till 10th grade sometimes even 7th grade ... have fun, but remember what your priorities are!

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Well its not as good as being a senior but its better than being a freshman.

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