Soldiers/Future soldiers here?

Anyone in the military or going to be in the military?

Enlisted/Post-Enlisted: What branch are you in? What is your MOS? Rank? How many years served/serving?

Future Enlistment: What branch are you going into? Any MOS in mind? How many years are you planning to serve?

A little about me: I’m enlisting into the marines in 1-2 years. MOS Possibly being RECON or a PMO. Planning on a 4 year term active duty.

Answer #1

I am an active duty Marine, I’m an E3 aka Lance Corporal, I have two years down and three to go (5 year contract because of the length of my mos school), I’m an optics tech (2171) which is in the electronics maintenance field, I work on and repair different sights from scopes and rco’s, to any and all night vision devices, the main things I work on though are the TOW and Javelin missile systems. Just a little heads up if you want to go recon you’re going to have to enlist in the 03 (grunt) field and after boot and soi you’ll have to be recommended, signed up, and pass an indoc before hand. Being in the military is bittersweet, especially the Marine Corps, it’s a love/hate kind of thing. It is definitely the proudest and toughest branch of all and if given the choice I wouldn’t have chose a different branch. It’s not something easily explained from the inside looking out because I remember the fears and concerns I had going in. Basically you have to decide if it’s what you want and nobody else because you’re going to be the one serving. You can talk to a recruiter and get information without signing anything and what mos’s you qualify for will be based on your asvab test score (military entrance test), pretty much a score of 65 or above will qualify you for about 75% of the jobs out there. And remember no matter what your recruiter says you don’t have to ship out to boot camp if you’re not ready, until you’re actually on the plane to boot you can still back out. So if the recruiter tries telling you that a certain job is closed out that you want he might be bullshitting and you can say well I’ll come back and talk when it’s open again. Also you can join to be an officer and go through OCS (officer candidate school) if you have at least a bachelors degree in anything. Hopefully I helped a little and wasn’t just rambling, Semper Fidelis bro and remember no matter what your decision always keep your head up and stay motivated.

Answer #2

looking into Marine Corps Sniper. I can only hope haha. I also think it would be cool to fly blackhawks or apaches

Answer #3

And brittany, if you can become a sniper I’d be amazed, I don’t think there’s a lot of women that are snipers. Yet alone at all

Answer #4

I want to join the army or marines or the airforce. the only things holding me back is my age..and my friends

Answer #5

Very nice amblessed, I do not have the right to salute you back though…yet. :)

Answer #6

I think being in the music department would be great. I play 1st chair Trumpet. :D

Answer #7

I salute you for your upcoming service - I served 12 years Air Force.

Answer #8
  1. I want to be involved in music too. or 2034, dealing with money. :D

sniper would be fun though. I love shooting guns.

Answer #9

Also, everyone on my dad’s side of the family, including my dad, were in some type of military. I’m not so sure of what yet..but I can find out if anyone is really interested.

Answer #10

Very nice, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

And that’s basically as specific as I can get.

Answer #11

You’re welcome. Also, I guess I didn’t answer all of your questions. In the Marines, I went in as an E-1 and got out as an E-4 (Corporal).

In the Army, I went in as an E-3 (PFC) and got out as an E-5 (Sergeant).

Good luck!

Answer #12

I want to be in the Marines :) Sniper :D I’m not kidding either. Lol, I know I’m a chick, but still.

Answer #13

Very nice. And brittany, what MOS?

Answer #14

I joined in My Junoir year in high school an went active for 10 years an now for 3 years as a reservist in the Marine Corps,I’ve been upto SSGT.but got into trouble once an lost a stripe but Ill get it back in a month from what I’ve been told due to Being my 3rd deployment an I’ve been a Truckdriver/Armor-M-1 Abrams tanks an now Im a Combat Engineer an get to do all sorts of fun stuff that a lot of others would say Im crazy to do.U.S.Marines,OOORRRAAHHH!!! Sgt. Paul H. An I love what I do.

Answer #15

Jarhead was a good movie. Was a spin off of Full metal jacket though :P

Answer #16

Yes, lol. I’m not saying you can’t become a sniper, but it’s very rare to see a woman sniper. :) haha.

Answer #17

I would LOVE to be a sniper. I love the movie Jarhead :)

Answer #18

You talking to me? Lol

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