What recent songs can i use for a lip-dub with my graduating high school class?

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alive by the green

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I like it like that-Hot Chelle Rae ft New Boyz, Pumped up kicks- Foster the people, Young, wild and free- Wiz Khalifa ft Snoop Dogg, domino-Jessie J.

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don't do pumped up kicks... the song is about a kid who wants to shoot his enemies so that would be kinda inappropriate...
i believe foster the people said it was about a shooting that happened in a school and they're singing from the shooter's point of view instead of the victim.

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i know, its just a catchy song. just because its about literally shooting kids with pumped up kicks doesnt mean they cant do it.

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No, it doesn't. But a song for graduation should be happy and not related to shooting people hahaha.
Get Low by the ring yang twins is catchy, but I don't think they should do that.... hahaha

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