What are songs that make you cry?

hey ! can anyone recommend songs that would make you cry.. mainly around the idea of being hurt, heartbroken or confused.


  • wait for you , elliot yammin
  • lois , sierra montana
  • lips of an angel , hinder etc etc

thanks heaps!

Answer #1

~what hurts the most ~one step at a time

Answer #2

I’m not sure if your into emocore stuff but these will def make you cry!

not good enough for truth in cliche - escape the fate the ransom - escape the fate there’s a fine line between love and hate - blessthefall well this isnt emocore but its sorta I guess welcome to the black parade-the beginning part-my chemical romance I hope you cry a lot LOL

Answer #3

On youtube they have this video of Ian Moss performing the song “Pretty Face” live, 1990. I can not listen to that without crying. Some other songs that make me cry are “When the War is Over” by Cold Chisel and some songs that are by Prince.

Answer #4

Keith urban- Tonight I want to cry

Answer #5

I’ve watched a few music videos that I thought were sad. Here they are:

Enrique Iglesias - Hero Britney Spears - Everytime Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends Phil Collins - You’ll Be In My Heart (from Disney’s Tarzan) Snow Patrol - Run (the music is more sad than the music video) Usher - Burn

Also, the music from Braveheart was a bit sad (unless it’s the dance version) and the song Everything I Do (I Do It For You) from a Robin Hood film is a bit sad too (but not the dance version).

Answer #6

Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Secret - Greeley Estates

Answer #7

I didn’t cry about it, but I’m not a normal person so here you go.

You Never Know- Immortal Technique

Answer #8

Top Of The World- Dixie Chicks (THE sad song) Let Go- Britney Spears (Beautiful…it comes right from her heart.) Gravedigger- Willie Nelson A lot of Dolly Parton songs Cold As you- Taylor Swift Diamond Ring- Sheryl Crow Picture- Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock Single father-Kid rock

Answer #9

fix you by cold play is a really hurtful song 4 me, as I went 2 my best m8s brothers funeral and he was only 7!! and that song was playing!! so yer thats a really sad song 4 me an makes me cry every time I hear it!!

Answer #10

um I don’t know if these make you cry but I listen to these when im sad

Risen-Shadows fall (Acoustic no words, but very pretty) Falling In Love in a Coffee Shop-Landon Pigg Boy Brushed Red Living in black and white-Underoath My Heroine (Acoustic)-Silverstein Cat and Mouse-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus What Hurts the Most-Rascal Flatts Oxygen-Eyes Set to Kill

Answer #11

skin/ sarabeth— rascal flatts just want to be close—avant how can I help you to say goodbye—patty loveless the love song—jeff bates invisible—taylor swift daddys little girl—frankie j

Answer #12

more time- NeedToBreathe I’ll love you till the end- The Pogues

Those two made me cry mostly because it was on P.S. I Love you…thats such a sad movie, have you seen it?

Answer #13

Hello-Evanescence The first time I heard it was a little after my mom’s funeral.

Answer #14

Hello-Evanescence The first time I heard it was a little after my mom’s funeral.

Answer #15

well to me the titanic theme song…the story of jak and rose is so like heart breaking and the theme song is so sad…its by celien dion(sry if wrong spelling)- my heart will go on

Answer #16

Watching Over Me by Iced Earth… The song is about the death of the song writers friend.

Answer #17

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day What Went Wrong - Blink 182 Say Anything - Good Charlotte The Scientist - Coldplay When We Die - Bowling For Soup Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt Acoustic #3 - Goo Goo Dolls Michael Andrews and Gary Jules - Mad World

Answer #18

keep holding on- avril lavigne

Answer #19

I dont want to miss a thing - aerosmith I miss you - miley Cyrus

Answer #20

theres one by fort minor I dont remember what its called lol

Answer #21

My wish by rascle flatts

Answer #22

Like You by Evanescence. That makes me so sad because it reminds me of my sister’s that died. Just listen to it.

Answer #23

well it might be kinda weirdd but the song Big Girls Dont Cry by fergie

Answer #24

Dream.Love.Cure - Luke Pickett.

Answer #25

Zoey Jane - Staind.

I cried everytime I listened to it, until I was about 10.

Answer #26

when your gone and iris.

