What are some good songs to cry to?

This might seem like an odd question, but…have any of you ever just had a really bad day and all you feel like doing is crying? Well, that’s how I feel right now, and I was just wondering if any of you had any good sad songs to cry to. I hope I don’t seem like too much of a baby for asking :P

Answer #1

The power of your love.

It has some lyrics that goes:

Lord, i come to know
the weaknesses i see in me
will be stripped away 
by the power of your love...
Answer #2

“Hurt” - Nine Inch Nails

Answer #3

the song that makes me cry is by Christina Aguilera ‘The Voice Within’ or ‘Hurt’ cause I think of my best friends

heres the music videos

HURT= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbcltLf2VHo&feature=related

THE VOICE WITHIN= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWixUIMTjYc

Answer #4

“You’ve had a bad day, you’ve taken one dow, just sing a sad song and turn it around” You’ve had a bad day. I LOVE THAT SONG. plus, those lyrics said it all.

Answer #5

Tupac Shakur-Dear Mama Bone Thugs-n-Harmony:Tha Crossroads Aaliyah-listen to all of them (she died and you’re going to cry to any song,especially 4 page letter) Big L- ( he died ) Holdin’ it down [he died violently] Basically any person that died, their songs would make you cry just remembering them. Bizzy Bone-Father Bizzy Bone-I understand Lol, I know it’s only about songs but I had to include this : the movie Jacked up with bizzy bone..it’s real sad. Selena-If i could fall in love NAS-undying love

Listen, It’s not about the songs…it’s when hearing the songs you remember something in the past or what would happen to you…i know i am confusing but i hope you get what i mean…! And plus any dead singers/rappers you remember while hearing the song would make you cry because they died in a violent way and had their lives taken away.

Answer #6

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence Cancer - My Chemical Romance Alyssa Lies - Jason Michael Carrol (http://www.hit-country-music-lyrics.com/Jason-Michael-Carrol-Alyssa-Lies-Lyrics.html)

Answer #7

angel- amanda perez never- amanda perez one more try- stevie b dont take the girl- tim mc graw heaven- dj sammy (slow version) i can love you like that- john michael montgomery

Answer #8

alyssa lies. i don’t know who its by. traveling soldier by the dixie chicks

baisically anything country. haha. :)

Answer #9

james blunt - bad day!!

Answer #10

I don’t know about songs but a good crying movie is City of Angels w/ Nicolas Cage. I promise you will be balling your eyes out in the closing credits but the movie is excellent.

Answer #11

run by snow patrol brings a tear to my eye wherever you will go by the calling weakness in me by keisha white

Answer #12

pens and needles hawthorne hights here are som ltrics

“and I all I had was a memory of what was so lets pretend it never materd to us

Answer #13

try Angel by Sarah McLachlan youve probably heard some of it from a commercial, its the one that is trying to get you to donate to the A.S.P.C.A. of New York City, it starts out like this `In the arms of the angel, farrr awaaay from here, from this dark cold hotel room and the ends so close and near, yeah that one, hope you cry, I don`t mean that in a mean way I justymeant it like you said you wanted to cry and trust me, once you listen to it over and over and think of those poor animals then you will. good luck!

Answer #14

“Apologize” by timberland

Answer #15

one last try by brain mcknight its not over chris daughtry heaven Journey savin me nickleback rest in pieces saliva eyes of the heart india arie

Answer #16

hallelujah - rufus wainwright evanescence - my immortal snow patrol - chasing cars vertical horizon - im still here linkin park - shadow the the day

Answer #17

This song makes me cry only because I have lost a son when he was 3 months old and my brother when he was 26.

Who You’d Be Today by Kenny Chesney

Answer #18

Well I know a few old songs whhich have made me cry in the past, Aerosmith - Don’t wanna miss a thing Guns n Roses - Don’t cry Guns n Roses - November rain (It could be the video what upsets me though) My Chemical Romance - Cancer (It’s rock but the lyrics will make you cry if you listen) Aerosmith - Cryin’ Bon Jovi - Always Hope these are good enough lol! Everyone needs to let it out somtime or another!

Answer #19

Graduation - Vitamin C Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton (written when his 4 year old son died)

Answer #20

That’s not the right lyrics, but they’re similar

Answer #21

breathe me- sia hurt- nine inch nails dirty and left out- the almost remembering sunday- all time low

Answer #22

rihanna - cry how to save a life - the fray

i no how u feel, its good to let it out sumtims!

Answer #23

i suppose it depends on the situation & everything

but the song i always end up crying to is broken by evanescence (feat. seether)

Answer #24

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis Rihanna - Cry Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger

Answer #25

crazy by willie nelson…

trust me

Answer #26

REM - Everybody Hurts :( Hope you’re feeling better by now

Answer #27

‘iris’ by hawthorne heights (this one is probably the best) ‘bad’ day by daniel powter ‘hurt’ by christina agularia ‘face down’ by red jumpsuit apparatus

Answer #28

in the floor of heaven- ?(don’t know who sings it) little girl- john michel montgomry whiskey luliby- brad pasely/ alison krouse you- evenescance like you -evenescance lithem- evenescance hope these songs help u

Answer #29

Quincy Jones-The Secret Garden.. IT IS THE GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN!!!

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