Songs to play during powerpoint presentation at funeral for a mom

I am looking for some great songs to play with a power point presentation of pictures of my mom's life. I want songs that are thoughtful and speak of how we love our mom. She is still alive but I am working on this so that I have a great presentation to honor her memory when she does pass.

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"A Song For Mama" by Boys II Men. It's a beautiful song.

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Amanda Perez is a beautiful singer...
You need a voice people can identify with, but not know the song too well...this way they can stay in the moment of the presentation and not get carried away with the song.

Also they won't tear up as much if they hear it again if it's a popular song.

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I have family in the military and we went to a presentation for military families and they showed a powerpoint for the people who lost their loved ones over seas, and they played the song
One More Day With You-Diamond Rio
This song makes me cry every time I hear it, and it is a good song, saying what I would if I had just one more time with that person, hope you like.

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The sound of silence - simon and garfunkle. if you wanna be sombre that is if its more like an optimistic rememberence of your mum pick her favourite song :)

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Brad paisley "when I get where im going" song always makes me cry!
kenny chesney "who youd be today"
Alan jackson "remember when"
Lifehouse "everything"
Amanda perez " I pray"
celine dion "my heart will go on"

Beware Have a box of tissues on hand!!!( I've lost a lot of people in my life)

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I learned from you-miley cyrus
break away-kelly clarkson
amazing grace
2 of her favorite songs
hope this was helpful and good luck.

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Well, wou won't find a song that says that moms are perfect and that you love them but here are a few choices...


2. I'M YOURS by jason mraz ( perfect song)

3.Butterfly by miley cyrus ( talks about how parents help you through life).

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