Answer #27

ever the same - rob thomas :(

Answer #28

close to the flame & one last time : HIM

Answer #29

heaven sent- keshia cole

Answer #30

taerdrops on my gutair by taylor swift

Answer #31

Even though it’s not supposed to be a sad song, it always gets me…The Luckiest by Ben Folds

  • Vienna, Look After You, and Heaven Forbid by the Fray
  • Linger by the Cranberries (not sad, but the lyrics are about heartbreak for the most part)
  • I’ll have to get back to you on this lol
Answer #32

Umm…a song that I cant listen to without crying is: when your gone- Avril Lavigne Why do you want song that can make you cry?

Answer #33

Well you’re probably not into emo or screamo but I would have to say a good one is Blessthefall - There’s A Fine Line Between Love And Hate… and I think some Escape The Fate songs are good… ummm… Dashboard Confessionals - Screaming Infidelities… just a few I have cried to…

Answer #34

If you want a song that makes you feel happy inside, then try “Wild Child” by Enya.

Answer #35

teardrops on my guitar- taylor swift who you’d be today- kenny chesney

the 2ed 1 is a REALLY sad song. it’s thinkin about someone who died and you thought it was 2 soon, and wondering what they would be like 2day…

Answer #36

Over and Over Again- Nelly and Tim McGraw Have You Ever- Brandy

Answer #37

Ron pope a drop in the ocean Damien rice 9 crimes

Answer #38

holes in the floor of heaven by collin ray hurt by johnny cash I miss my friend by im not sure who and anything by the veils

Answer #39

Guardian Angel-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Answer #40

If we were a movie by Hannah Montana

Answer #41

thanks for the songs! . =] aww I just rekn those type of songs are good for when you jus want to lie down and not worry about anything. =]

Answer #42

linger by the cranberries hero/heroine by boys like girls we may never pass this way again by seals and croft behind blue eyes by the who

these are prettty sad.

Answer #43

Emtee by Otep Out of my hands - Dave Matthews Band

Answer #44

the song better in tme by leiona lewis makes me cry

Answer #45

My Little Girl– Tim McGraw I danced with my mom to this song on my 16th b-day; it was pretty emotionl Goodbye My Lover– James Blunt

Answer #46


Answer #47

Enrique Inglesias-Do You Know

Answer #48

Miserable at best- mayday parade someone wake me up- veronicas For you I will -teddy geiger When I’m with you- faber drive who wants to live forever

Answer #49

titanic’s song by celine dion here I am by brian adamas everything I DO -brian adams when you look me in the eyes-jonas brothers

Answer #50

where’d you go my fort minor and when I’m gone by eminem

Answer #51

When I’m With You - Faber Drive thats me and my lovers song I know you will like it its the best song ever and its sad :( but its really nice :)

Answer #52

my heart will go on by celien dion its in the movie titanic which is like my favorite movie of all time

when your gone by avril lavigne

and for some reason the song better in time by leona lewis (srry about the spelling)

Answer #53

Everytime we touch (slow remix) -casada

first time I listened to it I burst out crying ! lol

Answer #54

Hear you me - jimmy eat world:) let me know if you like it. makes me cry all the time.

Answer #55

ever the same - rob thomas

Answer #56

arms of an angel - sarah mclauklan (can’t spell her name!) when september ends - Greenday Graduation- Vitamin C

Answer #57

Take care and Testing the strong ones by Copeland

Answer #58

write you a song- plain white t’s =]

Answer #59

hurt- johnny cash cancer- my chemical romance

Answer #60

how do you get that lonely- blaine larsen.

its about suicide.

Answer #61

it’s not more of a song but it’s the ending tune at the end of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Answer #62

‘Cloudbusting’, ‘Running Up That Hill, ‘Sensual World’, ‘This Woman’s Work’ and ‘Hounds Of Love’ all by Kate Bush. :’(

Answer #63

aww yeh I watched the video. it is sadd. and the song is goood . though a person I liked never died.. I listen to it and daydream about this guy that I have lost. =]

Answer #64

Breathe Me - Sia

It’s about self-harm and incredibly sad. =/

Answer #65

It ends tonight by all american rejects is pretty sad.. doesn’t follow your criteria though but still good song.

Answer #66

Run by snow patrol made me cry soo much when I first heard it :)

Answer #67

Broken by lindsey haun

Answer #68

actually…The first time I heard Boy And The Ghost by Tarja, I almost freakin’ cried.

Answer #69

sorry, again, I remebered another 1 that’s really good Why- Jason Aldean

Answer #70

I like ‘Without You’ by Mariah Carey.

