What songs make you happy or bring a smile to your face?

Everyone has songs that have special meanings to them. What are some of yours? (Stories attached to the songs welcome!)

Answer #1

Soul Sister - Train Mine - Taylor Swift Speak Now - Taylor Swift Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

I have a lot more but for some reason i cant think of them ):

Answer #2

Listening to Taylor Swift mainly gets a smile on my face. Her awesome music is that type happiness music to me. SlipKnot is mainly there to pump me up or wake me up.

Answer #3

the ultimate orgy xD that song is fing halarious~!

Answer #4

beer, by real big fish. asylum by disturbed. sinners prayer by sully Erna. die hard by guyz night. hard to be by David bazan. traffic light by the ting tings. east bay night by rancid. djs by sublime.

Answer #5

Like a G6!!!!!!!! or Bottoms up.

Answer #6

Songs that I tie to particular people make me smile. Or songs with memories with said people.

Answer #7

Any particular songs come to mind? If you dont mind sharing.

Answer #8

Dancing in the moonlight, I have no idea why but this song is like my weakness.

Calling you by blue october, my boyfriend sang this to me once upon a time ago and I almost threw up I got so nervous.

Dreamscape 009, First time my boyfriend told me he loved me this song was playing, it was the most euphoric day.

Answer #9

The First Day of My life - Bright Eyes Nante - Beirut The Legionaires Lament - The Decemberists Fiji Baby - Goodshirt
16, Maybe Less - Iron and Wine with Calexico History of Lovers - Iron and Wine with Calexico Hey -Pixies

Answer #10

shots by LMFAO fences by Paramore intergalactic by Beastie Boys Girls by Beastie Boys the good life by Three Days Grcae i dont wanna be in love by Good Charlotte the anthem by Good Charlotte im not okay by My Chemical Romance Fireflies by Owl City Hello Seattle by Owl City Rainbow Veins by Owl City love me dead by Ludo give it away by The Red Hot Chille Peppers your gonna go far kid by The Offspring

Answer #11

feelings show by colbie caillat always makes me smile even if i dont think about it (: and also the song How by katherine mcphee for some reason

Answer #12

Well yes. But I feel so close to them I get extremely nervous about sharing them because I know they won’t have the same meaning to other people. It’s rather hard to explain, I also have this feeling like no one can truly appreciate it like I do, which is kind of rude and narcissistic (not really the word I’m looking for but you get the idea)

Answer #13

Also the song Om namo by deva premal that song saved my life in my past.

Answer #14

Understandable. Some things we hold close. That’s never wrong. Or rude :)

Answer #15

Take My Breath Away-Berlin (top gun) Me and my boyfriend were in the car, singing that song all loud and annoying, and didn’t know the car next to us had their window down, and the lady was laughing because the person she was talking to on the phone said ‘’Who’s singing that?’’ Lol. Every time that song comes on, I think of that.

Answer #16

i’m awesome- spose my united states if whatever- liam lynch ass like that- eminem

Answer #17

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd reminds me of my dad.

Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd reminds me of when I was being a reckless rebel.

Rude Boy by Rhiana (sp?) makes me laugh every time I hear it. I just remember a guy friend of mine dancing like a stripper to that song. Hilarious!

Breathe Me by Sia - Just because I’m a dork that likes Six Feet Under WAY too much, and because thats my favorite album from her.

Privilege by Incubus - My buddy and I were singing this at the top of our lungs on our way home from a U2 concert. I had no idea he was such a big Incubus fan. We bonded that night! lol

Aqueous Transmission by Incubus - That same buddy and I were at an Incubus concert and they performed this song. It was so awesome, he didn’t want to use the restroom….So he just relieved himself in his empty beer cup as we screamed along with the song….I didn’t know until after the concert when I pointed out that he never finished his last beer! XD

As much as I hate to admit it……The Bed Intruder Song….For obvious reasons. Ugh….My sense of humor is sophomoric at best

Answer #18

Anything by The Dead Milken. Sense of humor a MUST to listen to them!!

Answer #19

ok. Can’t type. Dead Milkmen. not Milken.

Answer #20

Any songs that remind me of my significant other. Or makes me wanna dance.

Answer #21

Smile - Uncle Kracker If It’s Love - Train Universe & U - KT Tunstall

Love them all.

Answer #22

A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

I love this song, I know every word. When I was a kid and I lived in California, at night when my dad would drive my siblings and I home, this song was always playing. And we’d always sing it together, and the nights were always covered with stars. I love this song, haha.

Answer #23

Man In The Mirror. The remake by James Morrison (:

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