What is the song that a lot of singers got together and sang that one song together?

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We are the world?- by Michela Jackson

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hmm what genra is it? im thinking of bedrock, with lil wayna and manu other starts in it. the genra would help though :-\

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waveing flags?

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theres a few..

my fave is band aid - feed the world [original 1984 version].

then there was: various artists - perfect day.

then the one mentioned above that i didnt like.

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sorry its band aid - do they know its xmas.

i was rushing..

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"We are the world" is probably what you're thinking of? It has 25 different artists in it and the proceeds from it went to Haitian relief.

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YES!!! i was thinking about it and it won't get out of my head! THANKS!!

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THANKS!!! it was drving me carzy not knowing it

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