Answer #71

What if by Kate Winslet

Answer #72

nobody’s home by avril lavinge

Answer #73


Answer #74

Perfect- simple plan slipknot songs Wake me up when september ends- green day

Answer #75

dancing with the devil

saddest song ever

Answer #76

Hallelujah - by Jeff Buckley - it gets me every time.

Answer #77

A Little Bit Longer by Nick Jonas ^I’m hypoglycemic so I can relate to how he feels

Answer #78

and dont blink—kenny chesney thats why im here—kenny chesney there goes my life—kenny chesney

Answer #79

oh I just remembered, With Me- Sum 41

Answer #80

belive-brookes and dunn

Answer #81

it’s not more of a song but it’s the ending tune at the end of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Answer #82

mcfly-walk in the sun Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses

Answer #83

perfect by some guy I dont know hahaha

Answer #84

I dont know who sings it but itz called perfect

Answer #85

courage by superchickk


Answer #86

gaurdian angel- red jumpsuit apparatus true romance- silverstein

Answer #87

self-conclusion by the spill canvas

Answer #88

self-conclusion by the spill canvas

Answer #89

what sarah said - death cab for cutie

Answer #90

omg I love the song untitled by simple plan. It made me cry my friggen eyes out!!

Answer #91

it’s not more of a song but it’s the ending tune at the end of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Answer #92

yea I played “ every step you take “ by p diddy at my dads funeral and that broke me and that doesn’t happen much lol

Answer #93

the song “Don’t stop believing” sung by eric dover makes me think of this guy I had a crush on over the summer at camp, then he went back to Germany, and now I can see him because he s spending a little time in America.

Answer #94

the ransom—escape the fate not good enough for truth in cliche—escape the fate pray—blessthefall

I hope it makes you cry a lot!!! just kidding LOL

Answer #95

Billy Vera & The Beaters - At This Moment

My parents’ wedding song. They are divorced now.

Answer #96

the song iris by the googoo dolls always makes me cry theres also a few more I forgot I’ll get back to you on that.

Answer #97

Vindicated-Dashboard Confessional Welcome to my life -Simple Plan Iris-Goo Goo Dolls Beautiful-Christina Agularia (sp sorry) Welcome to the black parade - My chemical Romance Hold on-Good Charlotte yeah just a few…actully quite a lot of dashboard confesional made me cry :(

Answer #98

I know it sounds stupid, but I cry whenever I hear ‘Puff the magic dragon’. Don’t laugh.

Answer #99

When I’m With You - Faber Drive I dont want to miss a thing - aerosmith

titanic’s song by celine dion

Answer #100

vindicated- dashboard confessional hold on- good charlotte keep holding on- avril lavigne hurt- nine inch nails

Answer #101

the song that makes me cry is by Christina Aguilera “The Voice Within” or “Hurt” cause I think of my best friends

heres the music videos

HURT= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbcltLf2VHo&feature=related

THE VOICE WITHIN= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWixUIMTjYc

Answer #102

The Impossible by Joe Nichols is a sad song, too…There are so many and so many good ones have been mentioned already.

I love a good cry song, too. Ones that grab you by the heart and don’t let go…Nothing feels quite like that when you are feeling low.

Answer #103

I MISS YOU- Miley Cyrus Cold as you-Taylor Swift Mary’s song-Taylor Swift Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood Ready set, don’t go(ft. Miely Cyrus)-Billy Ray Cyrus If everyone cared-Nickelback

Answer #104

It doesnt make me cry, but it makes me think of people who have lied to me, the song one of us from the lion king II especially the verse

Born in grief Raised in hate Helpless to defy his fate Let him run Let him live But do not forget what we cannot forgive

And he is not one of us He has never been one of us He is not part of us Not our kind

Someone once lied to us Now we’re not so blind For we knew he would do what he’s done And we know that he’ll never be one of us

Answer #105

Muse - Invincible Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah Saving Me - NickleBack How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead R.E.M - Everybody Hurts Saturday Night - The Misfits When I’m in a sad mood, anything coldplay

Answer #106

Green Day- wake me up when september ends The Killers- Mr. Brightside (that ones weird I dont no why I makes me cry) Good Charlotte- Say anything 30 seconds to mars- The story Hawthornne Heights- Ohio Is for lovers My Chemical Romance- Cancer Billy Talent- nothing to lose

Answer #107

This song makes me bawl my eyes out… it is country, so if that’s not your thing then you should still just listen to the words…it is a true tear jerker

