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I just got home from my softball game. I made varsity as a freshman and thought it was great but today I didn’t get to play at all. And the other second baseman (that is what I play) is a junior but she is no better than me. She went 0 for 3 today with 2 strikeouts, both while looking at the 3rd strike. I hated not playing and feel that I could do good but she has priority right now because of her age. I just feel that it isn’t even worth it to go because I just sit on the bench the whole game. What should I do to try and get more playing time in?
(PS, sorry if it seems like I am bragging, I’m not trying to)

Answer #1

You’re a Freshman, normally a Freshman doesn’t get a lot of playing time (like seniority) - your time will come, be patient and work hard so when you do get your chance, do it right - SHINE !! - I wish you the best and Congratulations on making the team as a Freshman !! - quite an accomplishment !

Answer #2

girl I know how you feel im the same way but babe thats politics they just pretty much always give it to the ones that are olders

Answer #3

This is exactly the situation on my softball team. Some coaches play girls just according to what grade they are in. I know it sucks I was affected by this too my freshman year but you might just have to wait it out until she graduates I know this isnt what you want to hear but keep trying your best and maybe your coach will see that you are the one that belongs out on the field and not her.

Answer #4

I made my high school softball team as a freshman too. Theres really nothing you can do to be a starter, except maybe show what you’ve got. If you are no better than the Jr. who plays 2nd, then you really cant expect to get a lot of playing time? Most underclassman that make varsity, usually do sit the bench. I on the other hand, was a starter. Sometimes its better to stay back. If you had a reputation for being a good player, then word gets around. Be aggressive at practices, and show what your made of. Go to the batting cages on your own, and practice, practice, practice.

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