Why does somepeople hate Canada???

Answer #1

*Why do some people hate Canada??? Well some people say that Canadians are rude and selfish but thats only because they want to put other people down. Take nothing of it :)

Answer #2

You know I’ve never actually met anyone that hated Canada or Canadians. I’ve also never heard anyone call them rude or selfish. I mean Canadians generally have a pretty good reputation in the world.

Answer #3

Because Justin Bieber is from Canada.

Answer #4

Haha!!! That’s awesome!

Answer #5

hate canada? canada is awesome, im from there=]

Answer #6

aahh seriously hes from canada ok now i hate canada. i hate that lil girl/ haha no i like canada. hockey!!! haha

Answer #7

Hahah hes from ontario an hes sexy

Answer #8

Because its freekin cold

Answer #9

seriously? come on the kid sings like a lil girl. i bet he didnt even reach puberty yet. haha anyways hes is just a fad for now haha.

Answer #10

i meant that in a funny way, i hate the kid but everyone has their likes and dislikes

Answer #11

i seen him in concert he is soooo good

Answer #12

haha i seen the video of him in concert and him getting hit with a water bottle right in the head. it was a perfect shot too. haha i laughed my a$$ off seeing that. i thot is was very funny.

Answer #13

Ha it wasnt a bottle it was his favorite candy (sour patch kids) wrapped into a justin beiber shirtt

Answer #14

well idc what it was it was still funny. and its just not normal to have a guy sing like a girl it just isnt normal haha

Answer #15


Answer #16

I don’t hate canada but I do dislike the canadian seal slaughter! poor harp seals:(

Answer #17

:) was it really sour patch kids wrapped in a justin bieber shirt?

Answer #18

because they are uneducated and ignorant..

Answer #19

Haha yes an i was at that concert it was funny he started to swear an jumpped on the kid hes so sexxy

Answer #20

im sorry you have been scarred for life. you think hes hot im sorry from what i hear on tosh.o(great show) bieber loves men. haha jk i hate that kid tho haha. in 2 yrs no one is guna remember him haha

Answer #21

just saying haha

Answer #22

Hahahahaha true

Answer #23

thats not true lol :) he hit puberty durin a concert hah! N im pretty sure hes gnna br popular for maybe 3 years tops an than he will be goin to celbarity rehab

Answer #24

haha wow your really give him alot of time. he is like the jo bros, the gay boy band remember haha yeah they lasted what a yr and a half. haha so 3 yrs is alot of bieber. haha.

Answer #25

haha hes betetr the the stupid gay jo bros

Answer #26

haha i have to give you credit there. hes not in a boy band. more like a girly solo act but haha. but its the way off pop music. good for a yr or so and die out 2 or 3 yrs max.

Answer #27

It’s mostly the US that have a negative opinion about Canadians, everywhere else people don’t have a problem with them. And by the way Patrick, a lot of people don’t think Canadians are uneducated and ignorant, that’s what they think about red neck Americans. Not that i don’t like Americans, just telling it like it is

Answer #28

if you prick us do we not bleed?

Answer #29


Answer #30

lol!!!! it’s a very famous saying from the merchant of venice. Shakespeare is talking about the anti-semitism and issues that Christians had with Jews back then, they were almost treated as if they weren’t human. Thus the ‘if you prick us do we not bleed’.

Answer #31

Right. I don’t see what that has to do with Canadians though….

Answer #32

He was being sardonic…

Answer #33

Oh and the lol was for what he said, I wasnt laughing at you. I just realized how that came off.

Answer #34

idk haha :) i wanna shrink him an hide him in my closet

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