This song by Jason Michael Carrol

Alyssa Lies

My little girl met a new friend, just the other day, on the playground at school between the tires and the swings

But she came home with tear-filled eyes, and she said to me “Daddy, Alyssa lies”

Well I just brushed it off at first, ‘cause I didn’t know how much my little girl had been hurt or the things she had seen. I wasn’t ready when I said “You can tell me”

and she said…

“Alyssa lies to the classroom, Alyssa lies everyday at school, Alyssa lies to the teachers as she tries to cover every bruise”

My little girl laid her head down that night to go to sleep. As I stepped out the room, I heard her say a prayer so soft and sweet “God bless my mom and my Dad and my new friend, Alyssa ohI know she needs you bad

Because Alyssa lies to the classroom, Alyssa lies everyday at school, Alyssa lies to the teachers as she tries to cover every bruise”


I had the worst night of sleep in years as I tried to think of a way to calm her fears I knew just what it was I had to do I knew exactly what I had to do but when we got to school on Monday I heard the news

My little girl asked me why everybody looked so sad the lump in my throat grew bigger with every question that she asked. Until I felt the tears run down my face and I told her that Alyssa wouldn’t be at school today

‘Cause she doesn’t lie in the classroom she doesn’t lie anymore at school Alyssa lies with Jesus because there’s nothin’ anyone would do

Tears filled my eyes when my little girl asked me why Alyssa lies Oh Daddy, oh Daddy tell me why Alyssa lies


This has the song playing and the lyrics

Answer #108

dj sammy - Heaven (slow version) ~ it makes me cry so badly, probably cause I sang it at my uncle’s funeral… another is, Luther Vanddross - Dance With My Father Again ~ because my cousin sang the song in memories of her dad.

a song that hits me bad is also 1st ladi - Missing you

Answer #109

“Andvari” by Sigur Ros. I cried for about 40 minutes after listening andi have NOOO idea why haha. It is probably the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. (you have to wait towards the end when the violins come in oh dear lord that really got to me.)

Answer #110

The songs that make me cry are David Cook’s version of Always be my baby, and Sum 41’s With Me. With Me makes me cry mostly because I saw a tribute to David Cook video on youtube, and it was really sad. lol A few more songs are Avril Lavignes When Your Gone and Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on my Guitar, Kenny Chesney’s There Goes My Life, and Graham Colton’s Best Days.

Answer #111

Eva-Nightwish What Kind Of Love-Avantasia Are You The One-Within Temptation

Answer #112


                    by RBD

is such a cute song , probably the best love song I’ve ever heard..

Answer #113


                    by RBD

is such a cute song , probably the best love song I’ve ever heard..

Answer #114

concrete angel and god’s will by martina mcbride, who knew by pink, and probably wouldn’t be this way by leann rimes. Those songs are all tear-jerkers to me, and cheezerrules31 is right, watch the videos!

Answer #115

Cry- by Rihanna. Another Try-Josh Turner and Trisha Yearwood. I cry every single time.

Answer #116

so long, goodbye - 10 years photograph - 10 years I don’t care - apocalyptica f/ adam gontier somebody else’s arms - armor for sleep I miss you - aaliyah what hurts the most - monica icebox - omarion everything - buckcherry tears don’t fall - bullet for my valentine december - collective soul invincible - crossfade blue eyes blue - eric clapton sometimes - grey daze falls apart - hurt to myself I turned - lacuna coil my december - linkin park won’t go home without you - maroon 5 wonderwall - oasis more time - needtobreathe last request - paolo nutini forever - papa roach we are broken - paramore here with me - plumb driven under - seether all the same - sick puppies vermilion, pt.2 - slipknot silhouettes - smile empty soul for you - staind since you’ve been gone - theory of a deadman fast car - tracy chapman swans - unkle bob fall to pieces - velvet revolver through glass - stone sour

Answer #117

Hello, by Evanescence Broken, By Seether (Feat. Amy Lee) The Last Song I’m Wasting on You, by Evanescence I Won’t See You Tonight (Part 1), by Avenged Sevenfold part 2 is like…death metal Seize The Day, by Avenged Sevenfold Warmness On The Soul, by Avenged Sevenfold Give Unto Me, by Evanescence The End, by Bullet For My Valentine

*Sry they’re outta order I just typed them as I thought of ‘em

Answer #118

For some reason that Chris Dautrey song feels like tonight makes me cry… And weirdly any song that has a slow beat,I mean it wont even have to be sad and if its slow I’ll cry!!!((I no that’s weird))

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