What is the song that just COMPLETELY makes you just want to cry your eyes at?

Answer #1


Answer #2

minorities - south park . Brings tears to my eyes everytime. :p

Answer #3

Alyssa lies - Jason Micheal Carrol. This song makes me bawl everytime i hear it, i knew a young girl when i as in middle school was killed by abuse from her parents and it reminds me of her.

Answer #4

Sometime Around Mdnight by The Airborne Toxic Event is the song that makes me want to just, die… it has a strange effect on me, i’m like happy but it brings tears to my eyes cuz its so sad…

Answer #5

the song by celin deon at the end of titanic

Answer #6

My Immortal.

Answer #7

Ohmigosh that songs so sad :(

Answer #8


Answer #9

My October By Evanescence, and My Immortal by Evanescence :)

Answer #10

*October O.o I dunno why my is in there…

Answer #11

“For Emma, Forever ago” by Bon Iver, I know teenage love isn’t much of anything but always brings me back to my first girlfriend when I hear this song, The line “With all your lies, you’re still very lovable”, tears my heart out. Really reminds me of that relationship and how hurt I was when I realized it was all based around lies but how I still felt so in love and so desperate to make it work. And “Go find another love, to bring a.. To string along.” Godd*mn song is just to good at describing a relationship falling to pieces.

Answer #12

until u come back: akon

Answer #13

lately too many songs do that to me…like Evanescence - Missing(feel like this a lot) Toni Braxton - my heart has never had a hero(reminds me of my last love) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel (dedicated to me by someone i was very much in love with but still managed to break my heart in the end!) monica - Getaway - The Makings Of Me (I can so relate to this one)

Answer #14

Wonderful by Lady Gaga it makes me want to cry, because it’s beautiful and it gets me the song. Brown Eyes by Lady gaga its the same as Wonderful.

Down To Earth by Justin Bieber its cute but at the same time great First Dance by Justin Bieber

Answer #15


“your a jerk”

by the new boyz, make me wanna rip my eyes out and go deaf

Answer #16

“Brother, Can You Spare A Dime”, sung by the late, great singer ‘Bing’ Crosby. I Don’t know what a dime is, but this song written during the Great Depression is just as relevant to-day as it was then.

Answer #17

Bon Iver is great! Awesome album to just sit and eat a pint of ice cream and cry to!!!

Answer #18

Haha I completely agree, the fact that he wrote that entire album while snowed in a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere really makes the musician in me want to go get trapped somewhere in seclusion with my guitar, a few necessary resources, and some paper haha and just go at it.

Answer #19

Whisky Lullaby by brad paisley and you were mine by dixi chicks.

  • always makes me cry :’(
Answer #20

I didn’t Understand, Last Call, Say Yes, Between the Bars, Needle in the Hay - Elliot Smith Breathe Me - Sia Borderline - Sufjan Stevens Skinny Love - Bon Iver Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams Paranoid Android - Radiohead (Listened to it the last time I saw my father alive….on the way to the hospital) Come On Pilgrim - Pixies (had the album playing in the car when I got the call my father passed away)

Answer #21

You should go for it! More power to you bro!….I’d go all “REDRUM” if I tried to do that! lol

Answer #22

lmfao I would have to agree!!!

Answer #23

Eh I’m not gonna force it but if it were to happen it’d be pretty righteous.I’d rather it be the natural flow of things, maybe fate will throw me into the situation some day haha.

Answer #24

also When The Stars Go Blue Tim Mcgraw

Answer #25

Because of you-Reba and Kelly Clarkson <333 makes ne think about my past alot and I cry everytime

Answer #26


Answer #27


Answer #28

Concrete Angel

Answer #29

That song … Is so so so so so so so so so so so so SAD !!! Concrete Angel is so sad 2

Answer #30

Stan by eminem

Answer #31

martina mcbride - concrete angel

Answer #32

Esti Dahl - Zoltan Kódály One hand, one heart -Leonard Bernstein Riveder le Stelle -Randall Z. Stroope

Amazing, amazing music.

Answer #33

Fade To Black- Metallica

Answer #34

Dime que te paso- wisin y yandel, if u don’t understand spanish watch the video and you’ll still cry

Answer #35

Glitter- Motley Crue Lips of an angel- Hinder Accidents can happen- Sixx: A.M. Helena- My Chemical Romance Don’t go away- Buckcherry 1,2,3,4- Plain White T’s I won’t forget you- Posion No matter what- Papa Roach Escape from hellview-CKY Dreams- Buckcherry Every rose has it’s thorn-Poison

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