Songs to make me cry

does anyone know of some really sad songs?? what are the titles?

Answer #1

I like this song. its kinda sad in a way.
Hold On-Good Charlotte and also Emotionless- Good Charlotte

let me know if there sad. I think they r

Answer #2

Hmm, I don’t know if your into country but this song called “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride tells a story about a little girl who gets abused. It always gets me teary :(..

Answer #3

Heres the words to the song that Steph just suggested. I plan to download this one myself:

Amanda Wilkinson It’s Okay To Cry Lyrics Somewhere along the way we tough to keep it all together, We mask the pain we feel inside, to make everyone else feel better, You wrap your arms around yourself and bury all your sorrow, You can’t hide from your emotions baby, they’ll still be here tomorrow, If your heart won’t let it flow, I want you to know,

Chorus It’s okay to cry (Everybody’s gotta hurt sometime) Let those tear drops fly (Don’t even try to dry your eye) Don’t keep it all inside (In the mornin’ it’ll be alright) It’s okay to cry

First you gotta fall apart to pick up all the pieces, If you don’t learn to let it go, the pain inside increases, It takes more strength to hold it in then to give in and surrender, why’s the first thing that we learn, the last thing we remember? Baby, tears don’t make you weak, If I could only make you see,

Chorus It’s okay to cry (Everybody’s gotta hurt sometime) Let those tear drops fly (Don’t even try to dry your eye) Don’t keep it all inside (In the mornin’ it’ll be alright) It’s okay to cry

It ain’t nothing at all Sometimes you gotta break down and let ‘em fall, Baby that’s true

Ohhh It’s okay to cry (Everybody’s gotta hurt sometime) Let those teardrops fly(Don’t even try to dry your eye) Don’t keep it all inside (In the mornin’ it’ll be alright) It’s okay to cry

It’s okay to cry Ohhh

Answer #4

ahh I know some. lemme just browse through my itunes.

rightt. here we go.

3 doors down - here without you sum 41 - pieces coldplay - fix you mary j blidge - be without you sugababes - too lost in you snow patrol - chasing cars (natasha bedingfield also did a live cover. its really sad) snow patrol - run simple plan - perfect sick puppies - all the same rihanna - a million miles away R. Kelly - if I could turn back the hands of time pink - just like a pill linkin park - numb kelly clarkson - because of you kelly rowland - stole james morrison - the pieces dont fit anymore james blunt - goodbye my lover hoobastank - the reason gwen stefani - early winter greenday - wake me up when september ends girls aloud - whole lotta history funeral for a friend - walk away the fray - how to save a life evanescence - my immortal eva cassidy - fields of gold enrique iglesias - hero p.diddy & faith evans - ill be missing you celine dion - my heart will go on cascada - what hurts the most (but theres a better version by rascall flatts) bon jovi - always Blibk 182 - I miss you papa roach - scars Nsync - this I promise you nickelback - photograph natasha bedingfield - soulmate Natalie Imbruglia - torn Mcfly - not alone avril lavigne - nobodys home.

hope they’re alright :)


Answer #5

The following are my all time favourites. All fantastic tunes with wonderful words.

Search for them on Google and add the word lyrics to your search. You should find the words easy:

Eric Clapton - River of Tears

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

Bobby Goldsboro - Honey

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue

Hazel O’ Connor - Will You

Jim Diamond - I Should Have Known Better

Leo Sayer - I Can’t Stop Loving You

Manhattans - Hurt

Miss Saigon - Soul Played On A Solo Saxaphone

Odyssey - If You’re Looking For A Way Out

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

Rod Stewart - I Dont Want To Talk About It

Rod Stewart - Still Love You

Rod Stewart - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Rose Royce - Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Roxy Music - Jealous Guy

Thin Lizzy - Still In Love With You (Live)

Answer #6

beautiful234… Martina McBride would be amazing at that song for sure. But its from Carrie Underwood. :) Very good song.

Answer #7

concreate angles - so sad

Answer #8

Jesus Take The Wheel- I think its by Martina McBride. anybody correct me if im wrong please

Answer #9

“Its okay to cry” by “Amanda Wilkinson” It makes me cry every time, download it.

Answer #10

thank you everyone! and yes I have concrete angel already and it is my #1 favorite song! its sooo sad:( <3

Answer #11

hundred-the fray how to save a life-the fray look after you- the fray change- tracy chapman

Answer #12

What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts I cried when I watched the video, so sad

Answer #13

Mcfly-Walk in the sun

Answer #14

Daddys Little Girl - DJ Boonie.;;x Made Meh Cry When I Heard iit.;;x Also Try Beautiful Soul - Jessy McCartney.;;x Add Meh As A Friend iif Yuuh Want.;;x xox

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